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  1. you havent posted a bream fishing report for a very long time Keflapod (before 10 bream limit) used to enjoy all of your reports ,
  2. thanks , good to know .
  3. what bait did the gummies take please.
  4. Hi Evets , I am really grateful for all the details, my biggest concern was stress on the blank, i have had a rod spike on a rod crack a blank because i was using that rod for long distance casting, with your advice i know that its going to be as good as it can be, i cant thank you enough for the time and effort you went through with all of this , stay well .
  5. Hi there , bought a couple of rods , a 10ft and a 12ft , both of them have sand spikes and they have short but ends, im thinking about adding an extension (aloy tube ) over the blank after removing the spike and the rear grip that is below the reel seat , any advice would be helpful, (also any tips on how to remove a rod grip that is glued to a rod) thank you all.
  6. thanks , i had no idea .
  7. good for you mate, keep the fishing reports coming .
  8. they must have changed the rules , we used to be able ot fish there , it will be interesting to see what the reply will be, sometimes minicops can be full of it .
  9. hi everyone, like i've said before im into old rod restoration at the moment , a simple question this one,... on any rod , does the first guide (the one closest to the rod tip) have to be the same size or bigger then the rod tip ( ring width )?, or is it ok to have a rod tip that has a wider ring then the first guide , buying a number if rings , tips etc , thank you for your reply .
  10. hi there , ive been through some of my tackle and found 3 unopened gulp soft plastic packs , thing is the liquid in the packs has turned brown ,are they ok to use ?
  11. thank you i will do that .
  12. thank you for the advice , i will do as you said , out doors under a metal roof , just a quick question about respirators etc, wonder if you know if these p2 filters are suitable for melting lead , could not find information, this is the tipe ive got at home with a half mask
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