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  1. He is a bit of a bullshitter when talking to the wife , but he is a fisherman. In reality, I took 4 rods and 5 reels, plus a tackle box with whatever I could jam inside it. The rods inside a tube that I made myself, and the reels inside a bucket - bucket can be used for live bait or other bait. A few Aldi cool bags to keep the fish in - can be washed once or twice then thrown away. Ice cubes inside the Aldi bag to keep the fish cool. A 6 foot whiting rod with a reel of 6 pound line (I only use mono) - used for soft plastics, nippers, small baits A 6 foot rod, stronger than a whiting rod, with a reel of 12 pound line - can be used for slightly heavier fishing or fishing baits on the beach (you don't need long rods for beach fishing) An 8 foot rod with 2 reels - 15 pound and 25 pound, depending on what fish are available - lures or larger baits, casting pillies, fishing jetties, used as an all round setup. A 12 foot beach rod and Alvey with 15 pound line - used from the beach or rocks
  2. Green nippers, they also live in the sand but not down holes like pink nippers, and usually found in lakes. I have caught a few by puddling, that is, stirring up the sand with my feet in shallow sandy/weedy areas then picking them up when they are out of the sand. A tougher bait than pink nippers.
  3. I posted some photos a year ago. The spikeys have a very long spike on each side of the head, longer than any other flathead of a similar size, plus a smaller second spike. The spikeys grow to around 34cm long. Platycephalus longispinus is their scientific name.
  4. There were a few tailor buzzing about when we returned the other day, according to my mate's neighbour. Between Gymea Bay and North West Arm, and a couple of kingies as well.
  5. Just happy to be caught by us - well, maybe not.
  6. Thank you Neil. It was good day out there, surprising no other fishing boats to be seen.
  7. Thank you. Although not big fish, there was plenty of action in 90 feet of water.
  8. Yowie

    Fish Heads

    An uncle of mine asked me to save him the heads from any jewies I caught. He would boil up the head, then pick out any meat that was there, even the eyes.
  9. Thank you. They are good eating. I have a few spots inside the Port that I don't want to divulge, however, there are places I don't fish that produce fish, so I am told. Trial and error over the years has shown me a few good spots, and some not so good. Yes, happy with that lot.
  10. You have seen it all before, pictures of flatties, but it was wall-to-wall flatties today, though not big ones at that. The forecast was for a southerly change to blow up early this morning, then fade later in the day. My mate and I planned for it, the wind started dropping off, so we headed out in his boat around 11am out to Bate Bay. I picked a spot, we headed there and the fish were on straight away. Not big fish, the ones we kept were 35 to 40 cm, so anything under that was released, apart from a couple of spikies kept for bait. We released about 3 times the amount of fish we kept, blue spots and spikies. One patch of blue spots were under 30cm, one after another, have never seen so many small blue spots like that. It is breeding time right now for these fish. Only one slow drift of over 2 hours kept us busy, hardly drifting at all. The wind dropped off to below 10 knots near the end of fishing time. There was not one other fishing boat I could see in Bate Bay, only a couple of sail boats. During that time, a small pod of dolphins splashed and jumped, looked as though they had bundled up a school of baitfish. A couple of feeds of flattie fillets from tomorrow night.
  11. Some good quality fish there. Mr Crabby lure looks like it is popular for those bigger bream.
  12. A nice feed there Bruce, including the jackets. (though they can be a pain in amongst the flatties) My mate wanted to head out this week, but his wife booked a few days away in the southern highlands, so that is why I headed out for a drift around the flats. There are a few kingies about up river, obviously you found them, though they can be hit and miss. Dave.
  13. That is a good fish, would produce some chunky fillets or cutlets.
  14. Thought it might have been you heading past. It is full moon at present, sometimes the bream spawn on the moon. The bream were there 2 weeks ago, but not today. I prefer the whiting to bream on the plate. Dave.
  15. Thank you, happy with that.