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  1. Top fish mate, can certainly be trickier in the calmer water. Well done. Nothing wrong with not going out of your way to pin point your exact fishing spot for the whole world. I've seen how much busier even well know landbased spots can get after some good reports. A report like this is still a much better contribution to the forum than the "where from", "can you pm me the GPS location", etc, brigade. Cheers, Rich
  2. Looks like a cracking day all up mate, nothing better than fresh fish cooked on an open fire 👍 Rich
  3. Top stuff Jon, awesome pic, no doubt you must be very proud of them both. Rich
  4. DId a days fly fishing over in Scotland some years back. The guide told me if I liked saltwater fishing I should come back one summer and try makerel fishing with him. He was a bit taken a back when I refered to his proud phots as slimies and told him we catch them six at a time and use them for bait haha. Great reminder anyway. So many of our fish are just about knowing how to properly prepare them but I think we are just so spoilt with choice that most people don't bother branching out and trying new things. Rich
  5. Congratulations Donna, awesome news. Rich
  6. Just saw a green combi Tuesday in bondi with CUP OFT. We all need to get out fishing a bit more it think... Rich
  7. Great stuff Yowie, i'm sure you were glad to see the sun come up out there!!! Rich
  8. What are you chasing? Shore based or boat? I have a 4000 Ci4 with 20lb braid on a Abu Veritas 6'6" 6-10Kg rod that I use from a boat for jewies, kings, dollies, etc. Fish a mix of soft plastics, live and dead bait depending on what we are chasing. Love that outfit to bits and rod goes for about $150 from memory. Cheers, Rich
  9. Top stuff Jani, great looking fish!! I love hearing about different fishing experiences around the world so your reports are always fascinating, thanks for sharing. Rich
  10. You must be confused, the mate who holds those records has a mug like a horse's backside Cheers though Dan. Does get a tad disappointing when the the PB jewie, king and now red for my boat all belong to passengers, but one of these day's that karma has to pay back in spades... Surely?!?! Rich
  11. I'm sure the reps at that store will be highly knowledgeable and provide you with top advice. They may even be able to tell you which part of the rod you hold on too As for a genuine answer, the most important thing is that the outfit is 'balanced'. In every fishing outfit there is a trade off between the advantages of having gear that is light and responsive so you feel bites, don't get exhausted, etc vs gear that has brute power to land bigger fish. Due to this there is no sense in having a small light reel on a super heavy rod as you are just going to get the worst of both worlds. An outfit that is heavy and clunky but also one that doesn't have the power needed to match what the rod can do. Based on what you have been able to provide I suspect your reel is slightly smaller than it should be to 'balance' the outfit but it is hard to know by how much without all the details. Try and confirm the rod material for starters as graphite/fibreglass. Fibreglass are much heavier rods for their weight range and as such would usually go a slightly larger reel, maybe something in the 6000 - 8000 range. Graphite being lighter and more sensitive usually works nicely with a slightly smaller reel so you might be good there, I'd be looking in the 4000 - 6000 range depending on the rod in question. For comparison I personally run a 4000 shimano stradic Ci4 on a 6'6" abu garcia Veritas 6-10Kg graphite rod with 20lb braid and its an amazing outfit. Theory is great but at the end of the day, if it feels comfortable to use, is sensitive enough for your preferred method of fishing and has the stopping power you need that is all that counts. Cheers, Rich
  12. Nice work Dave, looks a beautiful part of the world to be fishing. No doubt those trevs would be great fun on the light gear. Cheers, Rich
  13. What a capture, well done indeed. Rich
  14. Yeah, I grew up fishing nippers on hand lines around the deeper bays in the Hacking. Those Jewies are great fun when the line really starts pulling through your fingers. Don't use hand lines much these days but I reckon it was the best way to learn how to properly play out a big fish. Cheers, Rich
  15. Nice result inside for this time of year, looks like the rain is keeping it ticking along which is great. Shame that biggger Jew couldn't find 2cm more for you!! Still a nice catch at 73cm. Cheers, Rich
  16. Great report Yon, one of the most exciting types of fishing you can get casting at big schools of Sambo's, such a great sports fish. We are certainly lucky in this city to have this on our doorstep and to still be able to enjoy these sorts of things while the world is going crazy, Cheers, Rich
  17. I came very close to having to sell my boat a few years ago for similar very reasons so understand how disapointing that can be. Lived in a unit and used to store it at my Dad's place but he decided he had to downsize so I was going to be left without a spot to keep it. I had pleanty of mates telling me just to keep it on the street in front of a park or the like but always knew if it came to that I would inevitably have to sell it for all the reasons you've just spoken of. Thankfully the place my Dad was buying off plan ran quite late and in that time my wife and I were able to stretch ourselves a little and buy our first house which has a decent street frontage on a culdesac, so I was able to keep the boat. As you say, there are pleanty of people worse off in the world but it still hurts to have one of your passions in life taken away in that fashion and there is certainly a whole lot of emotional attachement that builds up with a boat that you have fished off for many years. Hope you still get out there pleanty with your mates and with the kayak. You're clearly an extremely knowledgable fisho so I'm sure there should always be people keen to have you along. Well done putting it down as a warning for others. Cheers, Rich
  18. Nice Jewie and great report, well done guys. Cheers, Rich
  19. Nice work braving the cold nights for some fish. They are solid lumps those PJs, quite a few abouts at the moment. Rich
  20. Great report guys. Shame not to bag a few more but sounds like a great learning experience for Crusher, im sure it will translate into some good fish on future trips. Cheers, Rich
  21. Thanks All, Not quite to the level of your Port Stephens monsters Scracthie but finally feels like we are heading in the right dirrection. Definitley time for me to go back and review your write up on these fish now 👍 Cheers, Rich
  22. Top breambo's there, well done!! Rich
  23. Top stuff, great feed of fish there. I love getting the salmon now I've got a decent fish cake recipe. Just cant expect to fry them up and have them eat like flatties. We've had them in curries before that was pretty good as well. Rich
  24. Mr Squidy

    Bate Bay

    Nice bag flatties Yowie. Interesting to pull out that little Occy. looks a cracker bait for a Jew, I know what I'd be doing with him, 6/0 circle first thing in the morning... Rich