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  1. Yowie's post in Bluespotted Flathead. was marked as the answer   
    Correct. The tail flag is the best method of I.D., however, still confusing some fishos who don't catch many ocean flatties.
    Some blue spots do turn up in deeper water estuaries.
  2. Yowie's post in Fish Id please (Eastern Blue Groper and Crimson Banded Wrasse) was marked as the answer   
    First one is a Groper (actually a species of Wrasse), in the brown version - female.
    Can also be blue in colour - male.
    Second one looks like a male Crimson Banded Wrasse. 
  3. Yowie's post in Dusky Flathead Strange Flesh was marked as the answer   
    Getting ready to spawn, hormonal changes, something like that I would think. Similar to some of the Blue Spots I caught today outside Port Hacking, difference in flesh colour between males and pregnant females.
  4. Yowie's post in Black colored fish caught while targeting Luderick (not Drummer) was marked as the answer   
    Photographs are required of fish to be identified. A side on view, with the fish laying down on a light coloured surface if possible. Descriptions are not always accurate and easy to I.D.
  5. Yowie's post in Any Ideas,(Pearl Perch) was marked as the answer   
    Definitely not a mowie Finin.  
    I can see the lateral line that runs from the top of the gill covering to the middle of the tail. Looks like a pearlie.
  6. Yowie's post in Fish ID help. "Black Cod, Half Banded Sea Perch,Rainbow Cale, Gunthers Wrasse." was marked as the answer   
    First one looks like a Saddle Tailed Cod or Black Rock Cod (protected species, not to be kept in NSW)
    Second one looks like a Half Banded Sea Perch
    Third is unknown
    Fourth looks like a Wrasse species.
  7. Yowie's post in Pulled this thing up twice now (sea squirt) was marked as the answer   
    A species of Sea Squirt (Ascidian). A filter feeder that anchors itself onto the sand and filters the passing water for food.
  8. Yowie's post in Fish ID please(large scale saury) was marked as the answer   
    It has the blotches along it's body of a Saury, and a rounder head.
    Different to the Lizardfish that has a pointy head and larger teeth.
  9. Yowie's post in Rock Species ( Six-Banded Coralfish) was marked as the answer   
    Looks like a six-banded coralfish, species Vinculum sexfasciatum.
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