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  1. A rod for about $30 at Woolies, and a reel around $50. Brands do not matter too much. You can buy a reasonable rod and reel combo for less than $100 at a shop or other specialist tackle stores. 2 piece rod and 6 pound mono on the reel does me. Probably not what you are looking for, but no need to spend big dollars on fishing gear. Then again, I have been fishing for about 60 years, and still use handlines in various locations.
  2. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Happy with the catch. The tigers are small, but good eating fillets with the bones removed. My mate is recovering from hand surgery (both hands) so might start anchoring up in his bigger boat in the near future.
  3. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Usually keep to myself, not much room to take on others, not a big boat.
  4. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    There are some about, though I have not targeted them recently. I hear others are finding a few here and there, mainly up river.
  5. A good feed of reds - you can keep the mowies
  6. Yowie

    Bate Bay

    Headed out to Bate Bay for a flattie drift, but before that, I threw out a bait from mum's place for the bream. Started drifting before sunrise, to see the sun rise a blood red colour, then gradually change to orange through the smoke haze. The wind chop from yesterday and overnight's nor-easter made it a little bouncy in my small boat. Started off with the small blue spots, and a few just under size, plus a couple of spikies for bait. I hit a small patch of tigers, 4 up in 4 quick drops, then they disappeared. Back to the blue spots with the biggest one on the last drop. The tigers are not big, but rate very highly for eating. Bigger models are usually found down south and into Victoria. Had my bag limit by 8am, so headed home. Only saw a couple of other boats during the time out there. No bird activity, but scared a couple of flying fish that took to the air.
  7. Nice batch of Albies, the youngsters look happy.
  8. You have 40 f*&%ing fish, and you want to catch more the next day. WTF do you need to catch and keep more? I was at Wallaga Lake a few years ago, and a husband and wife team pulled out 40 duskies - way over the bag limit - and wanted to catch more the next day. Another camper told me this, so I asked him which van they were camping in. He must have seen the anger in me, and then said he could not remember which van they were in.
  9. I have caught fish (different species) with hooks in their guts. The hooks appeared to be heading towards the arse end so as not to spike the gut and become stuck, that is, the rounded end first. Never found any stuck in the gut. I pulled out a small reddie some years ago, the thing sticking out of the arse end was the tail of a soft plastic, so I gave it a gentle pull to find the jig head still attached. The reddie gave a big shake and sped off like a rocket towards the depths when released. Appears to have swallowed a discarded plastic and jig head.
  10. Nice. Couple of bigger ones in the mix.
  11. Sounds like a good session, with the jewie a bonus ( and they do fight on light gear)
  12. When I was a kid fishing off Yowie Bay wharf, where I started my fishing career (hence the name Yowie) I had a bream line out with some fresh mullet gut, on a cork reel, and the cork was spinning that fast that it bounced off the wharf and into the water. Before I could hook it up with another line, the cork disappeared under the surface and re-appeared on the other side of Yowie Bay. I saw it bouncing in the water then it disappeared around a boat mooring (an Australian record bream I think ). Cork reels are good for bream fishing - you throw out the line, leave several feet of line on the bottom of the boat so that the bream can swallow the bait and run, then the cork starts bouncing and you haul in the bream.
  13. I never used coke bottles, but I still have some corks that I used many years ago. The oldest would be more than 40 years. When I heard that cork would be banned from use as fishing reels, I bought the last 2 in the tackle shop. The last one was put into use about 10 years ago, so I have had it in storage for 30 years or so.
  14. I just go fishing to catch a feed. If the fish are hungry, you will hook them, if not hungry then they won't bite. Like me, us old farts have been there, done that with fishing, and don't need to buy the expensive tackle.
  15. I have hooked some of those, 6 foot across the wings and they will swim all day on the line.
  16. When I tried fluoro line many years ago, the 6 lb seemed like it broke around 4 lb, so I never used it again - cannot now remember the brand. I stick to mono - especially since I handline in the deeper water in Port Hacking, 12 and 15 lb - and use Schneider brand, an average diameter line. I don't use a leader, just straight to the hook. The same when using soft plastics, nippers or other baits, no leader used. For the rods, I use the thinnest diameter I can buy, such as Sufix brand(Finland). I see that Platypus (Australia) is making a thinner diameter line, and there are a few brands from Japan also. These brands claim to have a higher abrasion resistance. I use the high abrasion resistance mono as a leader in a couple of situations, such as a double dropper when bottom bouncing for ocean flatties. I don't use braid at all. I use hook and swivel knots that I learnt as a kid, and they still work for me.
  17. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    I catch quite a few on handlines. You won't need a big rod and reel, unless you are after the big ones. Thanks Neil. Hopefully the little reddies grow up faster. The fish were there 2 weeks ago, but not much today Bruce. I prefer the flounder to a lot of other fish. I was away in the van for a couple of weeks in Victoria, but no fishing there. Thank you. The flounder are a favourite fish. What I do is fillet them. Yes, a hard job to do. Not just a matter of running a knife along the backbone, as there would not be too much meat cut off. I use the point of a knife to cut the meat away from the backbone, just a matter of practicing.
  18. Fished the deep near Lilli Pilli this morning. Plenty of bait stealing reddies, surprising how the small ones manage to get hooked on a 3/0 hook. The jewie grabbed a strip of salted mack tuna. A good fight on a handline, it swam over the anchor rope and then under the other side of the boat. Not much over the limit, but I'll take it. The flounder took strips of bait. The only legal reddie was taking some line on the rod, then the hook pulled out. Probably just lip hooked. Fished the same spot as I did a few weeks ago, but the fish were just not there today. Still, I'm happy with a few fish. A couple of fish splashing on the surface. Looked like salmon but no takers on a lure. The bait fish they were feeding on are tiny, about 2cm long.
  19. Nice fish there Scratchie. The bust offs were just pannies on steroids.
  20. Nice fish Bruce. My grandfather told me a story of a BIG flattie that grabbed his smallish bream and it chewed off half the bream each time. Always missed the hook.
  21. I had a look at photos of flatties I released this year, and none of them match this one, so I will catch him some time. Maybe. Looking at the photos, the flatties have various spots of different sizes and shapes, but they are in similar places for each fish. The examination of the spots is a way to identify each fish.
  22. Nice. Big flatties at that size.
  23. Do not get sick of catching fish. Try the first of the run up tide, not the last.
  24. The eagle rays certainly go hard. Nearly got spooled by a big one last month. Just hung on and the line busted at the swivel, so only lost the hooks and swivel. Eagle rays swim into shallow water at night and suck the nippers out of the sand. You can see where they have been, depressions in the sand about 2 feet across. To the inexperienced, it looks like someone has been using a nipper pump to try to dig to the centre of the earth. If you have to chase a flattie, it will be a world record fish.