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  1. A very smart man told me once it's not what you believe in ,it's how you believe it. Cheers Scotty
  2. Ok folks I'm going to clear this up. Firstly welcome to fishraider IDAN . I hope you enjoy the wealth of knowledge that this site provides, it is world class, there are so many fantastic people on here willing to share there experiences. You can reach the beautiful jeresulm bay by a walking track that starts on the eastern side of the station then a bridge over the F3 then a nice 30minute walk down hill to the bay. There are plenty of places to camp ,just got to use your inner bear grills and remember no fires. The fishing on and at the edge of the sand flats is fantastic about 3 hours
  3. Hey mate 7ft Shimano catana 6 to 10kg with a diawa bg6500 and 50lb braid has always been my lbg setup . Has worked very well for me over the years. Cheers Scotty
  4. Hey Donna,I think it's a type of chisel, was usaley whacked with a wooden mallet. I think it was used for more intricate trimming, I'd love to be corrected if I'm wrong. Cheers Scotty
  5. Fuel tank breather? Cheers Scotty
  6. Jezz Dave you really are the master of your domain. By the photos I would have thought you were in central Queensland some were not mid north coast NSW. Great to see you mentoring younger raiders . Keep up the reports mate. Cheers Scotty
  7. This is what I think Dave's talking about(correct me if I'm wrong). Has worked very well in the past along side the brand name lures. Cheers Scotty
  8. Wow Sam what a fantastic post,very detailed and no doubt comes from years of experience. I don't get to fish of Sydney anymore as I live on the other side of the range now. But I really appreciate the info you have posted and I bet so do the 1000,s of other raiders. Top stuff and thanks again 🤙 Cheers Scotty
  9. It’s easy to get to just got to walk past the nudie beach .Suggest if you go to walk out there and sus it out before you fish. Seagull point (first point from the beach) is a good first spot to try .Just look on google maps mate 👍. It’s an awesome place to fish especially in feb, March and April .
  10. Hey mate it's a little bit early for chasing tuna etc of the rocks. But places like Charlotte head south of forster have kings year round, that's a nice easy drive from Sydney. Cheers Scotty
  11. Hey lan welcome aboard, I assume you have an xd falcon with a 351. So many awesome people on this site,all willing to help out with advice. Hope to see a report from you soon bud. Cheers Scotty
  12. I have another one I saw on a hot pink fiat with a very attractive man inside , it's not appropriate for this site, I don't know how RTA let it go be very funny when you put the pieces together. Cheers Scotty
  13. Guess this one, AUE LOX. CHEERS SCOTTY
  14. Wow what a awesome report. Thank you so so much from us that are to far inland to experience these fish, i really felt like like I was there with you. Champion effort mate. Cheers Scotty
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