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  1. Hey guys just after a bit of info on where to fish in or close to terrigal as i have a house there for 5 days any info appreciated lets hope this weather holds up for atleast the rest of the weekend
  2. i am possibly goibng to foster this weekend and staying on smith lakes just wondering how it is going on the fishing side of things and if any body possibly knows how spinngin at sanbar beach is going? any info appreciated
  3. ok great thanks for the info man i wish the weather would start warming up already
  4. hey raiders look just wondering if any1 can give me any details on a good land based spot to use small poppers for bream, salmon, whiting and flathead as i am looking to teach myself and i cant seem to find anywhere suitable any advice would be appreciated
  5. i used to live there problem is now most of the good spots are closed off lucky if you go see the guys at dingy hire you can get to almost all of them in a boat the best are probably the bommeys around to the right of the harbour every now and then you pick up a few mac tuna having a troll outside the harbour but if you really wanna have some fun youd either go on the local cahrter i used to work on up there or you some how get to white heaven beach as i dont think you cant take the digny tjhat far there is the ultimate fishing there of all sorts good luck
  6. aww nice i have never squidded before but i got given a free squid jig in a fishing magazine i bought gunna have to try in now
  7. nelsons this weekend

  8. hey raiders gong to nelsons bay this weekend and hiring a boat as the missus requires 1to go fishing lol we arnt aloud to head towards outside that area you have to head back the other way is it worth trolling for bonnies outside the marina ?? or they dont move that far ?
  9. will do thanks heaps for the and i sure bet im gunan love it just wondering as i am a follower off mos of your reports do you fish smith lakes much as you are from up that way ??
  10. hey raiders im looking to buy a yak as i am extatic just at the idea of fishing from 1 im only a young guy and aint on enough money to be able to buy one straight away soo i was wondering if any1 knows of any of the hobie dealers in the state have finance plans as i wanna spend a fair bit
  11. hey mate thanks for the advice i have watched the videos but my problem is the magnetic cast conrol i cant seeem to find any explanations anyway dam looks like the reel will have to go for a service and worst of all i am gunna have to buy a calcutta for the weekend
  12. hey raiders i am havng trouble with my shimano CORIOLIS 100E it has somethign in the spool raceways and i cant get it out wether it be sand or weed but it is making my life very hard to fish with this i was juts wondering if any1 can give me a walkthrough on how totake it all apart i have got as far as i can with it but i didnt wanna mess with the manetic cast control untill i have been either shown or told the propper way or even a way to get around messing with it help would be gladly appreciated
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