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  1. Top work guys especially in the dirty cater conditions Ill have to get into them racks one day i bet they were fun trying to get out Cheers Pete
  2. In the deep water off palm beach would be a good place to try mate
  3. When the flats arnt working mate try the faster water in the channel and where it comes out into the bay just wide of towra or the deeper water off the flats works sometimes too Cheers Pete
  4. Top work mate and a great session at monduran!!! If i was you i would of been sending bassboy photo updates of how you were going Cheers Pete
  5. You should get a couple of spinner baits too mate and maybe a couple of pencils purple is a good colour for both, plastics slow rolled down panks will work too Your gear will be fine personally i would use 4-8lb leadder
  6. What do you think of the bent minnows? they look crazy in the water, hoping to try them out over christmass
  7. Good work mate some nice fish there! The harbour is defently not my strong point and neither are HBs so so im very envious lol Are you fishing the bets round this weekend?
  8. Mate all of my fishing other than when i go for blackfish is with lures so im not sure if that would help you but ill drift the whole time and work different water levels to see where the fish are at. I fish over alot of weedy areas and i have found they will hang closer into these areas with the larger tides Basically you work out your own pattern that suits what you do, Good luck mate Pete
  9. Good little session mate some really nice fish there I went out sunday just past the narrows and got a heap on topwater but nothing bigger than 20cm Looks like you went over the boom? Cheers Pete
  10. I do find it is alot harder on the full moon especially on the flats i tend to go deeper but i normally dont take notice of the tide or moon just as long as there is some wind around and the water is moving im happy Cheers Pete
  11. Unless your bein a dick (meaning people in general) i have found both the water police and marintine are really helpfull and dont cause too much of a fuss most cases they will warn you and let you on your way. I would think to myself that i was lucky nothing else came of it Cheers Pete
  12. That was in my boat mate! Stealth pre fishing for Neil atleast
  13. Nice little fish buddy! Only bigger and better to come now mate keep at it
  14. Hook size can effect the action of the lure and normally with a larger gape the hook will be longer too I normally use number 1 or 2 hook with anything up to 4 inch plastics. people talk alot about "short strikes" but i have found normally smaller fish will do that Cheers Pete