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  1. Try the Tuncurry side of the bridge ( lake side ) 1hr either side of the high tide , there is a good deep hole that the flatties hang out in , chopper tailor are there as well most times ( ocean side ) but a good cast out to the 2nd pylon is needed good luck
  2. Nice work Krispy the "flickinlures" boat is hooked up as we speak and will be heading out in the morning we will definately try the "sink to the bottom" method with the metals , thanks for the report , hopefully a little video with some action tmoro night cheers , Mark
  3. great video mate , gotta get me one of those drones
  4. Another Friday arvo plastics session on the bay turned out to be a little quiet but i was desperate to try out my new little Shimano symetre 1000 on the end of a 7'2" Steve Starling camo flick stick, it was around an hour into a hundred or so casts when this 64cm specimen jumped on my 4" Gulp pumpkinseed worm , this drop in size from my normal 2500 shimano was so much better as the light weight combo enable me to pick up every little hit and it had more than enough grunt to land this fish.Also picked up 3 nice trevally around 35cm , then tried one of my other little spots only to be shutdown by 10-15 dolphins, it was a good end to a top day again on Botany Bay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL5fPVZjNY8
  5. Nice Trevally mate that's my PB right there 48cm , don't care what anyone says they are one of the best fighting fish and nice eating well done.Check out one of my best fights on light gear iv'e had , little water on the lense but the whole fight is there cheers Mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLdlWLAVlZg
  6. great stuff Kel , where's the video,pics action like this needs to be seen by the masses mate
  7. thanks again fellas ,my offsider was the fisherman on this occasion as i had to grab the GOPRO quick because i thought it was about to let go, hey i like the 3D idea will put some thought to it lol cheers Mark
  8. Having a little fun with the new imovie program , but she was a beauty of a squid tx fellas
  9. Hey Raiders, Been in the dry dock for a while , but managed to get out last week for a fish and put my fishing buddy on them yet again and got him across the line in 1st place in our local fishing club comp , unfortunately this big puppy didn't qualify but it sure did shock us both when he dragged it up on an 1/8" jig head towing our favourite 4" pumpkinseed worm , ah Normo youv'e done it again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OsCvbTNIto
  10. Hey mate i use size: 1/6 or 1/8 ( i think the measurement is ounces ) mostly when i fish the bay in around 3-4 mtrs if i go any deeper ( no more than 5mtrs ) i would go up a size to 1/4 on a good strong owner hook , i rarely go deeper than the 5mtr mark when flickin the plastics as i find that area between 3-4mtrs is the best over the weed and sand , use the wind at your back and wait till the line goes slack between 10 - 15 secs .We did try a few different Gulp soft plastics but the only successful ones i find are the worms that have that wriggly tail cheers Mark
  11. Thanks fellas my mates are starting to call me speilberg lol Hey Daniel i think i replied to your post about your daughters whiting it got my best by 4 cm and i thought i had a little soapie on the end of the line so hers was huge, but my mate did most of the damage on saturday due to my filming duties that's my excuse anyway
  12. Took my co pilot out for a session on Saturday with all the good intentions of getting a Kingy got some fresh dead squid from the bait shop and headed out around 6.30am as we rounded the corner out of the Cooks River entrance we noticed around 3 separate schools of chopper tailor busting up so we had a little fun with those for 30 mins or so then made our way to Molinuex Pt and soaked the squid for an hour or so .We were soon bored by absolutely no action and went back to what we know best flickinlures.I had never really bothered fishing out in the middle with the plastics but we soon discovered a 300mtr drift in around 3-4 mtrs over weedy sea grass ground broken up by some nice sand patches that produced a mixed bag of Bream,Trevally,Flathead and a nice 36cm whiting.The pumpkinseed 4" worm did the damage yet again as we cleaned up in a session that lasted around 2hrs of constant action.We tossed back a lot of small Bream and Trevally .We took home enough for the neighbours and inlaws and a couple for ourselves,overall it was a top session with a good mate.Oh forgot to add if anyone drags up a 6000 Shimano Alivio reel off Bonna Pt loaded with mono on a short boat rod it's mine , forgot to put the little white clip over the rod holder DOH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-9vx8PQr3g
  13. Thanks fellas , the go pro battery died after a few hrs of trolling i was trying to capture the take but unfortunately no Bass wanted to be filmed at the time , lucky i just got my new phone Samsung s4 mini which has a great camera on it so most of this video was taken on that
  14. The southern end of Bluey's beach , the headlands at Elizabeth beach - both ends ( be careful though ) you can get livies at the marina on the Forster side boat ramp near the volunteer coastal patrol boat mooring - good luck
  15. The float from the shore is spot on , even a slightly inflated balloon with one of those live lollipops i just can't see a Kingy not wanting to smash one - good luck
  16. Took the boat up to Glenbawn Dam 4hrs north of Sydney for some Bass fishing last Saturday it was sooo bloody hot , it was a long way to go for an overnight trip but we had a great time got a few nice fish.I was glad to crack my 1st Bass ever as was my mate Brett .Hard bodies were the choice and most fish were caught early morn late arvo along the submerged tree lines up the back corner Our friends in the Trailcraft did well landing over 10 fish .We probably scared a few fish away as we had to jump in the drink every hour or so just to cool off ,those beers back at base camp were just sensational http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJYuVLdCnx8&feature=c4-overview&list=UUf3IZbKJhs2LAwu7_jOyiIA
  17. A few boats from our local fisho club are heading up to Glenbawn Dam this weekend anyone got any recent mail of where this big Bass are holding up ? because i wanna drop these 2 these puppies in front of their little noses hopefully an action packed video to come
  18. a couple of boats were at the white drum near the navy wharf and got the kings i mentioned on the squid , but it's like anything i suppose their either hungry or not
  19. It was a great day Sunday we got out there a little late and come home with zip but got the boat wet and jumped in the water for a dip a old mans hat at 1030am it was so bloody humid
  20. was berlying between shots got a little cloudy to film but we didn't really need much they were everywhere , and your dead right the squid tenticals are No1 for sure
  21. isn't it funny that everytime you hook those bloody things you get them in the eye
  22. good tips fellas , its a GO PRO 3 SILVER edition but like i said i screwed up and the setting should have been set to 1080p HD anyway next time you should be able to see their scales .There were a few boats around and not many bringing them in and as it turned out the No1 live bait squid was the choice of kingies that day ,i need to get my act together and get those lolli pops 1st
  23. Sweet of some nice fish great work
  24. Just a short video of the bait grounds at Balmoral on Sunday morning , didn't see any squid but plenty of yakkas which were very tempremental, it took 2 of us 40mins to land 12.It was an absolutely great day apart from a big fat zero on the kings they just didn't want any part of our lively little yakkas .We saw a few rats landed within 4mtrs of our boat but those guys were fishing freshly caught "dead" squid.Sorry about the quality but had the camera setup wrong DOH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QlkHx6zR3U&list=UUf3IZbKJhs2LAwu7_jOyiIA&feature=c4-overview