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  1. oh, so your condesending post is normal is it? my mate isnt on this forum, hence i posted, that and he probably doesnt want to make a fuss over it, i just posted out of curiosity...... forgive me oh mighty huey...... ill hapilly post a pic of the skeg........ when im up at the central coast next. youve contridicted yourself huey, in one breath youve said that evinrudes advertising is fact and that if it was false then they would get sued, but when merc makes claims you seem to take it as rubbish, and basically poo poo their claims. not having visited your shop or anythign i can only assume that you have a vested intrest in the evinrudes..... which is fine, you have a job to do, bills to pay etc....... but fairs fair........ you still havent said at what RPM you get max torque?
  2. its advertising huey, you can say whatever you want........... maccas say their burgers are mouth watering, hungry jacks say the burgers are better...... is it true? you havent been able to answer my question about torque though?
  3. the bullshit advertising that envinrude do with their etec's where they do a tug-o-war with the same boat but different make of motor......... they also claim some ridiculous amount of time before it needs a service........ 50 hours and its been back to the dealer twice......... and yes, i realise maintenance and servicing are 2 different things.....
  4. sorry, should have thought about the title a bit better, no the dealer didnt give him back the old water pump....... huey, with all due respect, compare apples with apples, youre saying a 4cyl 4 stroke has less torque than a v6 2 stroke........ without being a outboard expert and knowing what size engine has how many cylinders, would a v6 4 stroke have ore or less torque than that of a v6 2 stroke.......and at what RPM do you get full torque? we have called the dealer, he seemed very dismissive of the whole thing, he found an evinrude dealer on the central coast who he is happy with, saves himself 4 hours in a round trip now...... surely its a design flaw somewhere along the way, where not having run over anything, run aground etc, that crap is still able to get sucked into the cooling system? huey, it sounds like you are very pro etec, which is fine, and it also seems as though you have the support of the long time posters on here, so im not gonna argue with you and say what i think, but your condensending attitude leaves alot to be desired....... although, i have read nothing but glowing reports about you, so maybe i have caught you on an off day......
  5. hey all, a mates got a barcrusher 670c, with a 150 etec on the back, the boat isnt old at all, its done about 50 hours, already done a water pump (apparently it sucked somthign in)......... hard to believe, but he paid to get it fixed, next trip out, water pump went again...... now he lives on the central coast, and the dealer he got it from is down near windsor....... its a 4 hour round trip...... turns out that an o ring on the water pump was left off after the place in windsor replaced it...... surely this is grounds for them covering the cost of taking it apart the second time? do these motors have a tendnacy to suck crap up into the cooling system easily? its never been beached or run through crap, he's had enough of it and it now thinking of trading it in for a new 4 stroke 175........ but he isnt too sure which way to go.... any ideas?
  6. damo, my hat goes off to you....... youre a charter operator, and even without someone handing over their hard earned youre still willing o give hints and tricks, to what is essentially someone who isnt gonna fish with you if they can get their own...... bravo mate...... when i save some coin up, me and a mate will be coming on a trip with you for sure.......
  7. . i guess thats where we differ in views, if youre going to compete in something, you want to be the best, you want to win, if you can get any advantage over your rivals you'd take it.... im not saying you should cheat, but you dont win silver, you lose gold
  8. agree, but if that was you, of course youd fight tooth and nail to stay innocent........
  9. its a sport that is riddled with doping......... end of the day, he beat the system............ still a cheat.
  10. i agree, hes a cheat, BUT while racing he never tested positive. what about this as an example, nrl has now banned the shoulder charge, does that mean they should go back in histroy and place bans or suspensions for anyone who has ever done it? long bow to draw, but whilst racing he never tested positive, simple as that, yes he is a cheat, yes he broke the rules, but he never got caught while racing.......... i think the guy is a tosser personally, but i find this debate far to good to ever keep out of. they should make a division for dopers and one for people who are natural. make the fines and penalites extreme if you are caught doping in the natural class.... they should do that with the olympics too.......
  11. is that a tent or the taj mahal???!!!???
  12. wow........................................................
  13. reyzor

    Today Tonight

    i know i will get some flack for this post, but i would have got out of the car and gone at him...... having spent alot of money on my car, for some flop to do this would send me over the edge....... though i think his car would have come off sceond best to the bull bar on the car....... there is always 2 sides to a story, and the truth is usually in the middle somewhere.......
  14. tell us more about the car you are going from 20's to 16's on?
  15. couple of hundered bucks, but now i have bought the tool to do it myself on my car....... it jsut reprograms the speedo signal..... i change tyres sizes fairly often, it worked out cheaper to do it this way.....