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  1. hi there , looking to buy a new outboard before i find a used trailer and/or tinny , the boat will be 14 ft aluminium , i was wondering if the outboards used on such boats are all short shaft or do some of them need long shafts , any tips on how to find that out will be useful as well , thank you for your reply .
  2. maori wrasse , yes they are for sale in fish shops , i have eaten them a few times, they are very bland if you decide to fillet and fry , best if you steam asian style ,
  3. my favorite way to cook tailor also ,
  4. nice catch mate ! keep the reports coming and the bags full.
  5. plenty of boats getting stolen these days , these heroes are not fussy also , , don't need to answer this post , just make sure that yours is not one that goes missing this summer.
  6. very good catch , love to know what sort of fish is between the sweep and trevally , nothing to do with size by the way .
  7. very useful information , thank you .
  8. Hi there Jim , have you ever had a split ring open ? if not what brand hook rig and split rings do you use ? thank you for your reply ,
  9. very interesting , i always thought that it was some other reason why we have good and bad years when it comes to salmon around Sydney, it really amazes me that the netters can do so much damage to the salmon stocks ,