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  1. Yowie

    Quick flick in the Sunday rain

    Could have been a wet-arse-and-no-fish day, but a nice bream made up for it.
  2. Yowie

    tough going but fun all the same

    Could be the worst case scenario. Nothing in the esky at all.
  3. Yowie

    Bate Bay flatties

    Thank you, happy with them, only 2 throwbacks just on the size limit.
  4. Yowie

    Bate Bay flatties

    Kicked off at under 100 feet (30m) and the jackets were 120 feet and more. Did not have any hooks snipped off, apart from the bite off just below the swivel which had fray marks of a tailor or couta. We were using spikey flattie fillets and could feel the small jackets, I'm guessing they would not be big enough to eat, picking at the baits. When the lines were retrieved, there was only skin left on the hooks. To me, that is a sign of small chinaman jackets, so we moved back to shallower water for a second drift. Only had 2 drifts, started off with a few more blue spots on the 2nd drift then out to the deeper water again and the jackets returned, so headed home.
  5. Yowie

    Weipa 2019

    Same here.
  6. Yowie

    Hybrid Performance

    Another good bag of reds.
  7. Yowie

    Weipa 2019

    Some great fish there Fil. Big Queenies.
  8. Yowie

    Bate Bay flatties

    Fished with a mate today in Bate Bay, out from Cronulla. Hooked up as soon as we hit bottom, then after a short while, the spikey flatties turned up in big numbers. Cut a few of them up for bait. When we drifted a bit further out into deeper water, the baits were being chewed off by small jackets, so we moved into shallower water for a few more blue spots. Only 2 throwbacks amongst them. The biggest was 48cm. As I was hauling up one flattie. something hit the line just below the swivel and chewed through the line, tailor or a couta I suspect. so that flattie will have a 6 ounce snapper lead attached to it's mouth unless it can shake the hook free.
  9. Yowie

    Long weekend Lake Mac, PB bycatch

    A good day with a great bag of fish. Socks and thongs? Is that something to do with Newcastle area? My relos up that way don't wear both together.
  10. Yowie

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Nice fish Scratchie. If you have a pre-fish, does that mean less fish for tomorrow?
  11. Yowie

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    Good work, surprising where salmon turn up.
  12. Yowie

    Port Hacking - slowing down

    Yep. A good dump of rain is needed, but not much forecast.
  13. Yowie

    Port Hacking - slowing down

    Have not told him yet what I caught. Due to a couple of problems (old age related ) he does not like sitting in a small boat on flat seats any more, so I am happy to head out in his larger boat at times. Cabin, dunny, cooking bench, bunks ( not that I sleep while fishing ).
  14. Yowie

    Port Hacking - slowing down

    Thank you. I find that by the shortest day of the year, due very shortly, day time fishing inside the Hacking is quiet for a couple of months. Time to have a go outside for some flatties.
  15. Headed out early, up from Lilli Pilli. It was a bit quiet at first, then by half light a few bites started. The bream and reddies are only just over the size. The smaller bream was gill hooked and came up half dead, so that is why I kept it. Fish and squid strips used, though the fish strips produced the legal fish, the squid only pickers. When the jackets started biting, I threw over a little bit of burley, but all that did was attract dozens of 10cm reddies. They grabbed the bait before the jackets did, so gave that away and headed home. Not one fish splash to be seen near the boat, no yakkas at all. The water is clear, so night time fishing may produce something, if you don't mind the cold. Over the Long Weekend, a mate took me out to Bate Bay, where we fished from late arvo into the night. The total catch was 1 tailor, 1 reef jacket, 1 trevally and 2 squid. Stacks of large yakkas and a couple of slimeys under the boat. Cut them up and used some of the fresh squid but bugger all. Even the rubbish fish were quiet.