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  1. Mr Squidy


    End of the day the survival rate for the by-catch mulloway that do get released having been netted is so low that its a pretty meaningless change in terms of its affect. Rich
  2. Mr Squidy


    That's a nugget of a fish. good stuff.
  3. Mr Squidy

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    Some good advice above. One other point to add is to try to fish the top of the tide when there is plenty of depth of water over the gutters. Cheers Rich
  4. Thanks for the head's up Baz!!! Not sure the change on the commercial front will make much difference as it wont stop these fish ending up in the nets, it'll just mean they get thrown back dead rather than kept. Cheers, Rich
  5. Mr Squidy

    Maroubra Beach Salmon Action

    Good stuff, you did well getting some fish on the bottom of the tide off the beach. Swell condition from Willy Weather was probably in feet not meters. No 4m swell out there recently. Cheers. Rich
  6. Mr Squidy

    Fish ID ?? (Numbfish)

    Yep, numbray. You're lucky you didn't touch him as you certainly know when they zap you. Surprisingly given their appearance but they will happily hit soft plastics worked across the bottom so likely he hit your lure on purpose. Rich
  7. Mr Squidy

    Salted bait?

    Yeah salting is a great option. I usually salt down the fillets of any left over livies at the end of a trip or pilies if we have a bag in the esky that didn't get used and have substantially de-thawed. Easy to do with a 20kg bag of pool salt, just load into a container with plenty of salt and if you drain any liquid off they will last for a good month or two in the fridge, no need to freeze. Never as good as fresh caught baits but just as good as store bought pilies in terms of bites and much tougher. Rich
  8. Mr Squidy

    Photos of some local fishermen

    Great pics mate, especially of the kingfishers, they don't tend to hang about to long posing for shots!!
  9. Mr Squidy

    Long weekend photos

    They are some stunning shots Jon, well done and thanks for sharing. Rich
  10. Mr Squidy

    Elimbah Creek Fat Girl

  11. Mr Squidy

    Black Smith's Beach Fishing

    Top stuff mate, very nice beach jew. Hope you weren't expecting those gloves to give you any protection against that bull sharks teeth Rich
  12. Mr Squidy

    Port Hacking Snapper

    That's a very nice red for inside the estuary Yowie, top stuff. R
  13. Mr Squidy

    Big shark Botany Bay

    Not a Mako, you can tell by the tail... Mako tails have both the upper and lower lobes of the fins almost the same length, this sharks top section is substantially longer. That and the rest of the shark is the wrong shape and colour... This shark A Mako Hard to tell from the footage but probably a big whaler or bull. Whatever it is its bloody great footage that I'm sending straight to my boss who loves a kite surf through that area Cheers, Rich
  14. Mr Squidy

    Jewfish - Advice please

    Plenty of solid logic behind what you are doing so you are well on your way. Keep questioning and learning and you'll get there. I'm doubtful however that the fish that took your bait was a Jew. Jew have grasping pointy teeth that are good for holding a bait but dont tend to slice it up or bite off chunks. Usually if a Jew grabs your bait and drops it you'll bring back in a bait with very little damage to it other than a bit of crushing and some pin %%%%% teeth marks. If a jew is taking the bait off your hook you should have a really solid run as it rips it off your hook. Every jew fisho seems to have a different theory on when to strike, free spool etc haha. For me I fish circle hooks, rod set to fighting drag in a holder and pointing straight at the water with a small amount of slack line so they feel nothing when they first grab it and then as they start to move off they dont feel the slow bend in the rod, just the jolt of the drag kicking in. With the circle hook it normally does its magic and all you do is grab the rod once drag is peeling off and start fighting the fish. I fish pretty much exclusively dead baits from a boat. Again, each to their own though. One last question, what weight leader are you using, personally I find heavier weights deter the fish in still water. 30Lb is usually plenty (again they dont have cutting teeth) unless there is structure they can get to. Cheers, Rich
  15. Mr Squidy

    Port Hacking again

    Yeah maybe, this time last year we were killing it on the surface fish at sunset in the deep off lilli pilli of an afternoon, heaps of salmon/kings/tailor and huge schools of pillies, just not seeing the same numbers this year yet. Flip side there has been a really good size to the school Jewies in the river this year with most going legal and we've seen some great lizards as well, similar to your catches, so can't exactly complain when those fish are abouts. Rich