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  1. yeah you will occasionly get arrows up that far but certainly not calamari/green eyes
  2. yeah craig at Streamline in Kirrawee
  3. i only fish with bait casters and have a few Shimano curado's and my latest is a Shimano Chronarch. I love using all of them. The Curados you should be able to pick up for $250 - $300 and the Chronarchs are more like $350 - $450
  4. mate start off with some bread and butter species like bream or flathead. If you go to any of the wharves in the georges river etc and use prawn with a small hook and sinker you should get a few
  5. The Savage Scorpion use the Ultra Lift Hull
  6. nice mate i fish the wonny regularly. trying to picture where you were with the signs in the background but im not sure???
  7. yes mate Savage, Stacer, Quintrex and now Yellow fin plate boats all come out of the telwater factory in QLD along with their trailers
  8. I love my Horizon 485 Northerner with my Motor Guide Xi5 up the bow. No life jacket needed and very capable offshore
  9. I love my bait casters, actually re-spooled 2 of these last night
  10. Top water means catching something on the surface right using a top water lure! eg not a weighted plastic or a bibbed HB???
  11. Roughly where in the bay were you fishing mate and what lures did the damage?
  12. I would buy a Pro Mariner onboard charger to charge you lecky battery only
  13. mate I know the area well. The hole is on the western side off the 2nd most northern pilon. If you found 13-15m in the area you have found the hole my friend!