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  1. grandad

    Hawkesbury accident

    It’s one of those cases, you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. The grandfather thought he was doing the right thing, and has lost a grandchild under his care, he would give his life if he thought it would bring the child back. His life and the parents will never be the same again. My condolences to the family, I am in tears as I write this, every life is precious. Please take care at the ramp. Grandad
  2. grandad

    Innovations in photography...

    On the rotary too, that must have given you weeks of pleasure watching them from eggs to fledglings.
  3. grandad

    Innovations in photography...

    Hi Ads Just purchased that App, looks great, a lot easier than carrying a field guide for identifying birds. Thanks Grandad
  4. grandad

    Innovations in photography...

    Hi Neil Re Hi Grandad, do they only come in blue? I thought I'd seen the male in another colour. There's lots of them in my area, flitting about all over the place. Cheers My "Simpson and Day" Field guide, lists over a dozen variety's, some of them do have red color on them, Was going to post a picture from the book but copyright forbids it. You will have to photograph and post a picture of them. Not as easy as it sounds the little blighters won't stay still long enough. Enjoy them whilst they last, the Noisy Miners have driven them away from my area. All the best Grandad
  5. grandad

    Innovations in photography...

    Here's a male,Taken at the Bago Winery Port Macquarie
  6. grandad

    Innovations in photography...

    Always looking for that special photo that you look at over and over again. I am always looking at photographing birds,(of the feathered kind). Two shots come to mind, the first is a Fairy Wren that was watching me at Kurnell. The other is a Blue Faced Honey Eater that was feeding young at South West Rocks. Looking foreward's to some special shots. grandad
  7. grandad

    Flathead for dinner

    looks great, I have a bottle of white, what's the address.
  8. grandad

    Rays in Port Hacking

    The photos were posted and shared on the I Love Caringbah South Facebook page. Spotted from his house at Gannons Bay, Glenn Warren photographed this fever of stingrays in the Port Hacking. An afternoon cuppa from his Boomerang Avenue waterfront balcony came with a spectacular display of nature. Mr Warren captured the rays swimming in unison, about 20 metres from his waterfront residence. The photos were posted and shared on the I Love Caringbah South Facebook page. “I’ve lived here for 10 years and seen dolphins, seals and blue gropers,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like this.” Anyone guess what type of rays they could be? Close encounter: The fever of stingrays were spotted close to the shore. Picture: Glenn Warren Nature's best: Rays gather as one in the Port Hacking. Picture: Glenn Warren
  9. grandad

    Drifting for flathead

    Good catch there, now you will have to take them more often, and its great to have someone else to answer the did you catch anything question. Grandad
  10. grandad

    ID this fish (spotted bigeye)

    Its a white camelion fish you can't see it as its blended into the background Grandad
  11. grandad

    genuine lad keen to make fishing mates

    Hi Sean Welcome to Fishraider, A bit more info would help, IE where in Sydney are you, Public transport or do you have a car, are you available during the week or just weekends, do you have your own gear. This info would help someone looking for a fishing partner. Grandad
  12. grandad

    First jew/mystery romper round two

    They say third time Lucky, I am now waiting for the third report with a successful ending. Well done on the jew, the first one is always the hardest, hope you get many more. Grandad
  13. grandad

    Home built live bait rig

    There’s a great deal of satisfaction when you design and build it yourself. I built my own for my Tinnie, I know the problems involved. Well done and I hope it gives you years of good service. Grandad
  14. grandad

    Sydney Easter

    Too sloppy for me to go outside, had 1 bream and 1 whiting commit suicide near Captain Cook bridge. Just enough to satisfy my fishing urge. Grandad
  15. grandad


    Well said Grandad