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  1. A nice feed to be had, and some fish to keep you occupied.
  2. Good work. When whiting hit the 40 mark, they are a good size. Only problem I find with that size is that the rib bones are tough during filleting, and the skin is relatively thick so during cooking, the large fillets need to be skinned or small cuts made crossways in the skin.
  3. At least you gave it a go. You cannot catch fish sitting at home.
  4. Sorry to hear that Donna. Twice in 2 months is not good for Stewie. Condolences to both of you.
  5. That was the problem, no reef where I fished early on.
  6. Happy with the whiting, another one over 40cm in knee deep water. It weighed just under 1.5 pounds. The spot I wanted to fish early may have produced a pannie, but the new location due to the wind had bugger all of anything.
  7. Yep, better than watching the idiot box, and the idiots in Melbourne.
  8. Fish move about, there one day, gone the next. A couple of tailor bites, undersized fish, and a few bigger splashes here and there, but nothing taking a lure.
  9. Thank you. The first few days after "freedom day" I will be at home, maybe. 🀣
  10. Headed out early this morning. Ended up in South West Arm as the nor-wester was stronger than forecast, and would have been blowing against me where I originally planned to go. The only fish I kept was the red gurnard, and a yakka for bait strips. Bugger all there. Packed up after sunrise and headed to Maianbar flats. Pumped some nippers and the whiting turned up after a while. Enough for a few feeds, then headed home. School holidays lunatics about in small fast boats.
  11. Good effort there Bob, and the grand daughter has a smiley face to go with it. Probably would be many fishos that would like a farm dam with fish in it, me included. πŸ˜„
  12. Shame about the jewies, but 3 flatties will make a nice feed. Enjoy the quiet conditions while you can, as after lockdown it will be busy on the water.πŸ™„
  13. A good selection of fish, perseverence paid off.
  14. Landed when it is on the boat, yak, deck, sand, wharf, etc. A couple of times I have had the tailor drop off and caught them in mid air before they hit the water then dropped them into the boat. LANDED. I have also had fish, usually tailor, drop off when lifting them out of the water then they have hit the gunnel of the boat - falling into the boat LANDED, falling back into the water, NOT LANDED. I have also had a couple of flathead hit the bottom of the yak, one in a small net, then jump back into the water ( an angry flattie swinging it's head spikes near your jatz crackers in a yak is not a happy place to be ) LANDED as they have hit the deck. For the average fisho, grabbing hold of the line/trace and the fish swims away before landing in the boat. NOT LANDED.
  15. Don't need to import another problem species. Just a matter of terminating any carp you pull out, stick it in the freezer as suggested then into the bin on bin night.
  16. A couple of years ago I visited the Banrock Station Winery in the Riverland area of S.A. Have been there before, cheaper priced wines, reasonably good value if you don't want to spend a fortune. The staff told me that a few months before we visited, the surrounding wetlands were drained (used as an area to attract various birds and for walking about) and the amount of carp was astonishing. Tons and tons (now metric tonnes) were taken away by the truckload. Cannot remember the quantity now, but it ended up as fertiliser and took a few days to remove. The owners knew there was a carp problem, but were surprised at how quickly they bred up in large numbers.
  17. Nice fish. Enough for a feed and some entertaining sport.
  18. Good work on pulling out a nice sized kingie.
  19. Good work there, nice bag of flatties. I can tell you that kingies go hard on hand lines, even those under size. Jewies over 10 pound, large rays, eagle rays especially, small sharks, all finger burning fun. 🀣
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