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  1. xerotao

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Good read awesome effort mate
  2. xerotao


    We all need to report any illegal fishing activity. Enough reports at a particular spot will get the rangers attention. reporting car rego helps also. Because if such car is at the parking lot it would give the rangers something to lookat. They dont even need to get out and check. They have bloody drones now that capture your every move. Think about that next time you are fishing
  3. xerotao

    pittwater squid where abouts

    Iv had luck around westhead beach, just in front of second head
  4. xerotao

    Recommend an overhead rod for bream off the rocks

    Crusis rods have a issue with breaking a few years back. But they do have a replacement warranty. Not sure if there is a fee tho. So keep that in mind
  5. xerotao

    10ft vs 12ft Casting Distance Question.

    I think some penn prevails come with and without a sand spike. so maybe the penn prevail you played with may have a non sand spike model of the same rod
  6. I used a 4000 spin reel and had no problems. The best blackfish guide ever
  7. xerotao

    Old days

    Seen this one gummy i think. Was contemplating about this as my next project. But iv got my eyeon something else
  8. xerotao

    Buying a boat etiquette

    Nothing wrong with test driving a boat. You would test drive a car before you purchase.
  9. xerotao

    Help! Heavy spinning set up

    The spheros are slow. Thats why i bought mine from japan. Slightly different to the aussie models and has a faster retrieve ratio. At half the price of a saragosa
  10. xerotao

    Help! Heavy spinning set up

    Spinning, i use a custom 10ft 5-11kg rod, jdm spheros 6000 with 30lb 8xjbraid Thats what i use for longtails now.
  11. xerotao

    Help! Heavy spinning set up

    I dont see any penn ocean assassin that would work in your scenarios. Why not a penn prevail 9 or 10ft?
  12. xerotao

    Help! Heavy spinning set up

    MTF boys fish with heavy gear because GTs tend to try to reef you. While the longtails iv seen and caught LBG would just send off to the ocean. So i would go for lighter line so i could fit more line on the spool. Just dont over estimate it. because with heavier gear, you would be fishing the fish and the gear.
  13. xerotao

    Easy reel annual servicing

    You are completely right. Iv never had a warranty claim but i do believe Shimanos 10yr warranty is pretty horrible marketing scheme to buy their product.
  14. xerotao

    Easy reel annual servicing

    Well if your reel is playing up then make a warranty claim. They wouldnt accept it is your reel has been playing up and you decide to open it and try to fix it. But cant then send it off for a warranty claim. Warranty is for manufacturing faults. No because my bearings arent smooth after i tried to service it myself or dropped it in water.
  15. xerotao

    Easy reel annual servicing

    Just an FYI guys, if you open a shimano reel, it will void the warranty.