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  1. xerotao

    Motor Powered Kayak?

    Unfortunately no idea. Maybe someone with more electric motor knowledge could help if you want speed. Maybe look into a bixpy motor. Or buy a jet powered kayak
  2. xerotao

    Motor Powered Kayak?

    Theres a store in coffs that sells a electric motor with a kayak bracket which is decently priced. How long they run for is really dependent on what battery you throw at it and how much it draws + other accessories you have on the battery.
  3. xerotao

    Braid connections

    If you are going to use it for casting, i would bin the line and spool new line or cut off and start from there is there is still decent line left. If you are poor and will be using it for jigging and dont need casting distance then i would join it with a surgeons knot.
  4. xerotao

    Spinning for kings

    As @JonD mentioned. Keep an eye out for stradic Fks going into clearence around august after the AFTA show thats probably when stores will put the stradic fks on sale to make way for the new fl models
  5. xerotao

    Shimano Stradic 4000 corrosion

    Im sure a lot of reels in the australian market are used in salt when there isnt a saltwater rating. And theres a lot of us fisho that use reels in the salt that arent saltwater rated.
  6. xerotao

    Shimano Stradic FL Reel.

    New stradic fl looks the goods But im still disappointed shimano au did not bring over the stradic sw
  7. xerotao

    Slow jigging reel?

    Ideally you would want a reel with ratio on the faster end with a long handle
  8. xerotao

    Slow jigging reel?

    Isnt much in the Aus domestic market. Besides top end ocea jiggers and saltiga jigging overhead. In the japanese domistic markets, i know they use Ocea conquest and saltiga ryoga. Not entry level or very budget friendly. But these are more slow pitch jigging. Maybe daiwa Lexa? i believe you can get these in a left hand wind also
  9. xerotao

    Slow jigging reel?

    Why not FJ5000 or FK5000? atleast you get a power knob instead of the paddle knob
  10. xerotao

    Which edge when spooling a reel?

    I didnt know about this. Also Daiwa designed some reels to spool up line in a taper. Something to do with casting further.
  11. xerotao

    Which edge when spooling a reel?

    Yep, all the way until the taper starts
  12. Also, i have/use proper c clip pliers. I just use a fishing hook to remove them from ball bearings.
  13. Just used the right sized screwdriver for the right scree head. For example, dont use a ph0 screwdriver to undo a ph2 screw.
  14. xerotao

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    I dont thinkthey will happen anytime soon. Batteries are heavy!!!
  15. xerotao

    Beginner setup help

    They are the lower end of the graphite rods by both reputable companies. Im an aesthetics junkie. Thats what i would be going for haha