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  1. Good news. They need to update the visitnsw website.
  2. Lake Wallace is closed due to coronavirus. Doesn't make much sense to me.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement folks!
  4. Hit the rocks close to home at first light this morning - landed my first ever drummer. On a peeled prawn. Looking forward to dinner tonight. Missed a few more bites, might well try again tomorrow.
  5. Good on you mate, I've only started chasing blackfish fairly recently too, I've found it pretty addictive.
  6. No idea what it's called but it looks like the same weed that I gather around ocean pools. It's great bait if so.
  7. I get my weed on the rocks around ocean pools. Be careful with the cunjevoi, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to take them from some areas.
  8. I don't know the harbour, but generally they're going to hang around structure - wharves are one of the more common places to find them.
  9. Hi Scratchie, how do the monsters cook up compared to the smaller models?
  10. Also the huge rock on the south side of Ben Buckler... washed up out of the sea during a storm in 1912 IIRC... can't remember the weight but it's written on a plaque attached to the boulder. Would've loved to see something like that happen.
  11. That's really interesting, I'll keep that in mind, thanks. I suspect the two may come in different sizes as well. I first fished for blackfish in Narrabeen Lagoon and the resident fish were always sub-30cm. When the lake was open and big tides were running you'd catch larger models, generally around 35cm and up. The theory was that they were coming in from the ocean to feed.
  12. Headed to the wharf before high tide. Dropped in my first bait and hooked up in less than ten seconds. Bagged the fish, baited up again... not another bite all morning! Scratching my head! I've never known blackfish to behave like this. I was teaching a mate how to chase blackfish, at least he got a feed.
  13. Good point, hadn't thought of that, thanks for the tip