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  1. SUPER! amazing fish , please show us cooked pike ,
  2. hello raiders , has anyone tried to catch prawns for bait during the winter months? thank you for your reply .
  3. very nice catch , is there anywhere around Ettalong ,Kilcare,Wagstaffe where i can find poddy mullet to your knowledge , were going to try around the bridge one of these days and i would like to have about a dozen mullet to use on the day ,
  4. happy for you Dave, its days like this is what we all look forward to every time.
  5. Hello raiders , i need suggestions on how and where to fish Brisbane waters late May early June , we will be using a boat during the day , any advice will be very helpful, thank you for your reply.
  6. i will look for them and try them out , thank you for your reply
  7. thank you , i will look for ways to cut these before i buy carbon fibre , bit expensive to practice on .
  8. Hello again raiders , i was given this cheap kmart/bigw reel that needs a lot of work to make it usable again , the drag washers are felt and will need replacement , has anyone made their own washers out of different kind of material ? they look like 2mm thickness , thank you for your advice.
  9. hello raiders ,took a cheap Kmart/bigw reel apart that i was given and found all the bearings (one side sealed the other side of the bearing open/exposed) with a mixture of rust and grease/oil in it , how do i clean them and what should i use in them after they are cleaned to get some use out of the reel , also what can i use to remove grease other then degreaser , thank you all.
  10. they would taste as good as in this condition.
  11. very nice fish, were they just fat or did they have milt or roe in them?
  12. water is not too bad , went out yesterday caught a few bream , low tide mosman was a bit brown but plenty of fish about
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