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  1. Don't know if anyone is interested - I have a 2nd hand black hole magic eye 1062s if anyone is interested. Pm if your interested.
  2. Cheers mate, Ill drop it in this arvo.
  3. Hi Guys, Over the weekend my Saltiga 2010 went for a swim and I was just wondering what is the best thing to do. I sprayed the reel with Saltaway as soon as I got home, Should this be enough as the technology says its mag sealed? Look forward to your responses. Cheers
  4. Thanks mate. ill give the plait a go. Cheers
  5. Cheers mate, ill give it a go. Are the any other doubles apart from the bimini and the plait?
  6. Thanks mate. Does anyone else have this issue with the Bimini twist when using mono.
  7. Hi Guys, Im new to this knot and im having some issues. When I tie the knot a small section of the line closest to the knot gets tangled together. Is this just a cosmetic issue or can this effect the strength of the knot. Is there anyway to stop this? Thanks
  8. Poddy Trapper, I just bought this rod to go with my Stella 10000 for my upcoming trip to Vanuatu, Its hopefully going to get a flogging over there. It seems to be the goods and I just love the power grip. I was in the same boat as yourself because I fish 99% of my time of the rocks so I wanted something cheapish that is didn't compromise on quality. I was looking at the 7"8 popping rod and it was just to much of a beast and really only limited my self to throwing poppers and maybe a bit of land based stuff. At least with this rod you could drop jigs (100g) throw some lures and fish some baits. The only bad thing I could say about the rod is the colour, But who really cares? Im gonna give it some real heat in Vanuatu so ill let you know how it holds up. Cheers Jack
  9. Hi Guys, I just wanted to add my 2 cents in regards to this part of the forum, this is not designed to offend anyone in anyway its just my opinion. I have been rock fishing for about 5 years now and have had my fair share of close calls but I am normally always checking swell and wind to check if the conditions are safe enough to fish. I am in no way an expert I just love fishing and its something that I am forever learning from. By discussing rock fishing spots are we potentially putting people in more risk than if we didn't have this part of the forum? I'm not saying this to protect any of the ledges around the place - people are curious. I just think we could be sending inexperienced fishermen to their deaths for no reason. I would rather inform people about general Rules of any rock fishing location than just telling them the spots. Its feels rewarding to reasearch a new spot and actually catch a few good fish to Im looking for a better solution? Im not here to offend anyone, I'm just here for a discussion. Thanks Jack
  10. Looks like a sweep to me mate...
  11. Hello Fishraider's Does anyone know what the blue pencil popper/slider lure is on page 28 of the new Daiwa Tournament Dealer Guide? Ive spent hours searching the net and Im not doing any work. Cheers
  12. Hi, I have recently been getting yakkas to live bait for Jewfish but I am having some tangling issues. I am fishing landbased with an overhead combo and I use a paternoster rig when im livebaiting. I have caught jewfish in this particular area on fresh bait but never using livies. Basically everytime I bring my yakka back my dropper loop is wrapped around my main line killing my poor little yakka. Can someone advise me on a better rig? or should I change my existing rig? Any help would be great.
  13. Thanks Fella's for the input. I guess Ill only know once if hooked/lost a few. Any favourite Kingfish poppers you could recommend? I have been using some cotton cordell poppers and they are working a treat at the moment. Thanks
  14. Gday, I have recently purchased some new poppers for some inshore kings and salmon etc. I understand that single hooks are better for releasing fish but do they decrease in hook up rate? Is it worth upgrading to single hooks? Cheers