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  1. marcstolk

    First Bass

    Nice one. I fish Yarramundi often and have reasonable success there. Last week I blooded my yak (1st time on a yak, let alone fish from one) - took a drink as well..LOL all part of learning no doubt :-) Caught this one just before Chistmas - surface bite approx 5:30am 1st time on the yak last week. Caught this earlier last year
  2. marcstolk

    PB Narra Lakes Flattie

    That is a cracker well done. I took my 2 boys to Narrabean Lakes yesterday - had a great time grabbing numerous 20cm Breams and the usual fair. However fishing with 4lbn leader was the reason I lost my potential PB at the bank yesterday - was very close to this size. Was guttered nontheless. Reason for staying this was to confirm that Narrabean is fishing really well. Ive been going to Narrabean for years and yesterday was our best outing with my 2 young boys. Landbased only, no boat