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  1. Went out yesterday night for hairtail , started fishing around 9pm at Waratah . Bait down and straight away got a good size fish . After that quiet until 1am ? But that's fishing . Any one have any luck ??? Are they still around ????
  2. fook

    Cowan Creek Firing

    nice one , will be seeing u in the water soon
  3. I went on Monday and couldn't find them . Good luck
  4. fook

    My trip to Hairtail

    welldone!!!! nice report
  5. fook

    Syd harbour and Botany Bay

    I was there too , spoke to u the rev. I was in the quintrex hornet trophy. Caught alot of salmon n kings and a few tailor. The 3 inch clear plastic was doing the damage with light jig heads. Just drop into the bust up and wait.
  6. fook

    WARNING! Tuggerah Lake Anglers

    Thanks for the advice. will be prawning the next new moon.
  7. fook

    WARNING! Tuggerah Lake Anglers

    hi, just wondering about the algae conditions? is it better after the days of rain? is it safe to prawn? thanks
  8. fook

    Waratah Bay 03/07

    i was fishing overnight from mon to tues. only caught 2 and miss 2 strike, size around 1 to 1.2 metre. not much around. thanks
  9. fook

    Berowra fishing/camping trip

    Nice reports. Looking forward to camp and fish too. Thanks
  10. I'm thinking to fish pittwater tomorrow night, any good reports up there? thanks for the help.
  11. fook

    Pittwater Bonito

    yeap, change to a owner hook, same size or one size bigger should do the job,
  12. fook

    Pittwater Bonito

    5gm 10 gm and 15 gm halco slice, they will hit either one but it all depends on what they r feeding on. Match the hatch. Hope this help. Might get out there next week.
  13. fook

    Any Salmon Around?

    Thanks for the advice.
  14. fook

    Any Salmon Around?

    going to have a few days off this week , thought of going for some early spring pelagic , are there any school around? fishing on a boat... pittwater or the harbour or maybe botany???? thanks
  15. fook

    Hairtail Finally

    i'm new to hairtail and keen to brave the cold nights for one. any spesific location. thank you. fook,