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  1. xerotao


    On skids yes. But not on rollers
  2. I had a thunnus 12000ci4 for bait fishing off the rocks. I sold it as it was a chunky reel and didnt hold much line. Was a bit heavy compared to similar size reels without the live baiting mechanism. Also the live baiting gearing was a pain to service and put back together. (No one ever mentions that)
  3. Seabass not sea perch and they catch them bigger in Japan
  4. Mack baits are dominating on bonnies right now
  5. Preventative maintenance is key. So much metal shaving and no markings on the remaining nuts. Im guessing the studs are working themselves loose
  6. I have built a few rods in the past as what i wanted costed an arm and a leg (eg. samurai or battler) Havnt built one recently, pretty much repair rods for friends and family. Have been eyeing a few cheap builds for the kids. Only for the coloured blanks!
  7. The tow points are a solid piece which is probably rated higher than the splits rings attached to it. also can only assume cheaper lures use cheaper components hence bigger split rings. A quality stainless ring would be smaller than a similar rated split ring. You pay for what you get
  8. We used to get baby squids when prawning with our drag nets down at alfords pt bridge around 10yrs ago
  9. Nice. just checked it out. We get trickles of what is out there globally
  10. Im sure can buy half the rod off shimano. New zodias is/will be out in japan. Maybe another 5years to hit aus if even at all. my sephias bb rod was released in japan in ‘14 which i bought from japan. Shimano aus only released it last year
  11. I doubt repairable. And i doubt you can buy shimano blanks. Either buy similar blank and reuse guides. Buy a new rod or wait for new zodias to be released in australia
  12. Iv always wanted to pair it with a daiwa vadel. If i can find one at the right price then i would snatch it up. but as of now it can wait
  13. I wouldnt buy a reel based on max drag. Smooth is what im after. I picked it up for $250. was an impulse buy. hence no hurry to use it when i have a setup that works
  14. I have a lateo2 110xh thats rated to something similar to 60-150g i think. Bought it was the same reason. But havt used it yet as im yet to find a reel that i like and can afford to pair it with. and always seem to go for my lighter outfit when fishing off the rocks