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  1. onearmedfisho

    Which size electric motor

    maybe its because on my Minn Kota on board battery charger mate
  2. onearmedfisho

    Which size electric motor

    my mechanic told to when he fitted my boat up and why risk not doing it???
  3. onearmedfisho

    Which size electric motor

    I do and would definitely unplug before charging!
  4. onearmedfisho

    Which size electric motor

    yeah as others have said the 55lb will be fine on your boat but I would also consider the 60"shaft. Your better to have it too long rather than not long enough!!
  5. onearmedfisho

    Lures - Newbie Questions

    You should be running braid with fluorocarbon leader mate
  6. onearmedfisho

    minn kota vs motorguide

    Have you purchased a motor yet?
  7. onearmedfisho

    minn kota vs motorguide

    you have 8 buttons on the MG XI5 remote which you can save as both waypoints and/or tracks. Problem with the tracks is that you have to record them first before being able to track or follow them. But with the waypoints even if its not connected to your sounder you can record 8 different marks and come back in 3 months ( or 3 years) for example and if your within 6km of that point, you press the certain number and the motor guide will drive you back to that position and literally anchor you there. I have the MG 80lb 24v and my GPS is far more accurate than showed in that video. As for the Minn Kotas the auto deploy (ulterra models) are not available in 55lb thrusts on the 80lb and 112lb thrusts. Also the Motor guide are about $400 - $600 cheaper which will buy you a good quality AGM battery!
  8. onearmedfisho

    Boat Harbour Beach Kurnell

    its now privately owned so you either need a yearly pass or pay something like $45 to enter!!!
  9. onearmedfisho

    BRP (Evinrude) acquires 80% ownership of Telwater (Quintrex)

    The ban on non-complient carby 2 strokes has been lengthened until June 30th 2020 due to the drought and farmers who need to sell their stock of gardening equipment but are having difficulty doing so due to the drought etc.
  10. onearmedfisho

    What's the go this time of year?

    Calamari Time!!!
  11. onearmedfisho

    Which Electric Motor?

    Only Motor Guide connect up to Lowrance/Simrad while Minn Kota connect to Humminbird only.
  12. onearmedfisho

    Which Electric Motor?

    Mate, for your 5.6m I would go the Motor Guide Xi5 80lb with a 72"shaft and GPS. With the gateway kit you will be able to connect it to your sounder
  13. onearmedfisho

    Jumping fish in the woronora system

    definitely not carp. mullet 100% the rivers full óf them
  14. onearmedfisho

    deep cycle battery

    I would run a 105AH AGM.