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  1. Mr Squidy

    Port Hacking

    Death, taxes and Yowie catching fish... Top stuff getting a decent feed out of the river this time of year. Rich
  2. Mr Squidy

    Trash or Treasure?

    Cheers Ryder, Very interesting stuff, I can certainly see how this becomes a side hobby of its own for many. Still need to get out and give mine a run some time soon on the black fish and see how it handles, Rich
  3. Mr Squidy

    Wyangala Report

    Top stuff guys, you've certainly got the Cod dialed in. You do need to learn how a fisherman uses a measuring tape though, first time i think I've ever seen a fish called at 99cm. Angle them right, stretch a little, a slight crumple in the mat, squint your eyes and suddenly they are a meter on the dot haha. Cheers Rich
  4. Mr Squidy

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    What a great session for this time of year, well done, Rich
  5. Mr Squidy

    Successful first visit to St Georges Basin

    Great stuff Brendan, sounds like a top way to spend the weekend. Its certainly a beautiful spot down there. Cheers Rich
  6. Mr Squidy

    Bellambi Reds

    Great bag of reds!! Interesting with what you say about the looped line around the pillies tail? Sounds like you would be rigging the pillie so you were pulling them backwards as you drift? Would have thought it would look more natural with the top hook through the pillies head and bottom hook into the tail. Otherwise looks like a good setup. Cheers, Rich
  7. Mr Squidy

    Trash or Treasure?

    Hi Ryder, Thanks for that. Its a very whippy rod especially when im used to graphite these days but id say 3-6kg feels about right. Sure enough the first link that comes up on google for "Mitchell Conolon Companion Spiraflex Custom Line" is this thread... Looking forward to giving it a crack now. Just need to get myself some Dunlop volleys and a terry towelling hat to go with it haha. Cheers Rich
  8. Mr Squidy

    Trash or Treasure?

    Hi Ryder, Reading this and some of your other posts on old rods had reminded me that I had two old rods under the house that I grabbed for nothing before they ended up on a council clean up heap when my Dad's old neighbor moved out a couple of years back back. I had been meaning to look into them a bit further to see if they were worth keeping, using, selling etc. Anyway, had a look last night and one of them is a Mitchell Conolon Companion, Spiraflex Custom Line 42:108, about 9 foot long. The rod pretty much looks to be in a usable condition straight off the bat with just some corrosion staining to a couple of guides and some minor fraying at the edge of a couple of bindings. It is fitted with an old Alvey that seems in pretty good condition also. My initial thinking is at 9 foot it might make a decent blackfish outfit which is something i dont have if I just clean it up and re-spool. Maybe re-epoxy a couple of the bindings. Anyway, my main question is do you know what that line classification translate to in today's terms? Would love to hear if you'd had any other interesting feedback from the investigation on yours. Where do you generally go to get information on the older gear? A couple of pics. Cheers, Rich
  9. Mr Squidy

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    What a top fish!! Scombroid is a toxin so how much you eat makes a difference on how sick you'll get. If you're intent on serving it up to others best thing to do is to have a very small portion yourself in the days before and see if you develop any symptoms. If you are all good then you may be ok, if you feel crook its a no go. Definitely cooked only. Cheers, Rich
  10. Great work landing him on 6lb. Rich
  11. Mr Squidy

    Port Hacking

    Nice work Yowie, cracker of a bream to get before you even launch the boat!! Rich
  12. Mr Squidy

    Winter Cali

    Nice work, great when the big southern calamari come into the rivers. Rich
  13. Mr Squidy

    The entrance

    Absolute nuggets, good stuff.
  14. Mr Squidy

    Snapper fishing at night

    Yeah, Youfish is a top show in terms of seeing how other genuine fisherman have mastered their methods and also in showing the genuine ups and downs involved in chasing big fish. Get pretty bored of some of the celebrity presenters where its just watching some grinning idiot bringing in fish but the brains and effort behind the fishing is some charter operator or other local who you never even see. Cheers, Rich
  15. Mr Squidy

    Snapper fishing at night

    Interesting comments, surprised people seem to think that they shutdown at night? Snapper are certainly one species I can't claim to have figured out as I have had only limited results chasing them. From what I have seen as by-catch chasing jew and on the few trips I have seriously targeted them the undersized fish certainly seem to shut down at night but the better fish still seem to bite. On top of my personal experience I've had one mate who had great success over the years bait fishing for bigger snapper at night time. Also, if anyone every watched the youfish tv series tat used to be on channel 32 those guys were in Victoria but pretty much exclusively fished for them at night and certainly had them pretty well figured out. Cheers, Rich