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  1. Sounds like a good time away, lucky to get there at all. Some fish are better than none, with one good barra, plus others for an experience that not everyone manages to have. The trouble with some people is that they cannot net a lively fish, (or a half dead one 🀣 ) which is why I net my own. Would be harder with a lively barra.
  2. Good work Jon. Some nice reddies , and whale watching for free.
  3. A good trev for 6 pound gear. Have caught a couple around that size on 6 pound gear over the years, and they nearly empty the spool on the first run, so it is a good effort to land it from the bank.
  4. Giving away trade secrets here. I use hand casters, 15 pound mono with squid strips, 12 pound mono with fish strips, use both at either end of the boat. I angle them so that a fish can run off line, the bigger fish will run faster, then a matter of grabbing the line and hooking up. Different fish run at different speeds. Legal reddies take off like a rocket most times, other fish are mostly slower, until you hook up, such as a kingie, or an eagle ray, then it's full speed. I angle the casters with small plastic wheel chocks in the bottom of the boat, adjusting the angle to stop
  5. Good work there Swordie, kingie is a nice bonus.
  6. I sent the owner Craig a text, and he replied that he is based at Oxley Park, so I assume that is near St Marys. I also assume you find his trawler on the river and buy direct. He said he was going prawning Monday, and would be back late arvo, and the prawns are too small just yet to cook. Might visit him when the prawns get a big bigger. A fair way from where I live to buy prawns on a regular basis.
  7. Good work Bruce, you managed a few good trips out and caught some fish to keep yourself happy. Also entertaining for the kids and grandkids. I usually have something else to keep me amused when not fishing - gardening, caravan maintenance (not really, just something to get me out of the house πŸ˜‚) a swim at the beach, etc. Now retired, I need a break from the missus now and then. My grand kids are young, and have a limited time for fishing. No bites in a minute or so, so time to play in the sand and drop the rod and reel in the sand.
  8. Thank you. The jewies put up a bit of fight on a hand line. I thought I had a 4th one just as I was packing up, but it was easily 4 foot of shovelnose.
  9. Thank you. The fishing is improving slowly so there might be a few about. School holidays will see an increase in boat and jet ski traffic.
  10. Hello Bruce, Just as you were leaving the reddie came up and that was it until I moved. You did not disturb the fishing at all. I have had drop kicks motor nearly as close as you at full speed. So much room to go around me, and they blast pass so close. πŸ‘Ή I wave them away, and some just stick their fingers up. It was a good day out, next time might be not much caught at all. Dave.
  11. Depending on how many prawns there are, I have kept them alive in the bottom of a tall bucket ( so they cannot jump out ) with the water level just below their heads. Most will stay alive if there is no aerator - have kept them overnight in a cool place when I caught them myself while camping, to use the following morning. If the water is above their heads, and no aerator, they will eventually die. Below their heads and they are able to obtain some oxygen from the air but still stay wet, and most will survive alive. I have kept nippers alive in the same way for a few days, water just
  12. Live prawns make good bait (but I would rather be eating freshly cooked prawns instead). A day out in the sun, on the boat, and you had a bath at the end to wash off the fishy smell. Can it get any better than that? πŸ˜‚
  13. A couple of reddies, and lobbies to top it off. Good work.
  14. I was happy with 3 legals in the one day, one on a rod, and 2 on hand lines. One boat motored close to me as he was passing by, so I just let the jewie swim about on the hand line until he was some distance away. 😁
  15. Thank you. Rather than specifically target particular fish like some fishos, I am happy to fish certain ways, according to tides and wind, and pull up whatever takes the bait.
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