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  1. Awesome fish there mate, Very solid looking fish there! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys/girls. I want to have a fish this afternoon/tonight and was wondering if there's anywhere I can fish which has shelter like under bridges etc... Thanks!
  3. awesome app mate just downloaded and checked it out keep up the good work
  4. i have also been looking at this as my first yak. does anyone have any experience with these yaks?
  5. st00ge

    Slide Fishing

    have seen this type of fishing off the piers in the city.... they have caught massive jews by using this method/. attach a live squid to this slider and let it slide to the bottom.
  6. i suggest take it out to georges river at Chipping Norton Lake for a few runs to get use to the tinnie, then once you have gotten use to it, venture out anywhere afterwards
  7. thanks for the update!!! sorry to hear about what happen to your mate.. was planning on going there when weather permits but guess i'll head somewhere else instead...
  8. One of the best sashimi if prepared ( bleed and kept on ice slurry) properly. Try it!!!
  9. st00ge

    Massive tide

    Lucky to all those who is able to go fishing today... Gotta hate rotating roster!!
  10. Sweet, thanks for that! Guess it's time to head down to my local lake and have some fun soon!!
  11. Hey guys, Just a question thats been bugging me for awhile.... I tend to fish for mullets when i'm bored but recently, i was thinking of going fishing for them at night for fun but wasn't sure if i was just wasting my time or not.... So can someone please enlighten me?
  12. Hey guys, Just a quick report!!! Headed down to Tom Uglys Bridge tonight for a quick session to see if anything was biting. Got there about 8:30pm and fishes til 11pm for NOTHING!! Not even a bite!!! Was using pilchard cubes as bait... Hope others did better...
  13. very fun to catch on light gear!!!! i usually catch them for my old man to fillet and dry them! then after a few days of drying, fried up and then munched on with a beer(well a few) on the side
  14. Hey mate, Theres a section on the forum named 'desperate and boatless' I think it was called. Try asking in there, and theres also another section that asks for crews. Try in there aswell! Goodluck!!