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  1. I would flip the rod holders so they sit on the top side of the top bar
  2. Thats a good one. Im sure they still make fishing reels tho
  3. Very nice. Iv read your post on 4x4earth
  4. Lithium can run to nearly 0%
  5. This only relates to agm batteries
  6. doesnt say what its made of. But when zoomed in. Its the same plasticky material as the FK
  7. The main part of the reel with the stem is metal. But the side plate to access internals is plastic. nope. Im confident from reviews the hagane body is just fancy advertising on the FL. Apparently the FK has hagane body aswell and mine is fancy plastic
  8. Because it isnt a metal body
  9. Personally i use a nasci c2000hs or something. Cant be bought domestically. covid19 would delay any overseas purchases
  10. xerotao


    On skids yes. But not on rollers
  11. I had a thunnus 12000ci4 for bait fishing off the rocks. I sold it as it was a chunky reel and didnt hold much line. Was a bit heavy compared to similar size reels without the live baiting mechanism. Also the live baiting gearing was a pain to service and put back together. (No one ever mentions that)
  12. Seabass not sea perch and they catch them bigger in Japan
  13. Mack baits are dominating on bonnies right now