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  1. Can hardly wait till they head off to Port Stephens and leave me alone. Have enough for the missus and myself for tonight. My mate wants to head out for a fish outside this week, and the missus said you have already been fishing this week - not the correct comment.
  2. I don't bother with traces any more.
  3. I hooked a flattie in the same spot of the same size about a month ago. I compared photos of the spots on the heads of both fish, and can say they are different fish. The fish have spots and bars on the body in similar positions, but not exactly the same sizes and numbers of spots.
  4. Fished early in the deep off Lilli Pilli and it was fairly quiet. Bait stealing reddies near size down to about 12cm. The photo shows the only 2 fish I kept. Early on, I hooked up a good flattie and it chewed off the hook before I could see it. About half an hour later, I hooked up another flattie that felt a similar size, but scooped him/her out before the hook was chewed off again. A photo and released. It would not open it's mouth so I could not see if it had a hook inside. Just cut the line and it swam off. The hooks I was using are mild steel, not stainless, so they should rust out over time. I have hooked big flatties before, released them, then caught the same one again about an hour later. I also pulled out a jewie, but at 68cm, it just missed out. Also released a smallish flounder. There were a few tailor chopping into baitfish, but no strikes on lures or bait. I tried spinning a lure up South West Arm and eventually hooked a nice salmon, but on the second jump the lure come loose, so time to head home.
  5. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    Same as most of my fish, they are filleted and the bones removed. My family does not like any bones in fish - I keep reminding them that the fish need bones to swim, but the argument falls on deaf ears. I will even fillet garfish and flounder - flounder takes a bit of time and practice.
  6. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    Most fish are bled straight away. Removes a bit of excess blood, more desirable in fish such as tailor, kingies, tuna species, and also put them out of their misery.
  7. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    Yes. I measured it twice. It looks under because I took the photo to it's left, as I was trying to keep my shadow out of the photo.
  8. My guess is that the mullet are Sea Mullet. They rarely bite on anything, though very occasionally one will have a go at some bait. The one you caught on the plastic was probably swimming along and you accidentally snagged it behind the head.
  9. A good jewie from the yak, they fight well at any time, sound like more fun from the yak. Also a nice flattie again.
  10. Good luck with the mowie, not my favourite at all.
  11. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    Thanks Scratchie. Yes, I'm waiting for February and March when the crowds die down. Also the crowds slow down at the beach from March onwards. The pannies I caught would probably be used by you as livies.
  12. Yowie

    Big Flatties

    No. If you want to keep a big one, do so. I usually don't keep many over 60cm. Many years ago I ate one that was 86cm - it was a bit chewy and not much flavour, so I don't keep the big ones. As I have spent much time catching and eating fish - about 60 years - I have tried many fish species, and their different sizes, to find what is good eating and what is not. Around the 45 to 55 cm mark make for good eating. I have released many large flatties over the years from Port Hacking and there are still some big ones there. Just keep releasing them. The largest male flattie I have seen was about 65cm.
  13. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    That would be a good story, but it was named well before my time. It's original name was Ewey Bay, then later changed to Yowie Bay, and the original name goes back to the late 1700's around the time of European settlement. I have a book called, "Echoes From the Bay, The Yowie Bay Story" written by Merle Kavanagh. My father receives a very short mention in the book, but I will leave it at that.