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  1. Thanks Scratchie. Couple of feeds.
  2. Another great catch there Scratchie. The big fella has a rough looking head on it. πŸ˜‚ I mean the snapper.
  3. Thank you. That would be nice, but no. I used the name Yowie, as that is where I started my fishing many years ago. The book I attached contains many names of the locals from the area over many years. My name is not in the book (my father is mentioned) and I have spoken to many of these people in my time. The cover page of the book is the wharf I fished from with kids from my school (Yowie Bay School of course), quite often heading there after school.
  4. Thank you, enough to keep me occupied.
  5. Thank you, was worth it. Thanks Neil. I like flounder, but so does mum! Dory and flounder are both good eating fish. Have not caught a J.D. for some years, but the fillets are worth it. Flounder are harder to fillet but I have done that quite a few times now, so practice makes it easier.
  6. Jewies will eat just about anything that swims or crawls. I have caught a few early in the morning with a belly full of fresh nippers, so I assume they would be swimming into shallow water at night and sucking up a few nippers.
  7. Yes, will make a couple of feeds.
  8. Flounder for mum, one of her favourites.
  9. Thanks Zoran. Fab is probably there as I have not heard from him for a while. 🀣
  10. F/B/Shite. Never the same. Cheeky bastard. At least I have been posting photos. Tell him to go fishing. 😁
  11. Headed out early this morning near Lilli Pilli. The bites were a bit slow, but managed a feed. Baits were salted tailor strips, pillies, squid strips. A few pickers removing the bait without moving the line. Also pulled out a couple of reddies just over the size limit. The wind was up, a bit squally at times, but no rain. While heading home, I saw a number of fish hitting the surface in the main channel west of Burraneer Bay. They looked like salmon, threw a lure through the school a few times but not a hit so kept heading home.
  12. Very informative report. Now hooked for life.
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