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  1. Hi All just giving the latest, I rang shimano and told him what happened and he sent out a replacement with not questions, receipts etc. mind you nit that anyone without the reel would want the part. and it arrived today and I put it in and I am clicking again!!
  2. Thanks guys, The reel is only 2 weeks old and as yet have only used in fishing fresh water. But I will give Shimano a call and get the part sent out. I will grab some of that grease too. as I should service my Shakespeare Balance reel too as it has been in saltwater. Thanks for the replies guys, helpful as always.
  3. is wishing he was near the coast the fishing seems a little better than out in the sticks

  4. Ok it looks like I have broken a small spring type setup on the inside of the spool. (the part that rachets on the centre spline). I will need a repalcement part as the part is clipped in and crumbled when I touched it. I was being to hard on the reel
  5. Hi Guys/Girls, I went fishing recently and was unsuccessful trying to retreive a snagged lure ($36 Jackal - Never again lol) and as a result I think I have damaged the drag on my Shimano Sienna reel. the drag still seems to work but it no longer makes the whizzzz noise. Any advice? Cheers Ben
  6. Very nice fish. Good Work!
  7. Haha Facebook is wonderful isn't it, never know when it will come back and bite ya one day lol
  8. Thats an awesome effort man and a good read.
  9. Ok I ended up getting 2 reels and another rod for the boat. I got a light action AquaTip - I know its not as dear as one I should have gotten but I bought a Shimano Symetre in a 2000 reel for $149 and also a Shimano Sienna 1000 reel for the Aquatip. I then loaded both up with Fireline 6lb pink and Nitlon 8lb DFC for the leader. I didn't want to get a graphite rod just yet because if my other mates who aren't really fishos yet have a go I just dont want to worry about it being damaged. if it is dropped or put down hard in the boat etc. But either way I have to stop spending and start catching the fish so the wife can see the benefit. lol Cheers Ben
  10. All good suggestions and information. Thank you. I will check them out for sure. I would like to be all setup before the PIRTEK comp in April as I am planning to go out with a couple of mates in the tinny to catch a few nice fish (hopefully). PS: I just worked out what the 1000/2500 means lol, it helps when you read lol. I will look at 2000 size reels. I have a decent shakespere 2500 reel on my ugly stick which is very smooth and the antireverse stops the bail from spining back at all and it is a 4+1 ball bearing system thats "computer balanced", it actually does feel really good. compared to the Daiwa 2000 size reel on the D-Shock is not that good. and is nowhere near as smooth. I will wait a couple of months and buy some really nice rods. however in the meantime I will need to make do with new line 6lb fireline and vanish leader on both of my current rods/reels I think. The wife has spoken lol. mind you I did buy a boat last week. haha.
  11. Hey Guys, I found out I was using the rod while the spool was not sitting on the bail correctly (If they are the right terms) I pulled it all apart and put it back together and now the d-shock although cheap it seems to be alot better quality then when I first started using it. However the line itself is still terrible. So I guess I am really after a suggestion for the line now. mono or braid? and any suggestions on brand and color and the leader. currently using Berkley Vanish leader and it seems good but if someone thinks something else is better I want to know about it Cheers Ben
  12. Hey Guys, I have an ugly stik with balance reel and love it but I want another rod for the boat. I bought a 2nd cheapy ($59.95) a Daiwa D-Shock 6' Medium Light rod which came with a D-Shock egg beater Reel which was pre-spooled with the crappiest line I have used lol. My question is should I keep this rod and reel and just spool it with a better line or am I not going to be flogging a dead horse & be better with another light combo for say $100-150. (if so, any suggestions on model). or would I be better with a medium combo as the spinnerbaits I want to use seem to be over the recommended weight for this rod?? I just dont want to have to worry about the rod so I can get on with the actual fishing part lol Keep mind this rod will be used in a boat solely and only for fish anywhere up to 5kg. Also recommendations on line types and brands for main line and leader would be good, I mainly want to catch redfin, golden perch (apparently they taste like old train oil), brown/rainbow trout etc. I will mainly use my ugly stik for flathead and most saltwater excursions for the time being as I will replace everything with better stuff in about a year. Cheers Ben
  13. I am going to enter this with 2 other guys at work but when will we find out what fresh water fish will be eligible?
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. I have made some modifications and am keen to get out again. I have a cutting board in the back corner now too and have modified it with a burley hole which goes overboard. it makes cleaning it a bit easier too. Cheers Ben
  15. Well the bigger Redfin will definetley be worried, because I have their children. Lets just hope they pay the ransom. Cheers Ben