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  1. Congrats on the PB!! Even better when it's on a lure!! 👍
  2. Sure is! Awesome harbour catch!! Nice work! ?
  3. Very nice haul of inkers there mate!! As for tips for Kings my best advice would be to try and try again, I've found them to be on and off lately off the rocks. Also try to have as many options out there as u can, as in plastics pillies squid or livies to find what works that day. Very fussy fish! Good luck!
  4. Fished the steps last week with the old man and nephew. Had a cracker session between 4 and 6pm. Plenty of bream tarwine and flatties. Nephew dropped a nice lizard at side of the boat looked about 70cm. Scored my first legal bream on plastic and a few flatties on my new zerek shrimp, those things are cool. Good luck
  5. Must have been one hungry flounder :-D very nice little session.
  6. after being told by a friend to give them a go bonito are now one of my favourite eating fish. Missus and the kids love them too. I just fillet cover in some minced garlic and spices(morrocan goes good) and throw on the bbq, always get a good feed off them too.
  7. didn't go into seal rocks itself just elizabeth beach, beautiful area though can't wait to explore more. plan to try seal rocks or treachery head next, heard there are some monster kings around there atm
  8. Cheers guys. This was at charlottes head near seal rocks
  9. Hi Raiders, 1st post, bout time i start sharing my adventures. Went fishing anzac day with my mate and his brother. Plan was to go south as usual but with a bad weather forecast decided at the last minute to try north for a change and see if we could get into some different fish. Left at 10pm and after multiple wrong turns through thick shrub found the ledge at 3am. Only managed 1 slimie in the morning, put him out under a float and continued to collect yakkas. Didn't take long and my drag was screaming like i had never heard before, picked up the rod but too late, reefed. Now very excited we had 2 livies out and started spinning like mad. My mates brother casts a 65 raider and after a few winds hooks up in a big way, we knew this was no bonito or salmon and after about 10mins he lands his 1st mac and 1st fish on lure. It went 77cm and about 4 or 5 kg. Had a few more missed hook-ups on livies and some kings chase lures in but was pretty slow. My mate put out a small bonnie and had the same result as my slimie in the morning. So we definitely missed out on some good fish. Decided to start packin up when my livie i left out goes off and line starts SCREAMING , tighten the drag and knew it was a good fish, this time it didn't go deep just out and fast, was using my old shakespeare sigma with 55lb braid and 60lb fluoro, this usually handles average pelagics ok but now it was showing its wear and tear, could hardly turn the handle but after a great fight the fish tired and came in, landed the fish without gaffing as i planned to release. I was STOKED, especially to get it as we were packin up, always worth leavin a bait out. It went 86cm and around 7 or 8kg, wasn't a longtail but i was more than happy nonetheless. Will definitely be heading north more often now, time to get a TLD. Cheers BTW my username is not a claim but a goal