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  1. Good to see Tuross Lake is bringing in the fish again, last time I was there it was a very slow day even for bites. Good report mate.
  2. Can get Gal RHS easily so I think I will go with that, then just coat the bits that get cleaned and welded. I called a local trailer place earlier this week to get a price on a axle, hubs and springs. He said if the boat and trailer weigh over 750kg the trailer will need brakes to be legal, now I have been looking and asking around and have not found one trailer carrying a similar or bigger (16' etc) that has brakes fitted. My brothers 17' Haines Hunter's trailer doesn't have brakes and that would be way heavier then my boat. Has the rules changed or is this guy full of it??
  3. Awesome mate thanks for the reply. Will look at that now. Cheers
  4. Thanks guys, I'm hoping to get stick into making a new trailer for it very soon. Been looking on evilBay for a outboard for it, I'm thinking a 40hp one will do nicely.
  5. ChrisS

    Project Trailer

    Nice work mate, this is something similar to what I will be doing shortly.
  6. Hey all Next Tuesday we are going to give Narooma a try in the tinnie (13') and was wondering where the best places to go are? Whats biting and what's it hungry for? Thanks in advance, will put up a report on how we went.
  7. Got this little baby home yesterday, the ad said it comes without a trailer but ended up taking home trailer bits from the frame with rollers and what looks like a near new winch. The hull looks pretty solid but does need some small repairs,is a front steer still fitted with all the cables but no motor. Heres a couple of pic's First thing I want to do is get it on a trailer so I'm going to start buying bits to make one (thanks to the advice you guys gave me in this thread) More photos to follow
  8. OK so today I'm picking up a 15' Fiberglass Hull minus a outboard and trailer (woo hoo) So I'm thinking the first thing I want to do is make a trailer for it so I have a few more questions. What size RHS would you use? Should I make it tilt? I'm thinking single axle with 14" Commodore wheels/tyres as I already have a pair with good tyres here but I also want to try and make it so the hull sits on the trailer fairly low to make it easier to launch and put make on the trailer. Cheers Chris
  9. Shame to because Tuross is a nice place, the first time we fished there we seen dolphins which was pretty awesome! lol Next time I want to try Naroma
  10. Went out on the boat yesterday, started at Tuross Heads for the first half of the day. Had the burley out and was using pilly's prawns and squid but barley got any bites most of the time we were out. We were moving around a bit and had the fish finder running but still nothing. After 1pm we moved to Moruya to tray our luck there and only hooked up two flatties (one undersized and thrown back) and a nice Bream. Once again on the same bait and burley. Usually the fishing is good at Tuross, there were plenty of boats out there and it seemed the others were having as about as much luck as us. But I guess that's fishing.
  11. nathen-Batemans is always But yeah soon mate we will be there. Thanks flicksticker Looks like we are heading out to Tuross heads, its been a while since we have been out there.
  12. Hey all A mate and I are thinking of taking the Tinnie out for a fish this Sunday, usually we head out to the South Coast (The Bay, Moruya...) Any of you guys heard what's biting and where around the area? Any hints and tips would be great!
  13. Thank's again guys, all the info has been a big help! If I do built one I will post a build thread up for sure. Cheers Chris
  14. Wow nice job there mate, and thanks for the info. Can I galvanize the trailer myself? (have spray guns and compressor)