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  1. Wow what a awesome report. Thank you so so much from us that are to far inland to experience these fish, i really felt like like I was there with you. Champion effort mate. Cheers Scotty
  2. Wow Dave that's a cracker flatty for this time of the year. Good work on setting the big girl free. What bait did you catch it on? Cheers Scotty
  3. Thank you Donna, Tamworth has been pretty much corona free. I work in the agricultural sector so I've been busy through the lockdown. All the fishing reports and information sheared on this site keeps me going after pretty much 8months of fire,flood,and the virus. Love the trivia too. I hope when it's all over we all become better people and better your story's wazza keep them coming mate. Cheers Scotty πŸ€™
  4. Cracker of a snapper for the hacking yowie. Must be going to rain.
  5. Sharks and jewies will be on the prowl. ANZAC day has traditionally been the start of the run. Good time to be fishing of the beach with a butterflyed mullet. Cheers Scotty
  6. Hello fellow fishraider The picture is of a Jew I caught in Cowan creek on 6lb line,size 2 hook and a mullet fillet . It fought tooth and nails the whole fight, many heart stopping moments as there were jetskers and people in boats pulling up watching. There was about 5 trys at netting it, each time it would turn and run. Eventually we netted it, it went 73cm,chucked a tag in it and after a short swim of it went . It's my best capture cause I was fishing for bream and was totally out gunned but I won the fight. But to see it swim off with a tag in its shoulder made me feel happy knowing someone else could come across this fish and hopefully enjoy what I had experienced. Cheers Scotty
  7. Wow Wazza when is the book coming out. Keep the stories coming mate. I don't know about other fishraiders but stuff like this is keeping me going in these crapy times. Really appreciate the time you take to let us know about all your adventures and all the information you have posted over the years. Thanks again Wazza. πŸ‘πŸ» Cheers Scotty
  8. Hey Wazza In the summer of 1999/2000 I caught a spotted mackerel of the rocks south of forster, a 40 cm big eye trevally at bobbin head, and my mate caught a 1.2 metre cobia at the mouth of Smith's creek. This also coincided with a massive inshore run of small black marlin down the east coast. I reckon a few people on this site will remember it. I think every 5 years or so we have a run of tropical species that go for a holiday to southern waters. Correct me if I'm wrong but a school of longtail tuna ended up in a lake near narooma a few years back. I hope other fishraider have some stories too. Cheers Scotty
  9. Hey Nathan, the creek goes for a few kms,have a look on Google maps. There are few sand flats to negotiate but quite a few deep holes and rock bars. Best bait are nippers,poddy mullet or fresh hawksbury prawns. Z man grubs work well,and I bet a popper or sugerpen will work well on the wihting as well. It's a nice peaceful place to explore. Cheers Scotty
  10. Hi Nathan If you go over the sand flats behind the marina at high tide ,you can paddle all the way up the creek all the way to Turramurra and drift back down on the run out. Plenty of fish up there,monster wihting, perch, flatties even bull sharks. Let us know how you go. Cheers Scotty
  11. Way to go mate, on a threadline to 🀘. Fist pump through the internet to you. Sounds like you had a first class captain as well. Cheers Scotty
  12. Keep using the lure,don't repaint it ,the more messed up it looks the more it looks like a wounded baitfish. I remember fishing on a charter out of nossa a few years back for Spanish mackerel and the rapalas that had been used over and over scored more hits than the new ones. Just a bit of advice mate see how you go. Nice session though considering the water quality. Cheers Scotty
  13. 60mm overnight in Tamworth, all the creeks flowing again, some for first time in 5years,looks like more to come during the week. Cheers Scotty
  14. Mate your a champion. This is what makes fishraider so awesome. Thank you very much for your advice. I don't get to see many bream here in Tamworth but when the fires finally finish I might treat myself to a holiday chasing bream somewhere. Thanks again Cheers Scotty