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  1. xerotao

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Funny how this is a thread about fluro straight through and not a question about braid vs mono vs fluro each line has its own purpose and people will favour one over another. @stokedtrout has answered his own question. And with pros use it because they are sponsered. Really only implies to the brand they use.
  2. xerotao

    Where are the pelagics?

    Last season they the bonnies arrived early in the season. I started catching them around nov 2017. This season they started coming around end of december. And they are still out there with kingies and bonnies following lure only on the weekend. Just keep trying
  3. Yes i am aware there are expensive braid out there. But is it really worth it? That is meant to be put of stellas and saltigas. PE10 is like winch rope.
  4. I usually reverse onto a lesser used reel. as for left over line, I retie to a reel that would running low on line. But would strip some line out to fill up the spool with leftover line. Aslong as the knot doesnt come out during cast im fine with that. Made me laugh also.
  5. Fished a well known ledge on the Central Coast on Sunday. Arrived at 5:30am and sat at the rocks waiting for first. Landed the 3 Bonnies by 8am. Decided to call it quits as there wasnt much action with lures or baits by other fishos.
  6. xerotao

    varnish for rod repairs ,

    If they are old and hold no value, are they worth repairing? As @Berleyguts suggested, use proper thread finish on the thread and rod finish like flex coat. But personally i sand my graphite blanks to give a matte/flat finish.
  7. xerotao

    Rod Repair

    Just clean the corrosion with warm soapy water using a scourer.
  8. xerotao

    Shimano TLD 50

    Gotta use your thumb to level the line when winding in. Game reels arent built with level wind because they would just get destroyed by big game fish.
  9. xerotao

    Shovel nose sharks

    Listen to this man. Pretty plain and simple. 5 bag limit of shark and rays. Shovel nose rays/sharks are mentioned in the bag limit section. Some of you may be reading far too much into the research programs links.
  10. xerotao

    12ft Rod for Rock Fishing ?

    Im sure Crucis is made my Lox. Lox had some warranty in regards to breakage. not so sure if Crucis has the same warranty
  11. xerotao

    Eisen spike pro - for rock fishing shoes

    Thats them
  12. xerotao

    Eisen spike pro - for rock fishing shoes

    If its the store where i bought mine from. The boys there a friendly and their price are good too
  13. xerotao

    Eisen spike pro - for rock fishing shoes

    I think they are stainless steel. Only had mine for about a year. No rust as i wash them afterwards. Seems to last longer than the neoprene spike boots. Also my okd beoprene boots, the spikes would push into the sole making it uncomfortable to walk in. But they lasted 3 years until the spikes were completely worn out i only wear cleats/spikes on rock ledges with the slime/algae build up.
  14. xerotao

    Eisen spike pro - for rock fishing shoes

    This is what i use. I find it better than them rock spike neoprene boots. As i can wear my own comfy shoes over a neoprene boot that doesnt breathe well. And can you imagine a smelly sweaty foot after a fishing session? No thanks
  15. xerotao

    12ft Rod for Rock Fishing ?

    I rather the 3p graphite model. But thats just my opinion