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  1. great haul there, they are starting to fire up all over
  2. top fish there guys, go the natives
  3. :1yikes: what a cracking bass, well done
  4. agreed, but yellowbely are equal first too mate
  5. grea fish there, thankyou for practicing catch and release
  6. cheder


    yep that or dimple
  7. got a report from dean brind today, still plenty of muck around, minimal cod captures but yella will take lures when the pressure is high oOh!
  8. oOh! nice bass there mate, remeemed yourself after dohnuts at the juck and windy, well have to go out soon, i need to blood that saros 1000 of mine on a horsey. btw easter, few yellas goin round. peace
  9. arent the black ones only for fresh water, nice fish mate!
  10. GEnts, I ahve fished burrinjuck fairly regularly for a few years now and can tell you that it can be a dam of a thousand casts but on the flip side, i have been in some of the hottest fishing of my career, genreally cod are taken in the morning and afternoon sessions and go deep through the day, yellowbelly are a little different and will take lures during the day but you will have to work for them, the arvo session is where the yellas generally heat up. I generally only go to the juck to target yellowbelly as decent cod are hard to come by, yellowbelly are plentiful and I have had the most success casting Jackall TN60s in 15-30ft of water with an ultra slow roll back to the boat. Gold flash seems to be the colour of choice, trolling is also good with 20ft divers in the 65mm size, again gold flash being the colour of choice. Dont give up on the juck. Che
  11. mick and i did the tella comp 2 years ago, we are thinking of doing it again this year for the burrinjuck round