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  1. Thanks guys for all the advice, ver much appreciated
  2. Hi Raiders, i enjoy my beach shark fishing and have heard that freshwater eels make great baits - can anyone tell me where I can either catch or buy some? thanks in advance. Dave
  3. Raiders, I need to replace the side clears for my Formosa half cab. I live in the North Shore area but happy to travel for a good deal - any recommendations of where to get them? thanks in advance. Dave
  4. Hey mate - really sorry I have not checked my messages for a while. We did get a few and quite a few more the following weekend - no marlin though. Let me know if you are around again and I will let u know if I have a spot
  5. Hi, I am getting out for a gamefish on my Formosa 550 half cab this Saturday hopefully to find marlin and dollies before they move out of my range. I have all the gear and caught my first marlin last week and it looks like I am a couple of people short for this trip. All I ask is that you turn up on time, respect my boat and gear and throw in for fuel. We will be launching from Roseville. Anyone want to join us? PM me if you are interested. Also, I am out pretty much every weekend so there could be a regular spot. Dave
  6. I think so - the manual says that it is
  7. Thanks mate, I appreciate the reply - have taken both of the plugs out and they are just holes ?
  8. Raiders, I hope that someone can give me some pointers because I really am at a loss!!! I want to connect my Garmin 100i radio to my Simrad NSS9 with an NMEA 0183 cable so that if I need to press the DSC button it will transmit my location. I have ordered the cable which has a fitting on one end for the NSS9 but the other end is bare wires and I can’t find a socket in the back of the radio to fit it into - there are just two holes in the back (with rubber bungs in right now). Does this mean that I have to open the radio up to make the connections inside it???? I have attached a pic from the radio installation manual which shows the wiring requirements I just can’t figure out how to physically do them! Any help would be appreciated it’s doing my head in ? Thanks in advance Dave
  9. Raiders, i want to fit a deck wash to my Formosa 550 halfcab and wondered if anyone could give me some advice as to what to shop for eg type, pickup, PSI etc? Any advice appreciated, thanks Dave
  10. Hi Guys, I am looking for a Mercury Approved Mechanic to do a 600hr service on my outboard and a mobile one would be even better. I'm in the North Shore of Sydney - can anyone put me in contact with one?? Thanks in advance Dave
  11. Can anyone give me marks for the Southern Canyons? Thanks in advance Dave
  12. Thanks mate you have saved me some fuel - glad I read this as I was planning to hit the 12 in the morning! I will stay closer to shore
  13. Thanks James, really appreciated, will let you know how i go
  14. Hi, I go to Newcastle fairly frequently with work and plan to have a crack at one of the beaches one evening/night next week - I will be staying in the centre, can anyone give me any pointers on where to fish? Thanks Dave
  15. Hi Guys, I have a Simrad NSS7 with Structure Scan right now and want to upgrade for a combo that can do anything from inshore to the shelf - I have about $2000 to spend - can anyone give me some advice on what to look at in that range? Thanks in advance Dave
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