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  1. Why does the goverment let a ship like that come to work here cant understand it.We should be farming fish to eat not taking huge amounts like that out of the ocean crazy.
  2. tunastrike

    marine parks

    Been hearing alot about marine parks both up and the coast does anyone know what areas the marine parks will be.
  3. commercial fishing has already caused a massive decline in fishstocks why do we have to have a ship like that in our waters targeting baitfish doesnt take a expert to work out it will more than likely be hitting the best fishing spots where the bait holds.What a goverment.
  4. tunastrike

    Whats this fish?

    ive found sweep in jews stomachs
  5. tunastrike


    thats a good thing they might get left onlone for a while
  6. tunastrike

    Lake Illawarra - 2 men caught with 114 tailor.

    it happens all the time down the lake seen buckets full of undersize fish even seen people with a built in mincer so the small fish can get minced and cant tell what they are these people are destroying fishing for everyone and if fish cant grow they cant breed so there will be nothing should be tougher penatlys for this.
  7. tunastrike

    Any news PHGFC tourney?

    is that guy with the blue shirt on with the transon door open still around
  8. tunastrike

    This is the vessel i own

    doesnt look that good to me piles might be a problem
  9. tunastrike

    Giant Squid

    i watched a show a few weeks back on foxtell and 2 people around the world get eaten by giant squid every year so must be some big buggers out there.
  10. tunastrike

    Bait species as food

    yakka,s slimys that,s why pie,s were invented.
  11. tunastrike

    Man looses his arms

    shocking i new a guy years ago did the same thing only the prop got his legs narsty stuff.
  12. tunastrike


    been haveing a few stripe marlin coming up and thrashing at my lures but unable to get a decent hook up on lures i know you can switch bait them but does anyone have a good lure or techniqe for getting stripes on lures thanks.
  13. tunastrike

    Twin hull vs mono hull

    twin hules are good but twin engines 2 services thats what turned me off them unless your got plenty of cash which i havent so i went for a diesel this time in a costom boat 60 litres a day and 200$ in filters and oil for a service.
  14. tunastrike

    Botany wide FAD

    should try jigs and wont have a problem with the birds.
  15. tunastrike

    Wirrah Cod

    if that was all i caught for the day then its pizza for tea.