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  1. scottyboy

    Peel river carp

    Cheers Neil, the cod have been of the bite big time. I've only fished once since the season started and only caught one small fish. Most other people who fish the peel have struggled too. With keepit been at 0.5% every ski boat in the north west has been going to chaffy dam so no reports from there either. Heading to Yamba next week so maybe able to have some luck there. Cheers Scotty
  2. scottyboy

    Peel river carp

    To hot on Saturday (38 degrees ) to go walking the banks for cod. So decided to go chase carp at the river in town. Took a 6pack and a loaf of bread. Caught a few all on 6lb line which results in a very fun battle,fish in the photo had me going for about 5 minutes. Cheers Scotty
  3. scottyboy

    catching the myth

    I trode on one many years ago dragging for prawns at Elizabeth beach in budgewoi lake. I still have flash backs to this day about the pain . I spent a day i A@E and no matter what they gave me the pulsating pain would not go away. They are a nasty bit of gear. Cheers Scotty
  4. scottyboy

    East Coast Salmon

    Hey mate box head and tallow beach if you like a bushwalk and no crowds. Rising tide always youse to work for me. Cheers Scotty
  5. scottyboy

    First cod

    Nice work mate,good looking healthy fish. Did you catch him up stream or down stream of the town.
  6. scottyboy

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    A couple of km's up from the reserve there is a series of rock bars and depending on tide height and how much rain the fresh will met some where there. Thats were the bull shark's live. Cheers Scotty
  7. scottyboy

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    Top report mate. Haveyou ever fished further up the creek past Crosslands? I yous to catch bass and a few bull shark's up there back in the day. Cheers Scotty
  8. scottyboy

    Tamworth cod

    Hey mate keepit is down to its lowest level in many years. Its so low you can see the original namoi river, the fish are still there but haven't heard any good reporys for a few weeks. Give it a go mate what can you lose. Chaffey dam has more water in it but the cod seem to shut down this time of year as the water has got cold realy quick,like i said before you probably have more chance in the peel river, you can access it straight below the dam wall and bush bash down stream. Cheers Scotty
  9. scottyboy

    Tamworth cod

    Surface lures like the savage ninja frog i use in first and last 2hrs of daylight and spinner bait during the day.
  10. scottyboy

    Tamworth cod

    Hey mate i live in Tamworth. Fishing for cod is going great around town at the moment. Any where upstream of the town to chaffey dam has good fish.Down stream to keepit is a reel struggle. Unfortunately you need permission by the local farmers to acsess the good water .
  11. scottyboy

    Mullet+New moon=JEWS

    We had the first westerly winds here today in Tamworth.If it made it to the coast then tomorrow's run out tide should see them moving out to sea.
  12. scottyboy

    The island again

    Nice tuna rick,bet it went hard.Great to see you getting amongst it mate. Did you cook it up or have sashimi. Bit easier catching from a boat than the rocks.Great post mate ???
  13. scottyboy

    Jervis Bay Bonnies, Mack Tuna and Kingies

    Your livin the dream mate. Great work. Ive done the reverse,now im landlocked ,keep the reports and photos coming Wish i was there Scotty???
  14. scottyboy

    Northen beaches pelagics from the rocks

    Like waza said, south whale is the go.The ovens can't be reached these days unless you know a homeowner on rayner drive and are a good rockclimber.That been said many a good northern bluefin,10kg kingy and even marlin were caught from both ledges back in the day.You just need to dedicate time to find what works best for each species you ate targeting. I haven't fished northern sydney ledges for over 12 year's now but a rising tide into evening always worked for me. Best of luck mate all comes down to time on the rocks. Let us know how you get on. Cheers Scotty
  15. scottyboy

    Hawkesbury fishing from the shoreline

    Before the bridge l/h side mate