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  1. While I do have some spots I fish regularly, there are some spots I have never tried. Very occasionally, a yellow fin tuna will turn up in South West Arm. If you hook one of those in your yak, hang on. 🤣
  2. Nice fish. The whitebait look fresh, so you could have cooked up some deep fried whitebait. 😆
  3. That is a very nice feed. A long way to haul up though.
  4. Enough fish for a feed or 2, and you beat the storm that is on the way.
  5. A good feed again. The wind will be nasty for a few days.
  6. Good work on the fish. I have pulled a couple of gummies in Bate Bate over the last 2 years, whereas I have never pulled up one before that, and I have fished Bate Bay for a very long time.
  7. A nice feed there. You did much better than I did on Friday, the flatties were hard to find in 30 metres in Bate Bay.
  8. Good photos again. I have tried those seas in a 14 foot boat in my younger days, the 9.5 HP Johnson was pushing hard to kept me upright. 🤣
  9. Always tie the line to the spool.
  10. Nice reddie wherever it is caught.
  11. Nice work on some good eating sized reds.
  12. Great photos. I had some around my boat yesterday, smaller ones around 5 foot long, dark grey with distinctive large light brown patches along the sides. Don't know all of the species.
  13. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Not a lot about at present, but it is good to be fishing and catch something for the table. The fillets were nice. Something happened to the photo, however, we have all seen plenty of flatty photos, especially yourself. The low pressure system next week will be pumping up the swell. Conditions were fairly good for a drift. Always happy to eat flatties.
  14. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Headed out before sunrise this morning to Bate Bay. Tried lures around Jibbon Point, no hits, a squid jig with no hits, so headed out further. Took a while to find any blue spot flatties, the place was alive with spiky flatties instead. When I found a couple of blue spots, the size was not large at all. Also dropped a couple, a few just unders, and quite a few barracouta as well. Some dolphins popped up beside the boat, splashing and rolling on the surface, then they pushed a school of pillies and small slimeys to the surface and were into them, the bait fish trying to escape but nowhere to hide. Enough for a feed tonight, flattie fillets in lime juice and sweet chilli sauce with some chips and veges. Looks like the photo failed to upload, the biggest flattie just under 40cm.
  15. Nice box of fish again, better than me today.