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  1. Crimson banded wrasse Southern maori wrasse Wirrah cod?
  2. xerotao

    Rod tip repair

    No problems. Hope to see some builds of yours one day.
  3. xerotao

    Rod tip repair

    Hi wazathefisherman, i use a 2 part epoxy (or araldite as commonly known) for grips, reel seat, butt and bling bits. only place i use hot glue is for is the tip top, and only that. nothing wrong with using araldite for the tip, but its just too much effort when theres another method that is just so much easier.
  4. xerotao

    Rod tip repair

    Im also a rod builder and never needed to use araldite. using rod tip glue is quicker, neater and cheaper.
  5. xerotao

    Rod tip repair

    I agree. A lot more effort in replacing a guide. Plus the many hours of it sitting on a dryer rotisserie
  6. xerotao

    Rod tip repair

    No no no. Dont use alradite. Just you hot glue stick the ones you use in a hot glue gun
  7. xerotao

    Cairns ID (Javelin Fish)

    Javelin fish legal size and eatwise. im not sure.....
  8. xerotao

    Swim bait flathead

    Maybe not a swimbait. im guessing some sort of hardbody. Swimbaits and glidebaits are usually really big and heavy in size. edit: sorry guys after a quick google. there seems to be smaller swimbaits.
  9. xerotao

    Shimano Tld 25

    I had 10kg mono on my old tld25. used for live baiting kings off the rocks.
  10. xerotao

    Lure fishing rod info

    All depends what he wants to fish for and where. Iv landed anything from yakkas to longstails off the rocks on a 9'6" and my 10ft off the rocks without a gaff or net. Sorry but my opinions are based off my experience.
  11. xerotao

    Lure fishing rod info

    Working a lure at 12ft or more is a mission
  12. xerotao

    Lure fishing rod info

    Why not the jewel 9'6"? much better suited off rocks than the 8ft model spin jigs rods are more parabolic and are suited to bottom jigging, either by deep jigging or slow/slow shore. top water rods have more bottom power and would bend at load halfway and more suited to pelagics using diving hardbodies and metal slugs.
  13. xerotao


    Have heard of folks in New Zealand using frozen peas
  14. xerotao

    Warranty n Reel Care

    Also remember to back the drag off unless you like useless drag washers
  15. xerotao

    Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    The stradic FJs did not come with a spool bushing/bearing. So dont worry about it.