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  1. Top stuff Ryder, great looking bag of fish there, very tasty!!! Rich
  2. Great work as always Yowie. Those rays have spooled me a couple of times on my lighter outfits over the last few years. Horrible feeling seeing the last of the line disappear as in the moment you always wonder if maybe its that 20 kegger jew we all dream of, but with a cool head I know exactly what it is doing it. Man they have some motors on them once they get a bit bigger. Cheers Rich
  3. Nice work as always Yowie. Great seeing a few keeper Jew about, always a good trip with one of them on board. Cheers, Rich
  4. Nice work as always Yowie, good feed there. Was out on the Hacking on the evening of the 25th and we got our first keeper jew for the season right on 70 plus a nice reddie at 40 and a tailor at 45, so the fish certainly look to be coming back on. Cheers Rich
  5. Top stuff Yowie, cant be long now until the river really starts to pick up again. Cheers, Rich
  6. Yeah, its funny the way they complain about the bait but never the fresh fish as if you can somehow magically separate the two haha.
  7. Salting preserves the fish so it doesn't go off. I keep it just in the firdge and months latter there is no reall change to the smell. The old adage of fresh is best, live is better still holds for me. Big difference between smelly because the oil content is high and smelly because the bait is old/off. Cheers, Rich
  8. Top report mate. Great reward for plenty of effort, well done!! Rich
  9. I certainly have underestimated our Lizards it seems...
  10. Yeah, something so much more satisfying in a capture when you know you are under gunned and really have to use your angling techniques to there fullest. Top stuff.
  11. Mr Squidy


    Yeah with Newcastle's performance over the last few years it makes sense he's doing regular trips to escape the English winter haha. Top effort building something so involved to help out a mate, a very cool BUGGY indeed... Cheers, Rich
  12. Yeah curious to hear. For me I only ever buy Yamashita if i'm spending over $10 these days as they are just so consistently good. Do buy cheapies at times with varying success. Worth noting that its often worthwhile with the cheaper ones trimming the weight down yourself to get the sink rate/angle you are happy with as 90% of the time they are over weighted for my liking. cheers Rich
  13. Redbait, they are pretty common down in Tassie, Tuna love them. Cheers, Rich
  14. Mr Squidy


    Awesome looking sled there Frank, very nice handiwork. Have to wonder why you would go and ruin it at the end with that sticker on the side though? Cheers, Rich