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  1. Hey Pete I'll be up and around the Bait Station.. COMMITED - see how we go.. Good luck talk tomorrow.
  2. Good stuff boys, any day you hook a Billy is a great day... I can't wait until tomorrow, might start heading out now..haha
  3. Yeah your right about that... Hey have you been out with Nomad? I used to be a guide up there and remember testing those Sent Blazer Lures with a few guys..cheers
  4. Yeah mate Friday and Sat looks like a done deal, just have to tell my boss...haha hopefully the currents slowed up on the shelf..!
  5. Thanks Billy, gets me keen to try and get a few more before the seasons over..good luck fishin!
  6. Cograts Mate on the Solo Marlin!Yeah Peter I have had the GoPro fog up or the battery run out half way through the fight and then finding my spare and changing it while fighting a crazy Black Marlin...haha It is a bit freaky sometimes when out on the shelf solo and most of the time I don't see any other boats out there.. My biggest fear is getting pulled in while in the harness or having a Marlin jump in the boat.. The risk is worth the reward..
  7. Hey man normally troll about 6-8kn and run lures at different distances every time depending on changing conditions,run a short corner and a shotgun out the back and split those two with another one or two in between. Also if you run a teaser put a lure a few meters behind that. Very hard to clear everything when fishing solo but it's a challenge and great fun...
  8. Hey mate normally use an average of 50 litres a day fishing the shelf and trolling all day, a lot less if I fish livies...
  9. Hey guys just a little video on a few good times fishin this year!
  10. Wait for a few southerly days, brings nicer water in close most times...good luck.
  11. Went to Crowdy on Sat because water was unreal in close with plenty of fish a few days earlier, water ended up being 19.3 and green..just crap. The next day my mate headed to SWR cause their were little blacks everywhere but gone the next day and only a couple hooked and water was a bit green. Port sunday had a few boats hooking over 20 fish..what can u do, every day its different. .
  12. Plenty of stickfaces off your area on Sunday, bit further out..
  13. Good on ya for going out but I dont know why your crew were sleeping?? You should tell them to stay at home in bed if they want to sleep.. I stand up all day for more than 12hrs in a centre console, always on the lookout for a free swimmer, birds, bait etc..loosing good fish due to lazyness is not bad luck..and it is a stripey not a bonito- Your fired!
  14. Good times boys..thats why we go to work! Well done..
  15. Thanks for the report anyway! Cheers Matt