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  1. If your chasing barra up the creeks dont forget to take a stack of repellent and the strong stuff to midgie bites can ruin a good trip trust me. you'll still get bitten buy them but if you dont have the repellent you will be scratching like mad for a while.. just my 2 cents but have fun mate awsome place for a holiday even better place to live i think thats why im moving up there in a couple of months
  2. Im heading down but not taking the boat unfortunatley good luck in the comp fellas hope many a barrel come over the gunnel for you
  3. Hello all i guess this isnt really a standard question for sydney boaters but i am looking to get a stone gaurd for my trailer as i a moving up to the NT and dont want to destroy the Paint job on my boat ive had a look around the internets and cant find anything that looks sturdy enough to do the job up north. anybody have any ideas ????
  4. Nice 1 Ray im moving up to the territory soon and will hopefully get time off work to enter next year. hopefully get a bit of practice in first. Well done cannon
  5. I have only crossed a a few times the first time in a 5.2 Center console with a 90hp on the back goind out is the easy bit IMO it's the coming back in when your a bit tired and sore from fighting the kings all day. but it was a bit scary the first time as we were towards the end of the run out tide and a bit of a swell running i felt like i needed more power because when we got to where the waves were starting to turn into wash i didnt have enough throttle to over power the outgoing tide and swell. but with a bit of trim adjustment and crossed fingers we made it in ok. the 2nd time in my new rig 6.2 hard top barcrusher with 175hp it was a nice calm day and just scooted over the bar as the coditions were really good that day high tide low wind hardly any swell and a very un eventfull crossing the other couple of times have been somewhere inbetween both of these situations and not a real problem for the new rig. but yeah the first time was fine going out and scary coming back in as the boat i was driving i feel needed more power for the crossing and the conditions wernt ideal but by no means as bad as they can get down there. hope this helps cannon
  6. Hi all i have a quick question for some sparky orientated people. i have a 3 battery system on my boat #1 & #2 run the main electronics stuff like lighting radios fish finder and starting these are on the standard isolator switch set up I.E. 1 or 2 or 1+2 or off. #3 is dedicated fridge battery wired up to a 12v outlet all 3 charge off the donk (175hp Etek) while running and #1 & #2 have a solar set up to trickle feed while at anchor or on the drift. now for the question is there a battery charging regulator fit for marine purpose that will allow the solar pannels to trickle feed all 3 batteries? i was told by the dealer that these did not exist but find that hard to believe as i think i have seen them for 4wd before. so to sum up is it possible to have a regulator to charge 3 batterys as required via the 2 different inputs (Donk + Solar) i do have a ctek charger to top up the mains and aux at home but am worried the fridge battery will die on a prolonged trip at anchor long winded but i hope i have worded my question correctly cheers
  7. Yeah i got 3 x blue hella underwater lights on the back of my barcrusher they work well for attracting yakkas and squid at night dont really need to burley as much but it speeds up the process if you do
  8. Went out on my first mission today. left the ramp about 0600 stopped in at west head for some livies saw plenty but got none in the tank. so up anchor and out we go, motored out to about 150m then set the spread of 2 x SBL's and teaser. headed out to about 500m mark it was about 1100 by now and we got a hit but it was over before it even began continued trolling around till about 1500 before we headed back for the ramp. found some nice blue water varied from 24.3 up to 25.8c. my theory for the missed hook up was probably my fault for backing off the throttle to quicly with the excitment of the reel screaming it's brains out. which brings me to a question What to do when you do get a hit besides not freak out? i think what im asking is the what is the "procedure" for a hook up i think i saw the flash of a marlin when the strike occured but cant be to sure as the anticipation and excitment meters went into overload cheers guys had a good day either way and was extreemly happy to even get a hit on my first run out wide only got me more excited for another run
  9. Nice work mate definatley faired better then i did
  10. Not to much to report from down south. headed down wednsday night got out about 10 am thursday found some live yakkas. no good on the squid front. set off for the FAD towed some xraps right up close to the Fad and saw some rat kings around but no takers so on with a livie sent it down for a couple of drifts for nothing. saw a stack of slimies (i think) they were jumping out in front of the boat in around 110m of water out from the bay towed the xraps around the school for abit and nothing again livie down again nothing. set of a bit further south down towards tuross heads into about 50m of water looked for bait found none. had a bottom bash for nothing but rock cod and wrasse. then the weather started to close in so back to the ramp and home to clean up the boat then the rain started and didnt really stop untill sunday so didnt bother heading out again.
  11. i would hope the 2nd repair was covered if it was the dealers fault. i have a 175 etec with about 45 trouble free hrs on it the only time i had an over heat alarm was the first time i flushed i didnt cover the pickups at the front of the leg switched off immeaditaly found a male threaded tap fitting screwed that in and all good ever since pretty good on the juice to
  12. anybody know any more info about this just had a quick search and found this link
  13. hey mate im heading down this weekend, the weather doesnt look the best but if i get out ill let you know how i go cannon
  14. thanks guys work has changed my plans again but hopefully head down on wed night staying in batemans bay then get down to narooma friday or saturday weather dependent will try and pick up a few yakkas before heading over the bar and out to the island and into some kings ill keep an eye out for you barcrusher 610 i will be in a red barcrusher 670ht feel free to say gday if you see us