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  1. Awesome job mate, made me want to go there right now!
  2. hmm as all the previous Verados were Supercharged i thought this would be no different.
  3. WOW!!! Just got some intel about Mercury launching a new V12 600hp Supercharged Verado outboard!!! https://www.mercurymarine.com/en-gb/au/v12/
  4. nice video. Why did you release the Ocky? He would have been yummo!
  5. Yeah, live squid is the gun bait for the hacko
  6. Apparently the down rigger bomb got stuck on the reef. Then a large wave came through and turned the boat over. It was a Surtees which offer old for new replacement warranty so a mate of mine (surtees dealer)actually had to go and retrieve it from the beach.
  7. mate the tides dont matter for squid but they are easier to getearly morning or late arvo but you can still definitely catch them all throughout the day. I prefer 3.5 size jigs in the natural colours. I use the Yamashita Live jigs and my favourite colours are blue, purple, silver and gold. You can get them all the way along from the point near the marker at the nth end of jibbon beach all the way along towards the bommie. Salmon haul bay used to produce bit its a bit hit and miss these days. Hope this helps.
  8. either Motor Guide or Minn Kota. You will need a 60" shaft so if you want to stick with a 12v motor (1 battery for the electric) i would go a 55lb with a 60" shaft. I have a 4.8m boat and im running a motor guide 80lb with a 60" shaft but being 80lb its a 24v motor meaning you need 2 batteries to run it.
  9. yeah 7 people is 7 people regardless. Kids under 12 are classed as half. you you could have 14 kids under 12
  10. its also a lot further away from the georges
  11. yeah you can tow anywere on the bay and the georges river as long as you stick to the usual rules like distances off other boats, the shore and the usual 8 knot zones. Right up the river there may be signs saying no towing along revesby but everywhere else you can go for gold
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