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  1. sorry for the late reply. Nothing came through to my email. It's a spin rod
  2. Hi raiders, I've just posted a new Gomoku rod that I don't want to the swap sell page. I don't think that section gets many visits but this rod is the sort of think I know a few fishos froth over. If you're interested take a look
  3. Thanks for the tips. That video is great. I've been going way to high with my rod tip. I bought a light 10ft Daiwa Air Edge rod. From memory its about 4-6kg with 10-40gm lure capacity. It's very tippy too so I think it seems about right.
  4. Nice by catch. Can you run us through your slow/shore jigging technique. Technique, water depth, sea bottom types would be helpful. I've dabbled but not had much success.
  5. I've used them casting and trolling. I'm a novice at these things but i have caught (locally) bonnies, tailor and in fiji and maldives I've caught dog tooth tuna, trevally, mackrel and coral trout all on the troll. So you got yourself a bargain in my eyes. I can't see why a Dollie wouldn't jump on.
  6. I'm pretty happy with my Daiwa generation blacks i have. very nice rods for the money
  7. often the line and lure rating is printed on the rod itself. Check toward the butt end.
  8. I don't fish from a yak so can't help too much but the other raider will want to know your budget and fish you hope to target.
  9. I go all around. Sometimes up near whale beach barrenjoey or other times Bondi/Tama stretch or even the harbour.
  10. Where abouts? Is South East Rocks a place or an area. Don't need to fess up exact location. Just interested in the region. I do a bit of spinning from the rocks. So I have a few questions Is that the new x rap cast heavy duty? Any good? What set up do you use? I googled cocos rigs and got a mixed understand...what are they?
  11. Download google chrome web browser. It translates websites for you. http://www.google.com/chrome/ To write, use google translate. Grammar will be a bit wrong but it's passable. https://translate.google.com
  12. Nice catch. That looks like it's 2nd place in the Fish Raider Silver Trevally records. If it was on weight you might of taken it out....so fat. http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=24442
  13. yeh I got the same one. Ive had plenty of spinning reels but never a baitcaster. It's rated to 5kg of drag. I read they're not great for ultra light lures. What sort of lure weights do people use with a set up like that? I'm prob going to spool it with some leftover 15 lb powerpro briad. What sort of fish would I target with it in Syd. Sorry if I hijacked the tread but it's kinda on topic.
  14. I saw this the other week. I think they called it for 60kg but I think it came in at 53kg