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  1. xerotao

    Wire Trace Help!

    How do you lose the wire? bitten off? Why not use gang hooks? Im sure most dont use wire for tailors and never have an issue with being bitten off.
  2. xerotao

    Terez rod, rust?

    Shimano had an issue with the white terez with the metallic silver thread that causes rust and i think they were replacing those rods under warranty. Hence why all new terez now have black thread bindings. I havnt heard anything about black terez with rust. Best bet would be contacting shimano by phone or email.
  3. xerotao

    Big eye Redfish in Sydney Harbour

    never heard of Bigeye redfish? Nannygai?
  4. 1) Im sure all reputable companies use thread. 2)Same procedure. If repairer uses correct thread finish it will be fine. not 2part alraldite with no flex agent that will crack when your rod bends. 3) totally repairable. i even sand all my rod wrap coat to give it a matte/flat finish.
  5. xerotao

    Sienna Reel problem

    I have heard about this. I think its caused by the sharp edges in the gap of the rotor and roller and also where the bail wire goes into the roller cover. maybe sand down the edges, Maybe the reels are designed for braid or just a poor finish that quality control did not catch during design.
  6. xerotao

    New Spin Reel.

    Congrats on the new reel. 4kegger tailors must be hoooge
  7. xerotao

    Avoca rocks

    Korean fisho hooked the longtail
  8. xerotao

    Alternative to the FG knot for light rigs?

    I used to use an albright knot, but after a few dozen casts it slips. An easy knot is the slim beauty knot. But now i just use FG knots, nothing beats the slim profile on micro guides.
  9. xerotao

    Rod holder - angles for drifting vs anchoring

    Better to be safe than sorry
  10. xerotao

    Stockton Beach

    Nice report. Maybe next time i should try to catch these species while im on Stockton Beach instead of salmons and tailors. But i hate the fact everytime rangers check on me they always tell me im not allowed to catch pipies. But i tell them im using them for bait. Stereotyping much? fish looks like a yf bream to me
  11. xerotao

    please help a learner with boat rod choice

    Depends what species? That rod you mentioned is a deep jigging rods built for mechanical jigging up metal knife jigs. You will find id will be very parabolic and wont be good for castings like a popper.
  12. xerotao

    Rod holder - angles for drifting vs anchoring

    At those angles on both rod holders. I think it would be pretty hard for any fish to pull the rod out of the holder as it would pull the rod downwards stopping it from flying out. Unless the line is getting pull out at say 45° From a flying fish then you might have a problem haha
  13. xerotao


    Depends what your targeting and where you gonna fish. We could help you out. Also what size reel? To go with that rod?
  14. xerotao

    Shimano Saragosa

    Shouldnt be turning the handle to flip bail over as it puts a lot of stress on the drive gear. And no anti reverse like most of shimanos saltwater series reels. Usually anti reverse is the first thing that breaks when fighting a hard fish. The clutch is a pretty strong design
  15. xerotao

    New king stick

    I have a spheros 8000sw for sale if you are interested