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  1. Thanks Bruce. The tailor was not too bad on the tooth, the reddie fillets in a couple of nights. No jackets came up under the boat, even with burley. Maybe they were somewhere else for a change.
  2. Certainly smells better than just trees and stinky clothes. 🤣
  3. A few nice reddie fillets for the pan.
  4. Thank you. Quite a few throw backs to find the legal ones.
  5. Thank you. The tailor was actually 52cm when landed, having the neck broken and bled, and being placed in an ice bath in an esky shows that fish shrink a little.
  6. Headed out early this morning up from Lilli Pilli. Caught the tailor early on salted mackeral. It put up a good fight on a handline. The reddies were caught on squid strips much later. Plenty of small reddies taking the squid, mackeral and pillies, the jackets were not there this morning - Bruce must have caught them all last week. 😂 Only a few spots of rain and not much wind, however, the wind will be picking up later. No surface action to be seen until I returned back to Gunnamatta Bay. A few tailor buzzing about, a few follow ups with a small metal lure but no hook-ups. (# within the 10km limit from home)
  7. Nice bag of flatties, with some good ones in the mix.
  8. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    That's what it is. 10kms from your house as the crow flys, which includes your launch ramp, bait shop, fishing location. All within 10 kms.
  9. As Zoran stated, Barracouta. or, Barry Couta, an evil devil of the cold water, prone to eating your bait, hooks, sinkers and chewing on your fingers if he gets close enough. Barry has a short dorsal fin, grey in colour. Gem has a long dorsal fin, grey/pink in colour. Gem tastes rather nice, Barry not so nice, and at times can have a few worms or parasites crawling through the flesh.
  10. What happened, did it commit suicide??? Great looking country.
  11. A couple of very nice reddies there Scratchie, and a few good feeds to be had.
  12. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Plenty of boats heading outside yesterday, and the boat that motored very close to me headed out through Botany Bay and was last seen disappearing way past Wattamolla and probably headed for Bellambi.
  13. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    So that means all of the numbnuts who scream about in high powered speed boats and jet skis should not be on the water (which is what I thought anyway). Very obviously not fishing.
  14. You did not catch enough there Bruce, probably a million left in the river. 🤣 Still, they make a nice feed for a change. Probably some of their relatives were chewing off my baits in Bate Bay yesterday.
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