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  1. xerotao

    NAV Lights

    Im guessing when you use your tester it completes the circuit. Hence my guess of a bad earth
  2. xerotao

    NAV Lights

    Sounds like an earthing issue
  3. Being right handed or left handed doesnt matter what hand you spin with. I have mates who are left handed that spin the reel with their right and vice versa. Besides spin reels are interchangable and game reels are right handed only. Unless you want to pay coin to get them left converted. Just use what you are comfortable with. And dont let what society dictate how you should use your own gear
  4. Depends where you fish. Bringing a 7ft rod to where i fish would just get your lure caught on the rock ledge when retrieving due to to the height and leverage of where you’d be standing. Personally i use 9.6ft to 11ft rods to the places where i fish. Rods range from lure and bait use. And i choose which setup to bring depending on which area i go to.
  5. You are better off looking for a second hand reputable kayak vs buying a chinese moulded/rebranded/ebay special brand new.
  6. You are purchasing genuine parts off the manufacturer. Cant get any cheaper
  7. Just send them an email with what parts you need and they will send you a quote. Iv done this serveral times. You can also call them or pop into their spare parts dept
  8. To me advertising the number of bearings in a fishing reel is a marketing gimic. They never state what type of bearings are in the reel. is it stainless steel, is it china made? metal shielded, rubber shield or no shields? There is a reason why ceramic bearings are 2x-3x the price of stainless bearings. Im sure 1 bearing in a shimano stella would cost more than a Sienna reel itself
  9. Shimano 4000 and Daiwa 4000 are different sizes. Daiwa LT series are closer to shimano models
  10. Drop your rod size down to a 9ft to 10ft6 graphite rod. It will make a difference. Im guessing your 12ft med rod is fibreglass? It wont do much with a 40g lure. But works wonders on a pillie and sinker
  11. I can see them working on jews. But i am no expert! how far could you cast that from the shore for pelagics? i use 30g jig heads on soft plastics for chasing pelagics. 17g wouldnt go far. Especially on a day with a bit of breeze
  12. Good read awesome effort mate
  13. We all need to report any illegal fishing activity. Enough reports at a particular spot will get the rangers attention. reporting car rego helps also. Because if such car is at the parking lot it would give the rangers something to lookat. They dont even need to get out and check. They have bloody drones now that capture your every move. Think about that next time you are fishing