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  1. onearmedfisho

    Min kota

    yeah mate 55lb with a 54" shaft for your 4.2m. Ive got a motor guide and love it
  2. onearmedfisho

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    What version of photoshop are you using snatcher?
  3. onearmedfisho

    Squid Info

    yes they constantly need fresh water to survive
  4. onearmedfisho

    Is my motor to low when planning

    yeah a little low
  5. onearmedfisho

    Burrill lake picking up

    I'm heading down there with the boat in 2 weeks time. Never fished it before. Staying at the Big 4 park. Any tips would be appreciated. Just lure fishing...
  6. onearmedfisho

    Lake Macquarie advice

    Maybe try lures (SP and HB's) instead and leave the bait in the freezer...
  7. onearmedfisho

    Paper Maps

    I'm sure it was the same time as when they said you don't need rego stickers on the boat any more... only rego numbers.
  8. onearmedfisho

    cheap baitcaster combos

    mate, I only use bait casters these days. I own 3 Shimano Cudrados and are a big fan. If it was me I would save your money until you can spend a little more than what your looking at spending.
  9. onearmedfisho

    Spit Bridge Squid

    Mate, you will get squid there throughout the day and at night. Just look for weed and rubble and if you give it a good crack with decent jigs i'd be surprised if you didn't get any. If one jig doesn't work try another colour...
  10. onearmedfisho

    Quick Calamari Bash

    unlucky 13
  11. onearmedfisho

    Gunamatta boat ramp to be upgraded

    parking at cronulla is a joke full stop!
  12. yeah + 1 for Shimano service at Taren Point. I'd send it to them for a full service
  13. onearmedfisho

    Squidgy Fish VS Squidgy Wriggler

    I prefer the black and gold Squidgy colours when targeting flatty's
  14. onearmedfisho

    Coffs beach mulloway

    nice one mate
  15. onearmedfisho

    60hp bigfoot - opinions? + Salt question.

    The bigfoot models have been replaced with Mercury Command Thrust (CT) motors. They do have a larger and stronger gear case and they are designed for pushing larger heavier boats. They can also run larger diameter props. Nothing wrong with them depending on the boat and its use...
  16. onearmedfisho

    New Artificial Reefs

    yes I saw a video of the structures moving through the harbour on big punts yesterday. I'm guessing they were heading south to Jibbon area
  17. onearmedfisho

    Parking Boats On The Street

    what area of the shire was the boat mate?
  18. onearmedfisho

    Fuel ratio for 2 stroke

    Quicksilver is the Mercury brand. No problem at all
  19. onearmedfisho

    Heat mapping

    interesting john, I'm yet do do the software update....
  20. onearmedfisho

    Fishing Date

    nice one, looks like a Horizon Scorpion 525???
  21. onearmedfisho

    New Spot Coming Soon in the Harbour...

    I think there will be no fishing signs up in no time!
  22. onearmedfisho

    Estuary Lure fishing

    pretty tough this time of year mate
  23. onearmedfisho

    Triple donut..WTF

  24. onearmedfisho

    New Artificial Reefs

    just south of the hacking ive heard. Dont know co-ords yet