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  1. Wow Waza, thats not a story, thats a book another great read, thanks Waza. Grandad
  2. Hi Waza Re Pike eels, It was very late after a Hairtail session and I left one on the deck overnight, the next morning i went to retrieve my hooks thinking the Pike eel would be dead, as my hand neared the beast it reared up and grabbed me, its teeth penetrating my thumbnail and through the thumb. Very wise not letting them come on board. Grandad
  3. Another good tale. I can't say as I have caught the same fish twice, but on two occasions I have caught Kingfish with hooks in their mouths and have taken enough varied equipment out of Pike eels to start a tackle shop. Grandad
  4. Hi Waza, Now that you have your own section i think the word Famous should precede your username. Thanks again it's keeping me occupied during these lockdowns. Grandad
  5. Another great story waza. Have often seen them out at sea, usually over the wrecks and reefs that I fish. I have had fish taken by them and it amazes me how they can shake their head and tear a snapper in half. You have a way with your stories that make them interesting, a true wordsmith. If i related the same story, it would only take one paragraph and look like an itemised shopping list. Thanks waza Grandad
  6. What a great story, enjoyed every detail. It brings back a memory of one of my trips on the Hawkesbury, also on an Halvorsen. Same as you middle of winter early morning. We had tied the tender dinghy to the bow, so that we could fish from the stern. I was moving along the narrow deck to the bow where I had to bend down to untie the dinghy rope, my rear end collided with the raised cabin and over I went, fully clothed in winter clothing. My mind saw bull sharks homing in on the splash. I swear I popped straight up out of the water and landed in the dinghy, It happened that quick I don't think my undies got wet. No sympathy from those on board and one of those moments imprinted in the mind forever. Grandad
  7. Had a couple of drifts over the Artificial Reef Today A bit late in the day but did not get any bites. 2 other boats fishing as well did not see anything caught.
  8. Not the answer to your question, but went out there on 16th June. Current moving too fast for me to fish had one drift for no results. Moved on north and fished near Pt Plomer and bagged out on Flathead. Grandad
  9. Off Marley its Green Toads that are the problem Bagged out on flatties and caught as many Green Toads. Grandad
  10. Stayed in the caravan park there, at settlement point, caught blackfish and bream along the rock wall. close in. Was using bread burly, Pumped nippers passed the ferry and had a feed of whiting. Saw a couple of Flathead caught from a boat doing drifts, One chap in the caravan park caught a nice Jewfish one night. Grandad
  11. You can fish all along Settlement Point road, and if you go to the end past where the ferry leaves there are some shallow sandy areas, Town beach also a good spot to try. Grandad
  12. grandad


    I was fishing off Cronulla yesterday 15/04/2019 when a military aircraft flew over, A C130 Hercules. My GPS stopped working for Approximately 30 minutes. Was this an act by the military. Has anyone else experienced this. Grandad.
  13. It’s one of those cases, you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. The grandfather thought he was doing the right thing, and has lost a grandchild under his care, he would give his life if he thought it would bring the child back. His life and the parents will never be the same again. My condolences to the family, I am in tears as I write this, every life is precious. Please take care at the ramp. Grandad
  14. On the rotary too, that must have given you weeks of pleasure watching them from eggs to fledglings.
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