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  1. I will be out tomorrow mate. Boat name Bagged out
  2. Sorry we only took it to 5000 revs and backed off. It did rev up to about 5700 on the mechanics stats.i just checked on the seaswirl site and they said you can only go maximum 200hp for that model or insurance will be void?
  3. Yeah about 33 knots was just on 5000 revs.
  4. Had a test run today. The boat has trim tabs that put the boat in the sweet spot. at 4200 she was doing 22knots with 3 people and halt tank of fuel. At 4800 she was at 29knots
  5. Thanks guys, i will let you know how it goes
  6. Hey Guys, I am currently in the market for a Seaswirl and have came across one i do like. Unfortunately it has a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke and i am worried she is underpowered. Has anyone got any idea of power to weight on them?
  7. I will be out tomorrow at the Peak donating some gear to Leatherjackets in hope of a hood.
  8. Mate was out at the botany wide fad and got 10 today
  9. Dont worry, i have donated about 3 pairs of sunglasses and two rods to Poseidon in the last year.
  10. I was also out today from port hacking.Trolled port fad and both botany fads for 6 nice dollies and one bull.Didnt hear of any beaks hooking up until I was back at the ramp.Story of my life at the moment
  11. Pier 2 plus live squid = Kingfish oh and lots of cat food
  12. nautica

    Tuna on a pole

    Now that's how to catch a fish lol
  13. Haha we trolled a different spot then came back for a second go and we were on. Dont worry the size was nothing to write home about.
  14. Hey Bigman, if that was you there yesterday the kings where just in a little closer. We found them just after you left if you where the guy in the tinnie?
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