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  1. very good catch , love to know what sort of fish is between the sweep and trevally , nothing to do with size by the way .
  2. very useful information , thank you .
  3. Hi there Jim , have you ever had a split ring open ? if not what brand hook rig and split rings do you use ? thank you for your reply ,
  4. very interesting , i always thought that it was some other reason why we have good and bad years when it comes to salmon around Sydney, it really amazes me that the netters can do so much damage to the salmon stocks ,
  5. good to see you fishing again, i hope you have a very good season with lost of fish.
  6. nice day on the water . thanks for the video.
  7. look i know its non of my business and im only telling you this because personally i love presentation and i am also a bit concerned about germs etc , have you ever considered a folding wire grill, what you do is rub a bit of oil over it with a paper towel place your fish in them and turn the fish over as many times as you like without it braking up , the fish looks good at the end and if you like crispy skin this will help allot , you can pick them up in dollar shops , ebay and the markets for $10 , grill.webpgrill
  8. love to see the video mate , can you post it here or you tube please.
  9. Hi there , you need to look up NSW fisheries , there are allot of rules and regulations that you are not aware of , for example you can not collect bait such as crabs, worms and pink nippers anywhere in Sydney harbor , fisheries inspectors may let you of with a warning but you may come across someone who will fine you , ..... im not a troll looking for an opportunity to have a go at someone , take care .
  10. Hi there everyone , i have about seven rods with missing tips and/or rod guides that i would like to repair but being old and of very little value i do not want to buy anything expensive to cover the threads with , my question is to those of you that have done this before can ordinary wood varnish do the job or do i have to get marine grade varnish , thank you for your reply .
  11. Hi everyone. looking to stock up on quality line (monofilament ), in 4 , 6, 8 , and 12 pound braking strain , i use 12 for rock and beach bait fishing using threadline reels and need a line that helps with distance casting , the 4, 6, and 8 pound i mainly use without any weight at all . i prefer a clear line thinking that it does not frighted fish , not interested in braid , any opinions are welcome , thank you all for reading this
  12. Hi Leonardgid, just wanted to know how long you leave your squid jigs in a bucket of fresh water?

  13. nice catch mate , bit of a walk from the station i would say ,
  14. thank you very much , i think i know who they are , i have been out with them before , the only problem is that it gets a bit crowded , but then they are trying to make a living and i understand .