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  1. Use a razor blade to trim back the cable ties
  2. Never used Ballistol. And i know importing the shimano grease sprays are a pain. While i dont use the service ports as i service my reels after every season. Are the inox mx5 oil dropper bottles an option? i use them to oil my finesse reel bearings and roller bearings. Never had an issue with it dissolving grease.
  3. Nice one. Probably better than the 2 you asked about
  4. I have a 5000fk and used to have a 3000fk. Same build. Only difference is only the 5000fk has shimano carbon washers. While 4000fk and under has felt washers
  5. ci4 is just carbon fire reinforced plastic. i can absolutely guarantee the FK is not an aluminium body as iv taken apart mine many times and it is plastic of some kind. most of shimano reels use CF aluminium spools. But then on the shimano au website shows the ci4 uses hagane body and a ci4 body? just marketing.
  6. Dude, in no way is the FK built of aluminium and the ci4 built out of carbon fibre..........
  7. ci4 are prone to stem twisting. so if you are after a 4000 to throw slugs off the rocks or big snapper off a boat. i would choose an FK over a ci4 for the bigger size
  8. Bundeena wharf is where i fish with my daughter some warm nights Never had an issue with rangers or coppers. but if one does get a "heavy fine" dont blame me
  9. Why not pair the 6000 and 8000 on the terez 30-50lb and see how they feel in your hands
  10. Seen some guys pierce A hole somewhere on their head
  11. The bail spring guide has popped out of it slot on the bail arm. Just open the cover on the side of the bail arm with the line roller and slot it back in. The bail spring guide sits inside the spring. not that hard. would take about 1min.
  12. https://australianmuseum.net.au/blog-archive/science/barramundi-mystery-solved/
  13. Already been done https://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/barramundi-caught-in-sydney-harbour
  14. Id love to catch a Barra in Sydney harbour oneday
  15. Depends how creative you are. You could always make a handle or grip out of para cord