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  1. sleepydragon

    Yamaha 4 strokes service kit

    Thanks a lot. I called Hunt Marine in Sydney. They transfer me to Wollongong store then the guy ask me to provide phone and serial number advise me to call me back. Since then, it never happens. I think i have to buy from ebay. Cheers
  2. sleepydragon

    Yamaha 4 strokes service kit

    Hi Raiders, Anyone know where I can buy a 100 service kit for my Yamaha F60 4 strokes 2013 outboard ? A store i can drop by is preferable . Cheers
  3. sleepydragon

    Scumbag in Botany Bay

    Hi Rick, Yes, I used milk bottles as float, however if the fisheries got my trap they should see clearly my phone number their and kindly give me a call if they are not allowed. This was too obvious some scumbags around there. Cheers
  4. sleepydragon

    Boat ramp drama

    Well done. This is all about boating. We should help each other out.
  5. sleepydragon

    Scumbag in Botany Bay

    Hi Raiders. First of all Happy New Year to all of you with my best wishes. Secondly, just kindly report that I went out yesterday in Botany Bay. After dropped 2 crab pots down and then ahead out to oil wharf just got a few breams and trevalies and plenty of rat kings under the heavy rain. Head back to the crab pots location to pick up. Surprisingly both of them were gone, some scum bags had stolen my pots. This is the first time in my life seeing how bad people these days. Not sure how I could prevent this happens again, please help. Tied line guys
  6. sleepydragon

    Import a new/second hand aluminum boat from NZ

    Thanks a lot again mate.
  7. sleepydragon

    Import a new/second hand aluminum boat from NZ

    Hi Recurve, Your information is GOLD. I am about to import a brand new aluminum boat 5.5M max length without a trailer. I have not decided which brand yet. A Suttee is one on my short listed. Just wonder when you bought your one, it was brand new? if yes you bought it directly from manufacture or through dealer? Did you travel to NZ to buy the boat from dealer/manufacture ?By the way, I live in Sydney. Cheers
  8. Hi Raiders, Just wonder if anyone here experienced to import a new/second aluminum boat from NZ ?. If yes, please tell me if it is worth doing it. Cheers
  9. sleepydragon

    whats wrong with people

    Hi Raiders, I am a long time Gumtree user. Yet, I had sold a lot of items from Gumtree and of course I had a lot of low ballers anyway. They are (low ballers) who don't really annoy me because they have the right to bargain down for their hard earn money and for that reason they are in Gumtree. What really annoys me is the Seller who sell his/her 10 years old boat for the price of brand new boat. Cheers
  10. sleepydragon

    Fibreglass or aluminium

    Go for Aluminum mate. Been there done that.
  11. sleepydragon

    Uniden 425 VHF issue

    Will do this week. Thanks for your advise.
  12. sleepydragon

    Uniden 425 VHF issue

    THanks alot, where do I can check it ? Or give uniden a call? Cheers
  13. sleepydragon

    Uniden 425 VHF issue

    Hi Raiders, My Uniden 425 VHF marine radio is making static sound when receiving signal on any marine channel including ch16 and tried to tune the squel knot to get the correct frequecy but it it does not help. Checked my antenna with the multi meter I get good continuity. Not sure what happens. Please help Cheers
  14. sleepydragon

    Honda CRV and Aluminum 5.5 boat towing capacity.

    True, more than likely I have to update my car first. Thanks
  15. sleepydragon

    Honda CRV and Aluminum 5.5 boat towing capacity.

    Thanks a lot your 2 cents worth more than that.