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  1. Looking to troll for marlin Monday 17th from Cronulla. Need 2 crew. Let me know.
  2. there was one spotted at Silvers Beach a week ago about 2.5 meters...apparently owner threw a stick only about 3 meters away and the dog was taken right in front of them...I have waded and fished the area and know a few others do not to mention kids.
  3. I have just seen a report that a dog has been taken by a shark at Kurnell after swimming after a stick which suggests to me it was close to shore. There was a bull shark spotted not far offshore last week so thought it was worth a warning as plenty of families frequent the area and I know at times fisherman wade the flats at Silvers Beach.
  4. Nice and simple is best at time...Most cairns gameboats will use something similar with stainless double hook on a pole and you'd be surprised the size of fish they can lift on with it.
  5. Got room for one more for a trip Friday. Late start around 9 am from Cronulla...need a fuel stop and work the 40-80 fm area close to home.
  6. Was a dessert out there yesterday. Saw some striped tuna but didn't here of a single Yellowfin hooked.
  7. Been a few years since I have fished there and even longer for bottom species. You have the 4 mile,6 mile and 12 mile reefs straight out the front. Montague Island to the north with several reefs in between and some good flathead at time just outside the entrance. To the south there are also several reef areas and you'll probably find co ordinates easy to find. The local tackle shop is always pretty helpful with what is currently biting and where. Weather like anywhere can be fair to frightening so dangerous to generalise this far out.
  8. I use anything down to 4-5lb on the Symetre 1000 but find going lighter does make the knots a bit harder as the light stuff is not only thinner but very supple and tend to blow around in the breeze. On the 2500 now I stick to 8-12lb but that may have more to do with my eyesight than fishing requirements.
  9. Coming from someone that has spent thousands on game reels and custom rods when it comes to my lighter tackle from 5 to 20lb gear all my reels are now Symetre. I currently have 8 and any others I replace will be with the Symetre as well. I do believe the Nasci is worth considering but haven't need to purchase anything new since they've been released.
  10. Was quiet day...one striped tuna that got foul hooked....a couple of fish caught but a lot of water between them.
  11. Think I might have to go for a troll tomorrow....Monday 5th Sep... If anyone is free and want to tag along let me know. I leave form Cronulla and will be heading to Browns and beyond.
  12. I don't fish much in the estuary Neil but if weather permits maybe a trip offshore either tuna or Snapper. I've also been getting some big Blue spot flatties up to 65cm lately too when you can pick in between the spikeys. I'm a fair weather fisho these days.
  13. Went for a quick fish today out of the Hacking and Maritime on a Jet Ski pulled us over for a safety check. They were pretty thorough and even checked the Fire Extinguisher was still charged...Timely reminder to check your flares are in date....lucky only just out and got off with a warning.
  14. I plan to fish Sunday but haven't decide whether I'm tuna chasing or Snapper down south. Been some good reds around from the Hump down to Bellambi and also some Kings at the Peak if you get livies.
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