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  1. Yowie

    Whats wrong with this flathead?

    Have seen it before on flatties, only on the skin, not the flesh inside. Appears to be a mechanical injury to the skin from rubbing the net, not a disease.
  2. Yowie

    Lake mac

    God work there Rick, nice sized bream when they are around 40cm and bigger.
  3. Yowie

    Pre-work fish

    Very nice. It is always interesting to see a flattie swim up to and grab your bait or lure. They usually smack it pretty hard.
  4. Yowie

    Mixed Catch Offshore and Inside

    Looks like a good move, and some nice fish to add to the new location.
  5. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Bread crumbed and pan fried flattie fillets tonight, very nice. The baker was kicking up a fight from down deep, was expecting a nice flattie instead.
  6. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Headed out early this morning, the only day that will be fishable outside this week. Not too much swell and a nice drifting speed. Trolled pillies and spun lures around the mouth of the Hacking for not a touch, so motored out to the flattie drift just on sunrise. Pulled out 5 blue spots and plenty of little spikies, kept a few of the spikies for bait, then the bites stopped. Have had that happen before. Moved around and pulled out a small Sgt Baker then snagged, so must have found a patch of reef out in the middle of nowhere. Re-rigged and moved out a bit, nothing for a while then thought I had hooked a good flattie. Pulled out a bigger than usual Sgt Baker, a quick photo and it was sent back. Would be good to eat except for a million small bones in the fillet. The long fin at the front of the dorsal fin, folded back in the photo, indicates it is a male fish. Moved again and found another patch of blue spots. Not big fish and some distance between them. The flattie photo will not upload for some unknown reason, but similar to others I have posted before.
  7. Yowie

    Birthday perch

    Nice fish for a youngster.
  8. Yowie

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    Surprising they put up a good fight, as I found out 2 months ago at Nyngan.
  9. Yowie

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Good work again there Scratchie, couple of nice reddies.
  10. Yowie

    First Big Red

    A good fish for any fisho, but especially a young bloke.
  11. Yowie

    Another fishless day

    Thanks Keflapod. Flatheadluke also made a comment about grandpa still living at home. Well, my grandfather died about 20 years ago so I just ignored Flatheadluke. If he was trying to be funny, he wasn't. My father, grandfather and great grandfather taught me various aspects of fishing, and I learnt a lot myself by trial and error.
  12. Yowie

    Hawkesbury Jew

    Nothing wrong with that one, very nice fish. It pays to keep going (to a point )
  13. Yowie

    Northern Beaches Bottom Bash

    Nice feed of fish, and a new species as well.
  14. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    Yes, a bit quiet just yet. Temperature at Wanda Beach now 17 degrees.
  15. Yowie

    Another fishless day

    Just being practical. Have lost plenty of gear to jackets over the years, must be keeping the tackle shops in business. My grandfather told me that many years ago, when he was fairly young, the jackets would be in plague numbers off the coast and he would hold a dead fish on the surface to attract the jackets, then pick them out by hand and into the boat. He still had all of his fingers.