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  1. I have one similar to this. Horrible for the sand. If it was a beach cart i would get one with the big grey balloon wheels i had one when for my kayak cart. And it works wonders
  2. https://www.alanhawk.com/reviews/diab9.html
  3. Theres a lot of info about them from a few years back. A review on them from alanhawk. I wont post any links but generally they are mass produced from a chinese factory and if you buy a certain amount you can choose your own colour scheme and put your own branding on them.
  4. I wouldnt touch tuff tackle with a 10ft pole. Sorry
  5. Didnt go to turon when i planned to. Maybe this weekend i might give it a crack
  6. Nice work. Im planing to go 4 wheeling to the turon river next week. Any tips to fish there?
  7. xerotao

    New Rod.

    PE rating is not line rating. Its more to do with line diameter as the chart @Green Hornet has posted
  8. Graphite is a form of carbon. Not exactly the same thing.
  9. Good luck with your project!
  10. All good. My mate has a 24v motor guide. He uses 2x135ah batteries never knew these motors require such power
  11. Maybe aldi has installed a listener on your phone like google and facebook. I was gonna give the aldi batteries a go but they werent on sale when i set up my triple battery set up in my 4wd. I dont see anything wrong with it. It could just be a rebranded battery from another company. just curious. Why does your motorguide need 2x100ah batteries? In serial or parallel? 200ah/12v or 100ah/24v?
  12. Yes. A tackle shop owner (a wont mention name) went through this a few years back. He was fined at foreshore boat ramp for having multiple game rods ready to attach lures. He challenged the fisheries and the fine was overturned.
  13. So its ok to ignore the law for your own personal gain?
  14. This. It has been this rule for a long time now. not really that confusing. Pretty much sums up aslong as you have 4 rods rigged and ready to go you are fine. And you can have as many rods as you like “pre rigged” as in rigged up to a snap swivel where you need to attach a hook/lure or sabiki jig. You are fine
  15. You arent wrong about that!
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