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  1. Well done Mick. Cracker footage, good to see you getting into the Bass. Waiting for round 2. Cheers Crash
  2. For your first time just go minimalist, take just what you need some SP's a few jigheads. And just lay the rod between your legs, if you go to Grays point you don't have to paddle very far before you can start flicking. If you get the bug, and you will, you can start pimping that Kayak to your hearts content. Enjoy Crash
  3. Hi Tangled1 Grays Point Swallow Rock. Great spot for you begin your kayaking experience. Safe from boats and great scenery and there are fish. Cheers Crash
  4. Well done Mick. I got my Kayak two week ago and the weather is against me. Only been out once. I'll try and catch up with you at RCS. Cheers John (I work next door)
  5. Great news Have a great time, looking forward to the report. All the best. Crash
  6. Thanks Bubba Will definitely be trying do all those things, it is a learning thing and loving it atm. Dave I'll pm you when i will head down there again. Cheers Crash
  7. Thanks Guys I was using a SP a squidgy gary glitter wriggler. I have heard that the cook's can hold Trevs or a Jewys . Heres hoping Cheers.
  8. Hi Raiders After fishing only for about 3 months flicking plastics and HB. I have caught flatheads, whiting and hundreds of little tailors but I have never hook a rod bending drag taking fish. Until today, I was shown a new fishing spot on the Cook's River Earlwood yesterday which we fish for 2hrs with not a lot. So I went back today caught 2 small flathead, small bream keep on walking up the river and this hook up. It felt heavy, rod bent well and as I got it closer to shore it took a run and the sound I have been waiting for ZZZZZZZZZZZ. took the photo then released. Estimate 34cm
  9. Great report, great day, good fish, great boat. Thanks for a good read.
  10. Great fish, good weekend for you. Were you landbase at Dolls Point? If so where? Cheers
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions. Huskinson is front running at the moment. I hope I can give you a fishing report soon. Cheers Crash
  12. Hi Raiders Can I get some suggestions where I can take my 17yo non-fishing son tent camping and fishing for a couple of days with no boat. I live in sydney don't want a long drive. Prefer light soft plastic fishing. Thanks in advance Crash.
  13. Well done LaLa. We are now all wondering where your favourite spot is.
  14. Great Holiday, Great report good reading. Cheers
  15. Good report PMak, good fishes, and I agree there is much to be thankful for.
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