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  1. xerotao

    Summer Drummer

    Nice. Maybe i should of went to your location today instead of getting smashed by 2m+ swells at the central coast today.
  2. xerotao

    Fish Id

    Definitely Juvi samsonfish
  3. xerotao

    George’s river kayak sesh

    This x100
  4. Would anyone wear this? https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-01/invention-sends-text-if-fishers-are-swept-from-rocks/10570286?pfmredir=sm&fbclid=IwAR04PJhR9Gq0cLAHtBl5tn5zMmTeUMyWiL92AW5Qv5zIir-Vm6n8R6-7XKQ
  5. xerotao


    Only Longtails where i target them unfortunately
  6. xerotao


    Nice! Cant wait till i can target tunas off the rocks again
  7. xerotao

    Popping Rod for the stones

    I dont think you can go wrong with that rod.
  8. xerotao

    Any Tackle Organisation Tips?

    I had a similar problem like you did. I didnt like bringing things i know i wont be using. I ended splitting them to 3 dedicated bags. 1st for beach/rock, 2nd for egi, 3rd for estuary. if i was going for a fish, i wouldnt be needing my estuary gear if iwas spinning off the rocks or vice versa. andi could easily put some squid jigs in a plano box and shove it in my rock bag if needed.
  9. xerotao

    help with new landing net

    I grabbed the bream basket. As i just use it on my kayak. And the free delivery was a no brainer
  10. xerotao

    help with new landing net

    I use a bassaction net. Has a built in ruler feature that i find neat
  11. xerotao

    Stockton beach salmon

    Just a quick one Headed to stockton beach last weekend for a swim for the kids and bought along the rods "incase" there was some free time. Found a nice little gutter for the kids to swim in and threw in a gang pillie. nothing touched it for hours until mr sambo got lost and took the bait. Just a quick little fight and a happy snap and he was sent off to find his way home. and nothing else touch my pillies for the rest of the day. The wife and the kids had a blast swimming and flying kites!
  12. xerotao

    Buyback bargain

    Nice work there
  13. xerotao

    Advice on New Reel for Squid Setup

    Also just noticed you have a 8'6" rod. A 2500 would most likely balance/suit better than a 1000
  14. xerotao

    Advice on New Reel for Squid Setup

    Its because of the shallow spool and but with 2500 sized spool for further casting i believe. Same as my Sephia Squidding tackle is one of those things that could be done from a simple handline to $500+ tackle. Start simple and work your way up!