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  1. I do have a slow leak in my boat, cannot find the hole or crack. Must have been you.
  2. Well Fab, at least you gave it a go. What were the bust offs, kingies or just over sized reddies?
  3. Kingies at any size are fun to catch. Shame about sea sickness for one of the crew, it is not a good feeling (from what I can remember as a kid)
  4. Have had 2 nice feeds. I hooked the crab in a front leg. I have seen them before, no nippers, and they hold the food in their front legs to feed until the new nippers grow again. Clawless yes, legless no. 🤣
  5. Thank you. The boats and jet skis kept away for a while, then out they come.
  6. Thanks Fab. Should still be a few about, I left you some.
  7. Good work there Scratchie. The swell does not look too bad yet, it is on the way tomorrow.
  8. Probably cook up similar to a turkey.
  9. Couple of good whiting there, will produce nice fillets.
  10. Bait, bait, bait. 🤣 Curried knee joint and a bottle of red. Yummy. Had some whiting fillets tonight, reddie fillets in a couple of nights. Flounder for mum and she is happy.
  11. Will be bumpy outside for a few days.
  12. Thank you. Any week day is bearable. Southerlies due tomorrow, and the swell will be bumping up for the rest of the week.
  13. Thank you. A few feeds there, and I like all of them.
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