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  1. fix em to the anchor and save the state money
  2. there are some a holes out there and it wouldnt have been a five minute job either so very game or know your movements just saying
  3. warnie100


    hi jon d have sent you a pm thanks warnie100
  4. warnie100


    hi jon i just checked the rms website under there dont expire life jacket section and it says that a 12 month from from purchase self inspection is required and they even tell you how so if the fined you i personally wouldnt pay it and appeal re there website also going down your way in november if you pm me your ph no we may be able to catch up regards warnie100
  5. firstly i own a 16 ft boat dual batteries with a 3 way selector and run battery cables not an expensive setup 3 way being bat 1 bat2 and both when on both they will both be charged by motor automatically but always check them before going out and i dont go out on any more than 1.5 or 10 /12 knts otherwise you cant hold bottom and it just not comfortable hope this helps
  6. thanks bottart appreciated looking forward to it
  7. thanks jon much appreciated if you pm a number i will give you a call when im down yur way and maybe catch up for a face to face and a beer
  8. sounds just like a lot of winabago owners just to up them selves to give a stuff .
  9. hi i am looking at going to bermi this november i will only be chasing the bottom variety but has anyone fished there at that time of year and what is it normally like ie seas , weather ect i know its a hard question but just in general as i only have a few days and dont want to waste them if possible regards warnie
  10. a big thanks to all now running beautiful I had one wire out of place stupid me thanks to all who replied
  11. hi folks I have just changed my key switch and since then the motor starts bearley runs and blows heaps of blue smoke as though the choke is stuck on also the alarm signal doesn't beep when you turn the key on any help please as there is no mechanic for miles thanks in advance
  12. hi guys I have a Johnson v4 vro and had to put a new key switch in it since then the motor starts but blows heaps of blue smoke like choke is stuck on and the alarm doesn't sound when key is turned on any help appreciated as theres now marine mechanics for miles thanks guys
  13. the rocks off surfside beach and the beach itself god for flatties and whithing
  14. thanks dave we are probably looking mid july I know the are generally a bit the chew in winter but would love a good feed of salt water fish