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  1. scottyboy

    Port Stephens- Redemption Day

    Wow almost the start of the financial year and the longies are still about. Great photos, looks like the young fella needs to start doing a few push ups. Cheers Scotty
  2. scottyboy

    Top End Barra Fishing Mary River Run Off

    Wow mate very jealous, except the bed bug bit. Great to hear the old bargain bin coming up with some awesome results , wonder why we spend our money on expensive brand name lures. Top stuff and awesome photos, whish my boss paied for a barra trip up north, hard to get a pen of him sometimes. Cheers Scotty
  3. scottyboy

    Big tailor NSW

    I love this site so much , there is so much passion for fishing and helping each other out. Fishing for tailor or any other species has always been about having fun ,been outdoors and just enjoying the life. I don't need a prize to prove what size tailor i caught from some location, i know what i caught when i did simple as that. 99.99% of people on this site are awesome helpful people, let's not forget that. Cheers Scotty
  4. scottyboy

    Big tailor NSW

    Back in the early nineties a very large specimen was caught of north entrance beach. I remember seeing the photo in a central coast news paper, not sure of the exact size but it was weighed over 11kg. North entrance beach has a history of some very large tailor and jewies over the last 4 decades.
  5. scottyboy

    Mangrove Jack at Berowra Waters?

    Mate back in the day ( 1990's) ive caught big eye trevally at bobbin head and know definitely of cobia caught at the ferry at berowra waters so i quese a mangrove jack that far up is not out of the question. It could have been a bass,how far up were you fishing. Maramara creek up near cannolands was a good spot for tarpon k isn't that far from berowra waters. Cheers Scotty
  6. scottyboy

    tough cod bite

    Well done Dave,its requireing a lot more effot to get a cod to bite at the moment so you have done well to get those fish. It must have really deep throated the lure as cod fingers is usually not cod fist. Once again mate top effort in these trying times. Cheers Scotty
  7. scottyboy

    No school prawns for sale in the fish shops

    If you want schoolies yowie windybanks on the old pacific hwy at mt colah had them 2 weeks ago. They were of the hawksbury variety and were bloody brilliant. Hope you get some mate.
  8. scottyboy

    Peel river carp

    Cheers Neil, the cod have been of the bite big time. I've only fished once since the season started and only caught one small fish. Most other people who fish the peel have struggled too. With keepit been at 0.5% every ski boat in the north west has been going to chaffy dam so no reports from there either. Heading to Yamba next week so maybe able to have some luck there. Cheers Scotty
  9. scottyboy

    Peel river carp

    To hot on Saturday (38 degrees ) to go walking the banks for cod. So decided to go chase carp at the river in town. Took a 6pack and a loaf of bread. Caught a few all on 6lb line which results in a very fun battle,fish in the photo had me going for about 5 minutes. Cheers Scotty
  10. scottyboy

    catching the myth

    I trode on one many years ago dragging for prawns at Elizabeth beach in budgewoi lake. I still have flash backs to this day about the pain . I spent a day i A@E and no matter what they gave me the pulsating pain would not go away. They are a nasty bit of gear. Cheers Scotty
  11. scottyboy

    East Coast Salmon

    Hey mate box head and tallow beach if you like a bushwalk and no crowds. Rising tide always youse to work for me. Cheers Scotty
  12. scottyboy

    First cod

    Nice work mate,good looking healthy fish. Did you catch him up stream or down stream of the town.
  13. scottyboy

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    A couple of km's up from the reserve there is a series of rock bars and depending on tide height and how much rain the fresh will met some where there. Thats were the bull shark's live. Cheers Scotty
  14. scottyboy

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    Top report mate. Haveyou ever fished further up the creek past Crosslands? I yous to catch bass and a few bull shark's up there back in the day. Cheers Scotty
  15. scottyboy

    Tamworth cod

    Hey mate keepit is down to its lowest level in many years. Its so low you can see the original namoi river, the fish are still there but haven't heard any good reporys for a few weeks. Give it a go mate what can you lose. Chaffey dam has more water in it but the cod seem to shut down this time of year as the water has got cold realy quick,like i said before you probably have more chance in the peel river, you can access it straight below the dam wall and bush bash down stream. Cheers Scotty