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  1. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    F***ing seagulls. Another boat hooked one, and it was the only thing he landed from the school of fish. You lose valuable fishing time untangling them as they fly around in the air until they land in the boat. You feel like wringing the mongrel's neck, as they try to bite you while you are removing the line. I scoop them up with the landing net then grab hold around the neck.
  2. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    Thank you all. The macks and bonnie fillets are being salted for bait.
  3. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    "Just had to wet a line" - think I heard that somewhere recently The wind will be up for a few more days, can't stay home for ever, so I headed early to Lilli Pilli. Wind blowing and showers, though I have fished in worse conditions. Expected some fish, as the wind sometimes brings on the tailor, but no tailor, no yakkas even, just the bream, a just legal flounder that was released and the crab. Stacks of greedy little reddies that ate everything thrown into the water. Packed up and moved further up river, threw a lure about for nothing, so I was heading towards Maianbar flats to pump a few nippers and hope for a whiting. On the way past the mouth of South West Arm, I saw terns and pelicans on the water, so headed that way instead. The birds were feeding on a big school of baitfish, and there were splashes underneath. The wind was blowing, so the drift was a bit too fast, several casts then drifted too far past the school. I was using a small metal lure. First fish was a kingie, felt like a keeper, and by the time I landed it, I was drifting over 2 feet of water over the sand bank, and it was only 60cm long. Headed back to the bait fish and drifted past many times, for the mack tuna and bonito. The hooks pulled on another bonito and a couple more fish. Many times the lure treble hooked up little anchovies, the school was that thick. Not too many hits for the number of casts, as there was too much food in the water. The small tuna were swimming through in schools, about 2 metres wide, as they harassed the bait fish, just a wall of tuna swimming like rockets. Hooked another fish, then a dumb arsed seagull flew into the line and tangled up. By the time I landed it, the fish had broken the line and taken the lure. Not much meat on a seagull once you grab it around the neck to remove the line. Tied on another lure and it was bitten off, tailor were moving into the baitfish. Another lure on for the tailor, dropped a couple more then everything was gone. A bit of excitement for a change, though a lot of casting for what was landed. Used 12 pound mono, 15 gram metal, a whippy rod.
  4. Yowie

    Finally got out on the water

    Nice fish. Any bream over 40cm is worth it.
  5. Yowie

    Port Stephens- just had to wet a line!

    The headline - "just had to wet a line." I can see it now - Scratchie dragged kicking and screaming to the boat, hands held up behind his back, screaming, "I don't want to go fishing." Nice fish there Scratchie, anyone would be happy with that reddie.
  6. Yowie

    Maianbar Port Hacking questions.

    I pump the nippers and fish from about half tide up on the flats. You can drift in a boat or wade about until the water becomes too high. I have seen the old bloke in the rowboat, he will strip off his clothes and pump nippers up to waist height in water. If the tide is a bit low, you can still pump some nippers and fish along the edge of the sand flats until the tide starts to rise a bit further. Fishing can be a bit slow at times, but have caught whiting, bream, flatties, occasional flounder and the odd other fish at times - garfish, long tom, blackfish, tailor, pesky rays and even eagle rays, though on light gear expect to be spooled by an eagle a metre or more across the wings.
  7. Yowie

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    No size limit on Spiky or Long Spined Flathead. They grow to about 35cm, most caught are under 30cm.
  8. Yowie

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Fish similar to you Jim. Snapper sinker on the bottom, size dependant of drift rate. 2 droppers above with 2/0 red long shank hooks. About 50cm between hooks and 50cm to the sinker. Amount of line out depends on the drift. Some days I don't jig the bait as the flatties will grab the moving bait as it drifts past their noses. Quite often I will catch a fish on the top bait, nothing on the bottom bait. The flatties will swim up to a bait, and on 2 occasions I have had a flattie swim up the 30 to 40 metres chasing a hooked fish, then grab the other bait and hook up. Not all flatties sit on the bottom and wait for food, some are more active than others (includes the duskies up river) Mostly catch flatties outside - Blue Spots, occasional Tigers and very occasional Marbled. Also many small Spiky or Long Spined flatties. Other fish include Flounder, occasional Kingfish, Tailor, Slimy Mackerel, Bonito from the bottom and various reef species. I use a fish strip for bait, and when I catch a Spiky, I use fillets from those, 2 baits from a larger Spiky fillet and the fillets are fairly tough. Free bait that I don't have to buy. Dave.
  9. Yowie

    Wanda beach 16-17/2/19

    There have been large schools of white bait cruising the shallows off the beaches for the last couple of months. The tailor are not big ones, but a good eating size.
  10. Yowie

    Port hacking

    Port Hacking flats have many little Tarwhine swimming about. Legal size is 20cm but it is not easy finding one above that size. I have also found when the current slows down near the top of the tide, the bite stops over the flats.
  11. Yowie

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    Well Donna, when and where are you proposing to visit? And did you buy a New Age brand van?
  12. Yowie

    Port hacking

    You finally catch some fish, then throw them back in. Sounds like you had a good day out anyway. It is nice to have a relaxing day out and find a few fish. Need to spend a few dollars and buy another reel - some specials at the popular fishing stores at the moment. Good work there Fab. Dave.
  13. Yowie

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    Nice catch in a quiet looking area. No-one else to annoy you.
  14. Yowie

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    I have seen a few utes that fit a camper unit onto the tray, and a boat and trailer is on the towball. The camper unit is dropped at the van park, or wherever you stop, and the boat towed to the boat ramp and away you go. Only problem is the limited space in such a camper unit.
  15. Yowie

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    Correct. Keep in mind that there are weight limits for your car and van. Some people don't appear to care, but due to the increase in caravans/trailers, and roll-overs of some vans, the cops are giving more attention to weights. Some combinations are over by several hundred kilos, one being 1,000 kgs (yes, 1 tonne). A danger to others if there is a problem with a blow out or steering. If you are new to this game, take your loaded van and car to a public weighbridge and check the weights. You may get a surprise as to what weights you actually have on board, compared to what your V.I.N. plate specifies. I am on the Caravanners Forum. There is some good info there, but some of the old farts obviously don't always take their medication, and just want to antagonise others with their dumb arse comments. The longest road trains in W.A. are over 50 metres long, takes a kilometre or more to pass one with a van on the towball.