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  1. Leathery1

    Hairtail on big tides?

    Fished Waratah Bay Monday night till about 7pm. The bay was full of chopper Tailor and Yellowtail. They were eating the pilchards before any Hairtail would have had a chance to take a look. Tried using live Yellowtail and got a nice flathead about 45cm. Also tried Yellowtail fillets but they got smashed as quickly as the pilchards. In the end we decided we had enough of feeding the bait fish in the cold so called it a night. I'm guessing any Hairtail were eaten by the chopper tailor and yellowtail. They were like Piranhas. There were a few other boats in the bay that were still there when we left. Hopefully they had better luck.
  2. Leathery1

    Cowan Creek

    My son-in-law and I caught 10 about a month ago. I find the best way to eat them is to fillet them. When I gut them I cut out the whole belly section as I find that part of the fish to be a bit soapy. Then I cut them into about 20cm portions which go in the freezer. They are pretty much just back bone so just run the knife from the top to the back bone and then from the bottom to the back bone and the fillet should come away with very little waste. You can scrape the chrome off but I don't bother. I like them battered.
  3. Leathery1

    Waratah Bay 03/07

    Hi Raiders, Took my son for a try at hairtail last night in Waratah Bay. There was plenty of yellow tail in the bay and earlier in the day saw a large school of what looked like pilchards. Unfortunately the hairtail failed to showup. There were only three other boats in the bay one of which decided he needed to anchor 5 metres from me . He then quickly hooked my anchor rope , rather than spoil a good day by telling him what I thought of him we retrieved our anchor unhooked his gang hooks from the rope and moved well away. I was told the chance of catching any hairtail last night was low as the tide wasn't right. It was low tide at sunset with high tide being the best. Has anyone else has any luck on the hairtail recently. I have heard reports of some small fish being caught.
  4. Leathery1

    Hairtail ?

    Well done mate, we were in the middle of the bay on one of the buoys. Normally we would anchor on the southern side but decided to use the buoy due to the wind. May have been a bad decision.
  5. Leathery1

    Hairtail ?

    Just a quick report on our haritail fishing trip to Waratah bay last night. Unfortunately they were missing in action. We berleyed with cut pillies and also used a variety of baits including pillies, live yellowtail and yellowtail fillets. There were plenty of yellowtail (jumbo and nice lollipops) around and also a few squid. We also tried a couple of other bays on the way back to Apple Tree Bay but nothing was showing on the sounder and didn't get a bite. Only half a dozen boats in Waratah Bay last night. On a brighter note when we got back to the ramp there was a guy who had caught one small hairtail but it was a little strange in that it had a very short snout. We have caught hundreds of hairtail over the years and never seen one like this. Sorry no pics. The water was a little dirty for Cowan Creek so perhaps this has put them off.
  6. Leathery1


    Hi Raiders, My Father and I hit WB last night. Only stayed till 8pm but managed 4 Hairies with three of them around the 1.4m mark. The three bigger fish were caught on yellowtail strips. They were biting on pichards but seemed to get them off the gangs without hooking up.
  7. Leathery1

    Hairtails are they still there?

    I tried Waratah Bay on Sunday night, we got 13 Hairtail but they wearn't very big with the largest around the 1.2m mark.