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  1. yeah 7 people is 7 people regardless. Kids under 12 are classed as half. you you could have 14 kids under 12
  2. its also a lot further away from the georges
  3. yeah you can tow anywere on the bay and the georges river as long as you stick to the usual rules like distances off other boats, the shore and the usual 8 knot zones. Right up the river there may be signs saying no towing along revesby but everywhere else you can go for gold
  4. Yes i just got an email from BRP and it sure is true. They have done a deal with Mercury
  5. Yeah as others have mentioned, around both the bridges and dolls point, woolloware bay and the river itself you would be fine but as they bay is quiet shallow it does chop up heavily if the wind pics up. Back in the day i used to run out to the container wharf and the airport at night in a 12' but i had a 15 and 25hp back then.
  6. Dont worry about the tide mate, just get out there!
  7. Yeah i agree! Spend more on the reel than the rod. Ive got a couple of Shimano Curados which have been great but now ive got 2 Shimano Chronarcs which are the next level up. I only fish with baitcasters!
  8. nothing wrong with the Optimax engines. Ive had 2 of them and they have been great!
  9. im running an 80lb on my 5m horizon and im using 2 x 105AH AGM batteries which are connected to a Pro Mariner on board charger. all i do is plug the charger into an extension lead when i get home. My boat is 5 years old and ive never even taken the battery box lids off my battery boxes. For your 510 i would definitely run a 80lb lecky
  10. I have a 2015 model Mercury 90hp and its been great. They use the same block from the 75hp up to the 115hp. Its a 2.1L so it has a lot of torque. Mines done about 350 hours and its never missed a beat. They weigh 163kgs. so not the lightest motors but more displacement than other motors in the same HP categories...
  11. nice Pauls, im heading down for 10 days the week after easter. Cant wait!
  12. yeah you will occasionly get arrows up that far but certainly not calamari/green eyes
  13. yeah craig at Streamline in Kirrawee
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