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  1. Yowie

    Big eye Redfish in Sydney Harbour

    I'll agree with that.
  2. Yowie

    Wanda Beach Productive

    That is good work for Wanda.
  3. Yowie

    Port Stephens- The longtail are on!!!

    Very nice fish there Scratchie. Unfortunately no water here for fishing in Clare Valley, only wine for drinking. 😜
  4. Yowie

    Reds again

    Some serious reddies there Rick. Great work.
  5. Yowie

    Jackets & braid

    Steel line or wire trace from the boat to the bottom. 😆 Try changing spots. The bastards will chew through anything when in plague numbers, so nothing is safe. Possibility of a plague of them turning up off Sydney this winter, as many small chinaman jackets now in Port Hacking for the first time in 5 or 6 years.
  6. Yowie

    Port hacking today.

    At least something for the boat Fab, even though they all fell back overboard. 😀
  7. Yowie

    Tuesday Dollie trip

    A very nice catch there Bruce.
  8. Yowie


    That is a good feed. Down here in Waikerie, S.A., heading to the Clare Valley. Fresh flattie fillets just arrived today at the butcher's shop. $48.50 a kilo. 🙄
  9. Yowie

    Custom Rods from Caringbah

    Ken Appel made me a 2 piece, 12 foot beach rod (very uncommon for a beach rod) nearly 50 years ago. He made it himself. Had 2 runners replaced last year due to wear. Still a great rod to use with an Alvey side cast, also worked well from the rocks.
  10. Yowie

    Port Hacking Tues

    Just hit S.A. today Bruce, home around Easter. Threw out a soft plastic in the Murray near Wentworth a couple of days ago, only hit was a sunken eucalyptus tree, it did not budge and ate the plastic. 😂
  11. Yowie

    Port Hacking Tues

    Nice reds there for up the Hacking, Bruce. Better than the bait stealing little ones. Have not seen those chinaman jackets for some time, until I caught them last week. Sometimes a bad omen for fishing outside during winter, as they swim about and beat the flatties to the baits.
  12. Yowie

    Port Stephens- Toona time!

    Good work there guys, nice toona.
  13. Yowie

    Mixed Bag off Sydney

    A nice mixed bag, with one marbled flattie in the mix.
  14. Yowie

    Port Hacking - a few nice flatties

    About 60 years of fishing in the Hacking. Nearly 50 from a boat. Still some places I have not yet fished. I was happy that I hit the 10 pound mark (only just) for a flattie.
  15. Yowie

    Reef fishing

    Good haul of fish, a nice mixed bag.