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  1. I've always found Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reels to be reliable, and better value than Shimano. You could probably also save money by buying second-hand on ebay or gumtree.
  2. About 15 years ago I caught a bluefin off the rocks at Avoca. About 60cm. An unforgettable catch and provided a few good meals.
  3. Hi Raiders, I'm trying to explore the rock platforms of Sydney's northern beaches. I'm keen to chase pelagics. Does anyone have recent experience of the rocks between Freshwater and Curl Curl? Any thoughts to share on productivity and techniques? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks KB, that's very kind of you.
  5. Hi KB can you be more specific about where the car park is please?
  6. Singles also have the benefit of being much kinder to the fish if you decide to release them.
  7. Hard work landing a 60cm flattie on 6lb leader, they have sharp teeth, I'd use no less than 15lb, maybe 20lb.
  8. Thanks mate, why SW Rocks over Coffs?
  9. Hi all, staying in Nambucca Heads after Christmas and planning to squeeze in an offshore charter out of Coffs, any recommendations or warnings re: operators? Thanks in advance.
  10. And I thought I held the record for world's smallest flattie... comprehensively beaten here.
  11. On Monday I took my son Alex out on the Shoalhaven at Greenwell Point. It's embarrassing to be outfished by a 10-year-old but them's the breaks. We were down there for four nights, generally very disappointing fishing, this was our only legal fish. Thanks commercial fishermen!
  12. Yep fishing baits and caught fish both sides of the bridge. Not sure if the lake's open actually.
  13. Hit the water at 0730... nor' easter blowing meant good long drifts. Lots of tiddlers but also some decent fish about. Picked up a 60cm flatty, a 45cm and two 37cm, and a 35cm whiting - biggest whiting I've ever seen. Good productive morning.