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  1. Hi Leonardgid, just wanted to know how long you leave your squid jigs in a bucket of fresh water?

  2. leonardgid

    Sydney Harbour Fishing

    nice catch mate , bit of a walk from the station i would say ,
  3. leonardgid

    Hard Days Fishing

    thank you very much , i think i know who they are , i have been out with them before , the only problem is that it gets a bit crowded , but then they are trying to make a living and i understand .
  4. leonardgid

    Hard Days Fishing

    like to know how much you paid for the days charter please mate.
  5. leonardgid

    Snapper from rocks at North Maroubra

    great reel that , have you had yours for a while ? is there much difference in the casting distance you get with this one in comparison with any other long casting reel you have had in the past? (same line, rig , casting method ) reason im asking is because i want to buy one eventually . thanks .
  6. leonardgid

    Snapper Trip

    how many whales did you see on the day ? and did you get any close to your boat ?
  7. leonardgid

    Kings and squid jervis bay

    hi there, why are you cutting a v section out of the kings belly section ?
  8. leonardgid

    Trolling with electric engine

    what species of fish is that you were catching ? they look a bit like Bass.
  9. leonardgid

    Brisbane Water this morning

    Hi there, you might want to reconsider using heavier mono, i have fished brisbane waters and i would not use anything heavier then 6lb for pan fish , its also part of the reason why you got so many bites, maybe you should pay more attention to your knots and your reel drag , also how long has it been snce you bought new line , most of us remove the line of our reels once a year or so , also next time you catch a large wirrah try steaming it with ginger and shallots ,
  10. leonardgid

    mulloway madness

    Congrats on the fish, that bait should have attracted bream as well , were you getting any small bites using it ?
  11. leonardgid

    Grayling fishing 2004

    Hi there Jani, you catch many different freshwater species , how good is grayling ? better then salmon or trout? thanks for reply.
  12. hi there, what do you find is the ideal set up to target morwong , flathead, nannigai , in 40 to 100 meters of water using paternoster rigs and 8oz snapper sinkers ? what action rod ? what is your favorite reel ? do you use braid or mono and what braking strain? what is your favorite hooks and what size do you prefer? thank you for your replies .
  13. leonardgid

    pigfish, have you caught one?

    thanks for the tip, if i get any i will grill them .
  14. leonardgid

    Stockton last few weeks

    Hi Dave , its an eastern conger eel ,
  15. leonardgid

    pigfish, have you caught one?

    thank you chaps , i know what to do now