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  1. great catch mate , if you don't mind me asking how much are live prawns ?
  2. hello again raiders , so i got the replacement rod tips and ive checked on line , most of the advice i found was about using hot glue ,comes in 2 different grades , and/or use 24 hour araldite , now the thing is that i came across a sale in my local supermarket that had 5 minute araldite for a fifth of the price so i bought a number of tubes , has anyone used the 5 minute araldite on rod tips in the past? is it suitable , i would like your advice on this one before i go ahead with it , thank you for your advice .
  3. you keep on eating like this and you will loose weight , my way there's about half an kilo of fries with battered fish tempura or not , great catch keep them coming .
  4. thank you mate , there are sooo many rods out there and i do not trust salesmen at all (they will sell you what they want to with all the choices ) only tried and tested reviews are the way in my opinion so yes, thank you very much for the advice , i will look them up , because i need one of them , stay well and keep them coming .
  5. amazing that, did not think that you could use these rods to drag the fish over the rocks with it ,what brand is it mate ? thank you for all the information ,
  6. reel does not have a drag system , unsuitable for Australian conditions .
  7. very interesting , don't own a squid rod so the question is around what you can do with it,or wondering what its capable of doing , did you use a landing net to land the travs and the salmon or did you use the rod to wash the fish up on the rocks , thank you for your time and reply .
  8. Hello again raiders, a slightly different problem this time , the garage roof is made of galvanised steel quite rusty , , theres a number of things that are available out there that work well to remove convert rust , however they can be very expensive so i was wondering if any of you have had any experience removing rust from gal steel in the past that did not cost that much , this is a rental property so i do not want to spend too much , so what i would like to do is work on the gutters and the roller door , remove.convert the rust then prime.undercoat/ paint it , any ideas advi
  9. Hi there kingie chaser lots of good advice and information, a really good start to what im about to do , the rust does not go all the way through , its surface rust but its been there for a while so it may get very close to making a hole when i start rubbing etc , matter of fact ive got 4 webers that i want to restore the same way, all different models , thank you very much for your time and all of the tips and advice , i will look into every different option , i do not expect a porcelain finish after ive used heat paint over the rust spot
  10. Hello Raiders need some advice please , ive got one of those old USA made Weber Kettle bbq's , being about 25 years old there are a few chips , and some rust around the handles etc , i want to restore it , remove all the rust and paint over the rust so it does not return , the photos are not my own just an example , any advice on how to repair it please .
  11. what sort of bait do they eat down there mate?
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