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  1. luvbigfish

    LJ at 50 mtrs

  2. luvbigfish

    LJ at 50 mtrs

    That charts very interesting how accurate is it ?
  3. luvbigfish

    Botany Bay Firing

    Nice work you would of done well in the pirteck challenge last Sunday.
  4. luvbigfish


    Gday raiders , was in the pirteck challenge sunday so thought id make a weekend of it, got to parsley around 2.30 saturday after i finished work thought id try for a night jew , 1st i tried my spot near lion island for a arvo stint , around 4 my unweieghted rod goes off and dropped a keeper jew at the boat ? stayed there till 6 and headed out to a fad for a look , dollies in force but would not take any baits or lures and i had no livies so came back in as the sun was getting low , went to flint n steel and it was chockers , fished till 12 without a touch and called it a night , headed back up to barrenjoey to anchor up and get some zzzzzzzs , back up at 5.30 and hit west head to gather some yakkas , filled the tank in 10 minutes then outside i goes hopefully get a target species for the challenge , (a kingy )i hit my spot around 7 and all was quiet for hour and a half excerpt the one lost flatty that came on board ( oh well thats 1 species ticked)...thought id check out the fad from yesterday arvo since i had livies and it didnt dissapoint with every drift came up a solid dolly this went on for a good 3 hours before i ran out of livies plus my arms were burning , i failed the pirteck challenge with only 1 target species (46cm flatty)captured but had a great 3 hours pulling in dolly after dolly , ended up catching around 10 around all around 80 -90cm mark but only kept 2 which was plenty for everybody plus no room on the boat lol.
  5. luvbigfish

    Trolling lures

    Bugger about the jig ? im heading out Saturday arvo for an over nighter in the hawksberry hopefully pick up a jewy , then head outside early sunday for a quick sesh maybe fads for dollys as ive heard there getting decent size ones ?
  6. luvbigfish

    Trolling lures

    Weekend looks fishy ?
  7. luvbigfish

    Not what we planned for

    Hey jonD what an awesome read thanks for your intel , I'll definitely be on the look out for seals / a seal next trip out . Cheers m8 ?
  8. luvbigfish

    Not what we planned for

    Amazing team effort guys a huge congrats to you both , where and what depth did you pick it up ?
  9. luvbigfish

    Harbour Jews 5/02/2018

    Good save in the end next time try a fresh tailor fillet big jewys love em ?
  10. luvbigfish

    Jervis bay kings 4.2.18

    Just off the boat ramp at Calala you can get your slimies or the cliffs near the outer tubes hold plenty.
  11. luvbigfish

    Jervis bay kings 4.2.18

    Would of been great to see ?Maybe try a pick up some slimys and target marlin if there around ?
  12. luvbigfish

    Trolling lures

    80 - 100 fathoms
  13. luvbigfish

    Trolling lures

    Hey m8 seen you yesterday at the bait grounds did you have any luck , we got a couple of skippys , 1 dolly around 10kg and dropped a strippy . This was us.
  14. luvbigfish

    Northern beaches

    Not sure mate i always get mine at westhead.
  15. luvbigfish

    Northern beaches

    Gday raiders and happy new year , hit parsley bay around 5 , ramp was very busy , headed outside towards whale with bait everywhere but zero takers , conditions were picture perfect and water had glassed out , reports out near the shelf was going off all morning with marlin hook ups , as for us it was slow going but still great conditions , anyway about a hour after low tide we caught a feed in around 40 metres of water off of bilgola , water temp was 21.7 , we headed in around 11 with the ocean still glassed out.