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  1. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Bruce, As I don't have a sounder in my tinny, I can only guess that the water is deeper than usual when the jackets turn up. 😀 It was a slow drift this morning, only a light westerly and no current that I could detect. A few small fish breaking the surface at times, bigger pillies perhaps. Had a feed of flattie fillets tonight, skinned and boned, then crumbed and pan fried. I also tried the pigfish. Small but chunky fillets, also skinned and boned. A mild flavour, quite tender and very white meat. I use 2/0 long shanks when drifting, a bit big for the jackets, unless the jackets are around 35 to 40 cm, when they will chew off anything. Size 2 might be better for next time. There was only a small patch of jackets, hopefully they stay that way. Dave.
  2. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Yep, around there. There are large groups of fishos at night around Bass and Flinders, wall to wall at times.
  3. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Headed out early this morning. Tried a quick troll around Jibbon, but no tailor, so headed out a bit past the Bombie and had the first drop as the sun was rising over the horizon. Wall to wall spikey flatties at first, then after a while a few blue spots turned up. Just under and just over size. It was only a slow drift with a light westerly breeze. Was thinking of moving, then the spikey's slowed down and a couple of blue spots increased a little in size as the water deepened. Drifted out to deeper water again, then the bites stopped. When I wound up, no bait at all, so I tried small baits and pulled up one jacket, but could not hook any others. The jackets stopped then up came a small pigfish and 2 more flatties to make my bag limit. By this time I was due south of the lighthouse, and the drift took me about 3 hours. I had an unweighted pillie drifting along all that time, and near the end of the drift a small bonnie hooked up but spat the hook beside the boat. Not big flatties, the biggest past the 40cm mark. Time to head back in. As I was motoring past the old Fisheries property in Gunnamatta Bay, there were uniformed police there speaking to people in the park. Have read that some people are fishing there in groups and not keeping their distance from each other. Happy with a bag of flattie fillets. Some left for mum, a welfare check on her as she is staying home a lot, then home until my next venture out somewhere.
  4. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Managed a feed , that's what counts.
  5. My first fishing trip with Gary was outside from the Hacking. I was the "burley boy." He caught the fish while I sent out the burley. 😂
  6. Arthur Chapman's Sports Store at Rockdale is where I used to buy the Mustads, in boxes and packs of 10 in small plastic bags. This was many years ago. Arthur Chapman was Gary Chapman's father. Gary was an exceptional fisherman, and he taught me a few things in my teenage years, until his death at sea when his boat overturned in a big southerly.
  7. The shallows at mum's place in Gunnamatta Bay has a big patch of the slimey weed. It is a bit early in the year for it to grow, normally appearing in winter, not autumn. The bream are not there, they have moved away. Dave.
  8. Look like a solid hook that would not let go.
  9. Seeing that some of us are posting unusual topics, try this one. Who has an unusual size hook in their tackle box? Many years ago, I purchased this box of hooks. The price tag has since fallen off, but the price was 1 shilling and 4 pence - which is about 13 cents in today's terms - so that was before 1966 when decimal currency started. In the box was this silver hook, not meant to be there as the longs shank hooks are bronze in colour. I have never seen one like it for sale. It is 7mm long and just under 3mm across the gape. I never used it for fishing, but would be able to catch tiny poddy mullet on it, using 0.5 kg B/S line. The hooks were made in Norway, and better quality than others of today made in some of the cheaper countries.
  10. A nice feed there Ash. The Hacking has quietened down a bit, it should still be firing at this time of year. Might have a flattie drift in Bate Bay tomorrow.
  11. Might be a Stout Long Tom.
  12. Good work, nice feed of flatties. Could be that a school of baitfish were hanging in the area.
  13. I saw them like that on a fishing trip in Lord Howe Island, around 1983. The charter skipper said the kingies had gone quiet, so we trolled around until a hookup, then stopped and dropped over a hand line each. Under the boat was alive with kingies, not big fish, but if you did not like the size of the one about to grab your bait, you pulled the bait away from him so that a bigger one could grab it. It was fishing by sight. A solid wall of kingies. After we caught many, we moved somewhere else for a few bigger ones. The kingies at Lord Howe I found to be very good eating, better than on the mainland.
  14. I was thinking the flatties should be about outside.