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  1. Matt - well done mate, that is a stonker Bream off the surface. Thanks for sharing. cheers PK
  2. Outstanding fish mate......it has been 18 months since my last barra trip and I am getting withdrawal symptoms. Gotta love metre Barra caught on a lure cast into a snag - well done mate.
  3. Tim, just saw your post from your trip to Lake St Clair. Looks like a successful trip and great to see that the Bass were hitting surface lures for you. We were there about two weeks before you and couldn't get them to hit any surface offerings, however they were all over our TN50s and Spinnerbaits. Great photos of the lake and your camp site. Cheers PK
  4. Good on you Neil and thanks for sharing your experience. I reckon those grey nomads will be telling their grandchildren the story of your generosity and their first Murray Cod for years to come. PK
  5. Sounds like a great session, pretty exciting when you can sight cast to a legal bream.
  6. That's an excellent wild river Bass, especially one that was sight casted......got to love it when a plan pays off. I reckon today's a good surface bass day and will be heading down to my local to give them a crack this arvo. Cheers PK
  7. Thanks everyone, I really cherish the opportunities to spend a few days with my son working out an impoundment and the satisfaction of then getting consistent fish even on tough days. I also enjoy sharing the experience to help others to achieve the same.
  8. Thanks Poddy, I tried to share the experience so others could take on the challenge of impoundment Bass. It was a great week and I look forward to the my next long trip which should be a Barra trip. cheers PK
  9. This my new boat. It is a Haines Signature 485SF with a Suzi DF60A, Lowrance HDS7 in the cockpit, a Lowrance Elite 5X DSI, Hydrowave (freshwater) and Minn Kota Terova on the bow, competition livewell and a Powerpole Blade. I am currently getting rod lockers fitted and need to upgrade the propeller to finish it off. It replaced my Stesco Basscatcher and have found the fibreglass boat quieter and a much better ride.
  10. We have been using ours on the boat with mixed results. At times we can watch inactive fish on the sounder become active and rise towards the boat and subsequently hit our lures. At other times we have switched it and the sounder off to get more timid fish to bite. The hydrowave is an excellent tool, however you do need test and adjust to the conditions. If I had a yak this would certainly be an additional tool I would have aboard. PK
  11. Hi flickinlures, I just returned from fishing Lake St Clair last week and we found the Bass to be holding in 5 metres of water just off weedy points. Where we sounded out the schools we cast spinner baits and Jackall TN50s onto the weed banks and slowly rolled them into the deeper water. This resulted in reaction bites from the Bass. We did not see any surface action primarily due to the weather. See my recent post in the freshwater lure fishing section. While we didn't fish Glenbawn the pattern should be similar. I hope this helps and good luck at Glenbawn. Cheers PK
  12. Poddy - surprised I missed this post. Great elbow slapper on surface, I must give the surface bream and whiting a crack once the boat is back on the water. cheers PK
  13. Great sessions pmak and well done getting your brother and nephew onto some Aussie fish via lures in tough conditions.....it is always the sign of a great fisherman to get onto fish regardless of the conditions. Like Donna I am surprised by how much your boys have grown.....they will soon be able to take the boat out themselves. cheers PK
  14. Hi Diesel, We generally change the lures based on how the Bass are feeding. We were hoping for a surface bite and threw poppers, frogs, fizzers, pencils, cicadas and wake baits but there was absolutely no interest. I reckon the low barometric pressure and cooler temperatures switched them off the surface bite, whereas during the first week of January they were apparently smashing the surface lures. When we fished up there in January 2012 they were only hitting suspending jerkbaits and we had to pause the lure for 3 - 5 seconds to get them to bite. That is the advantage of spending a few days
  15. Hi Raiders, It is the time of year that Bassboy and I normally travel north for a Barra or Bass trip. With only a short summer holiday break we recognised we did not have time to drive to Queensland to chase Barra so we decided on chasing Bass for 6 days at Lake St Clair near Singleton. This would also enable me to further test my new boat and work through any issues closer to home. We travelled up to Lake St Clair early morning Monday 6 January and established our camp for the week. The dam was glassed out and it was sweltering hot, however we knew this would not last as a low was approachi
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