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  1. onearmedfisho

    What's the go this time of year?

    Calamari Time!!!
  2. onearmedfisho

    Which Electric Motor?

    Only Motor Guide connect up to Lowrance/Simrad while Minn Kota connect to Humminbird only.
  3. onearmedfisho

    Which Electric Motor?

    Mate, for your 5.6m I would go the Motor Guide Xi5 80lb with a 72"shaft and GPS. With the gateway kit you will be able to connect it to your sounder
  4. onearmedfisho

    Jumping fish in the woronora system

    definitely not carp. mullet 100% the rivers full óf them
  5. onearmedfisho

    deep cycle battery

    I would run a 105AH AGM.
  6. onearmedfisho

    2018 Boat Show

    yeah I work there every year. The weekends are packed and the last day (monday) is generally dead. Thursday and Friday aren't too busy..
  7. onearmedfisho

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    I saw an email recently that if caught using an iso style pfd off the rocks you may get a fina as they don't comply! Mon 16 July 2018&utm_content=Newsletter Mon 16 July 2018+CID_0fdb3287f0987898983d9c5671cec803&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Read more
  8. onearmedfisho

    Sydney Harbour Squid

    they are generally bigger this time of year. If you know a few spots im sure you will get a few bigger models!
  9. onearmedfisho

    Boat storage- prevent theft

    if your away I suggest the back yard
  10. onearmedfisho

    Min kota

    yeah mate 55lb with a 54" shaft for your 4.2m. Ive got a motor guide and love it
  11. onearmedfisho

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    What version of photoshop are you using snatcher?
  12. onearmedfisho

    Squid Info

    yes they constantly need fresh water to survive
  13. onearmedfisho

    Is my motor to low when planning

    yeah a little low
  14. onearmedfisho

    Burrill lake picking up

    I'm heading down there with the boat in 2 weeks time. Never fished it before. Staying at the Big 4 park. Any tips would be appreciated. Just lure fishing...
  15. onearmedfisho

    Lake Macquarie advice

    Maybe try lures (SP and HB's) instead and leave the bait in the freezer...