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  1. thats a nice catch and good to see some fish around as i thought there might have been to much fresh about as i was drifting towra with plastics around same time but no results, got one follow up from a flounder but no take. shame about the fuel but good to people are helpful when some are in trouble. radz
  2. nah mate at the start of the wall out to milonuex point near the first car park and the gates, i was using a 15g halco slice and it was a ball they were hearding small baitfish for hours it was awesome to watch. Cheers Radz
  3. went down to yarra bay for a few hours and got a couple of salmon kept 2 gave on away and cleaned one it weighed 1.4 Kg gilled and gutted. i was using 6lb mono with heavier leader in case of chooper tailor around. plenty of fish around and some great leaps while fighting them i lost 4 but still a good way to spend a day. Cheers Radz
  4. hey pegasus nice rebuild so far its been a good read, i've recently bought a 14ft cheapy and was going to do something similar to what you've done any tips or pointers for a first timer to a major rebuild like yours as it did come up a treat. thanks radz
  6. that looks great is the SS worth the coin or just nifty to have and what frequency transducer are you using. cheers
  7. hey mate i have fished south end of maroubra beach and got a few salmon before and in a southerly i think it should be protected enough, good luck with it
  8. i just use a good polish and the car buffer mate comes up a treat
  9. sounds like you had a ripper of a session and the satisfaction of being on the water at daybreak, nothing beats it.
  10. Hi raiders the solution i use is simple and cheap to, all you need is a piece of thin cane, or bamboo might work about index finger thick and then push on the end a piece of garden hose and leave about an inch above the top of the cane and put a small slice down the middle (15mm) to split it in half, then place in rod holder and place line in the cut in the hose and away you go hope this helps. radz
  11. I've found something as simple as brasso works great at removing those little rust stains on any stainless like rod holders and bowrails also gives a nice shine to aluminium, aswell as removing light scratches on perspect windscreens. works a treat for me
  12. Hey there first time poster long time reader, as for the age of things you cant beat tried and tested in my books as i run a 14ft crestrida not sure of age but it old because the small gold coast company doesnt exist abymore, any info helpful. as for the motor its a 1981 Suzuki DT40 and runs like new as i recently had it serviced and was told in good nic and its towed by a plain 99 commodoore. so i say age provails in the end. will post pics if i can figure pout how to do it. radz