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  1. Yowie

    5000 klm for a bream

    Bruce, Looks like we won't be in Broome until 3 July, still a bit down the track from you. Plenty of nice fish to see while snorkelling, but, they are all in no fishing zones.
  2. Yowie

    5000 klm for a bream

    Nice Bream there Bruce. I have just turned up at Exmouth today, so a bit far from you.
  3. Yowie

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    Good work there Scratchie, nice feed of reds. Pretty quiet here in W.A. Wind and/or rain at the places I want to fish. Doing much more traveling than fishing. Do have a couple of photos that won't upload from the wife's laptop, so will have to wait till I return.
  4. Yowie

    first holiday fish

    Good work Bruce.
  5. Yowie

    That time of year again Snapper

    Good work there Basil. Currently over in W.A. where I was going to have a fish at Geraldton, but the weather turned sh##house - big swell and rain, and wind strong enough to blow a dog off a chain. Hopefully better weather in the future.
  6. Yowie

    Not a clue!

    Looks like a species of rattail, also called grenadier. About 300 species in the family Macouridae. Usually a deep water species.
  7. Yowie

    Any Ideas,(Pearl Perch)

    Definitely not a mowie Finin. I can see the lateral line that runs from the top of the gill covering to the middle of the tail. Looks like a pearlie.
  8. Yowie

    ID Fish. "Sand Mullet and Silver Trevally"

    Mullet with smaller tail - sand mullet Mullet with larger tail - flat tail mullet?
  9. Yowie

    Zebra Fish? (Zebra Fish Girella zebra)

    Sounds better.
  10. Yowie

    surface flatty

    That is a dusky flattie in the photo. I have caught the occasional blue spot flattie in the deeper water of Port Hacking, west of Lilli Pilli over the years. Usually one at a time, the best is 3 in the one day, not big ones but most are over legal.
  11. Yowie

    Crowdy Heads

    Nice big pearlie, and good sized spotties.
  12. Yowie

    Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    Great work there Scratchie, nice chunky fillets.
  13. Yowie

    Daughter no.2 caught 1 too

    Great photos, and a nice kingie to top it off.
  14. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Heading across the bottom eventually to the southern areas, then north along the coast, a few stops here and there and eventually to Darwin before heading south to home. That's the plan at this time.
  15. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Thank you all. The missus is going with me for the trip Have not planned any boat trips, a Dhu would be nice but just wishful thinking at this stage. I don't freeze any fish (except salted for bait), all caught and eaten fresh. The 3m plus fish at Lilli Pilli had big teeth, could explain why I had fish around the boat at times, then suddenly not a bite at all. And that is not the only one in the Hacking.