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  1. Mr Squidy

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Top report mate. Great reward for plenty of effort, well done!! Rich
  2. Mr Squidy

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It? I certainly have underestimated our Lizards it seems...
  3. Yeah, something so much more satisfying in a capture when you know you are under gunned and really have to use your angling techniques to there fullest. Top stuff.
  4. Mr Squidy


    Yeah with Newcastle's performance over the last few years it makes sense he's doing regular trips to escape the English winter haha. Top effort building something so involved to help out a mate, a very cool BUGGY indeed... Cheers, Rich
  5. Top stuff on such light gear, very well done. Great vid too. Cheers, Rich
  6. Mr Squidy

    Rui Squid Jigs - Anyone used them?

    Yeah curious to hear. For me I only ever buy Yamashita if i'm spending over $10 these days as they are just so consistently good. Do buy cheapies at times with varying success. Worth noting that its often worthwhile with the cheaper ones trimming the weight down yourself to get the sink rate/angle you are happy with as 90% of the time they are over weighted for my liking. cheers Rich
  7. Mr Squidy

    ID please (Red Bait)

    Redbait, they are pretty common down in Tassie, Tuna love them. Cheers, Rich
  8. Mr Squidy


    Awesome looking sled there Frank, very nice handiwork. Have to wonder why you would go and ruin it at the end with that sticker on the side though? Cheers, Rich
  9. Mr Squidy

    Birthday boy

    Top work guys, beats a day at school...
  10. Mr Squidy

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    Only problem with tagging is that where it has been implemented heavily on the north and mid north coast it pretty much seems to show that large sharks are always around. Its a fun game to log on and see what the biggest gap you can find on some of these beaches is in between big sharks. It really is virtually daily readings in some areas and when you consider this only covers the % of sharks that are actually tagged then you see how common they actually are. Cheers Rich
  11. Mr Squidy

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    Well there you go, guess I'll be more cautious around lizards in future...
  12. Depends on what you fish for around Sydney. Some species are doing well for sure. As someone who spends plenty of time chasing and catching Jewies, their stocks and average size are in a very poor state. Rich
  13. Yep, resourcing of the management of our existing systems is a huge problem, totally agree. As for an 80% drop off in participation that sounds pretty ridiculous to me. As a tourist from Sydney I certainly dont look at the place and think "I wont go there because of the marine parks". Look at the % of the place that is actually a sanctuary zone. End of the day if locking off a small portion fishing locations in Sydney to improve stocks resulted in 80% less people fishing then I guess I'd just have to live with having a lot more space to myself out on the water as one of the remaining 20%. Sadly i don't think I'l be that lucky somehow... Rich
  14. Yeah, as a sure fire way to improve snapper stocks I've heard NSW is considering doing away with location based bans and simply introducing a "scratchie" ban Seriously though, such a complicated topic. Personally I'd support localised marine parks around Sydney similar to what was done in Jervis Bay providing that it is based on science, that sufficient areas are maintained for rec fishos and that it is policed adequately. Anything that helps fish stocks is a good thing in my opinion. Sad thing is this is highly unlikely with environmentalists wanting to lock up everything in site, no resources available for policing and many fishos intent on ignoring the rules that are in place to protect the future of our sport. Its seriously pathetic how often you see people on the hacking fishing inside the shiprock marine park. There's one reserve in the whole damn river system but that's where people have to fish Rich
  15. Mr Squidy

    A few snaps

    Without a doubt the best photo's i've ever seen of Quoll poo... Rich