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  1. Oh well? Oh well?!?! Most of us down here in Sydney would be close to tears loosing a 70cm red boat side haha. You guys sure have a great fishery up there. Shame to loose a couple of good fish but still a nice feed to come home with, top stuff as always. Rich
  2. Also some that are protected and can land you in pretty serious trouble if you keep them illegally. Always best to release a fish if you cant identify it and make sure you find out for next time. Cheers
  3. Just awesome fishing you and your kids are getting right now John, top stuff.
  4. Awesome stuff, you never forget your first Jew!!! They really are a fish that rewards commitment and dedication to the fundamentals more than most which makes them one of the most satisfying captures when it all comes together. Cheers, Rich
  5. Mr Squidy

    silly people

    I regularly fish the Hacking of a night. Virtually every trip we see boats moving at speed with no lights in pitch black. Only a matter of time before there is a collision and a tragedy out there... Rich
  6. True dedication to manage a catch like that these days, nothing but respect. A lot of the younger guys simply can't believe the stories from the old timers of what an easy catch these used to be. Rich
  7. I hate eels, get them all the time chasing Jew in the hacking and they are slimy horrible things. Wont typically even bring them in the boat, just cut them off and re-rig. That said I have had some funny experiences with them. When I was younger I caught one on my dads hand line and mentioned I was going to cut it off. My dad however decided he wasn't going to loose a 50cent hook to some eel so he grabbed it by the back of the head to de-hook it. The eel responded by wrapping tightly around his arm and started to pull its head out of his grip. The only reason it didn't pull out and bite him was the fact that I still had the line tight pulling it back the other way. To get the thing off his arm he basically had to chop its head half off which took about 10min of hacking all the while its hissing and trying to bite him. Tough as a boot. Ended up with slime everywhere. Fast forward a decade or so and a mate of mine declared his dad loved eating them and that he wanted to keep one and try it. I told him that there was no way I was helping him deal with one and if he wanted to bring one on board he was on his own. Given that I normally help these guys de-hook their bigger fish anyway i didn't like his odds. Next trip out though with four of us on my 4.5m half cab he turns up with a large set of garden shears. I shook my head and reiterated what a terrible idea this was. Anyway, sure enough, half way through the night up comes a bloody big eel. I stand back while in the darkness one mate holds the line up and the other try's to get the shears around the thrashing eels neck. Next thing the shears touch the line under tension and, PING, the thing is snapping away at both their feet. My mate who brought the shears starts dancing on the spot and with the slime everywhere he slips and falls flat on his back, a miracle he didn't hit his head on the gunwale and break his neck. Next thing though he was back on his feet in a flash and all four of us are stuck in the front of my little halfcab with this angry bloody eel slithering all over the shop and him badly bruised and covered in slime. After much stuff abouts they finally maneuvered the thing between the garden shears and tried to cut its head off only to discover how bloody tough those things area. This hacking process took the best part of 15min and resulted in a bent edge to the set of garden shears and an eel that was dead but by no means decapitated. So after 20min of complete chaos I took the opportunity to reiterate that i really didn't think it was a particularly good idea. As for the feedback on eating it I'm told that it was edible but not exactly amazing. One for the Mods, just realised after posting that this is a post from 2004. For some reason it was showing up top of my topics list on the right hand side of the forums screen where the latest posts usually show up?? Looks like this is happening for a couple of others too by some of the posts going up. Screen grab of what seems to be coming up. Cheers, Rich
  8. Top stuff Ryder, love the old rods but I'd recommend sticking to new keeper nets in future haha. Still a great haul even with a few escapees. Rich
  9. Mr Squidy

    Poor start

    That really sucks Jon, very sad to hear story's like that of peoples good nature being totally taken advantage of. I really hope that has bought you some good karma and that the boat brings you many years of happy fishing moving forward. Rich
  10. Awesome mate very cool looking rod
  11. Top stuff Ryder, great looking bag of fish there, very tasty!!! Rich
  12. Great work as always Yowie. Those rays have spooled me a couple of times on my lighter outfits over the last few years. Horrible feeling seeing the last of the line disappear as in the moment you always wonder if maybe its that 20 kegger jew we all dream of, but with a cool head I know exactly what it is doing it. Man they have some motors on them once they get a bit bigger. Cheers Rich
  13. Nice work as always Yowie. Great seeing a few keeper Jew about, always a good trip with one of them on board. Cheers, Rich
  14. Nice work as always Yowie, good feed there. Was out on the Hacking on the evening of the 25th and we got our first keeper jew for the season right on 70 plus a nice reddie at 40 and a tailor at 45, so the fish certainly look to be coming back on. Cheers Rich
  15. Top stuff Yowie, cant be long now until the river really starts to pick up again. Cheers, Rich