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  1. Yes very possible to get land based fish especially around the weirs. You can fish under the bridge you'll see the spot theres usually someone fishing for carp. Trouble is if you want to cover some ground it is pretty hard terrain in some areas. Also remember bass season is usually snake season and they also like the river. Obviously Kayak is the way to go and it doesn't need to be too flash. Ive had a reasonable season of late between your photo and Douglas Park, but haven't had an outing since the rains. Most fish i get are on cicada lures or small spinner baits. Good luck.
  2. No Berly unless you count live squid in a basket hanging over the side cause the livie tank didn't want to play. Mate its hard enough to get bait on the poly.
  3. Another awesome day out with Stewy. Seems like he's covered most of the detail of the trip. Couldn't get a bite with live squid but hooking up on strips, getting absolutely smoked on 30lb and then changing to 50lb and then not getting a bite on it? Learn something every time! Gotta love fishing. Oh and one of us works hard at getting a day off to go fishing. The other just works hard at fishing. Ha ! Thanks for putting in the post Stewy. Catch up soon. Cheers Deano.
  4. Great report Jonno on an awesome day. We might have got smoked a few times but we landed more than we lost and on the light gear it was an AWESOME session. Just couldn't get one legal as they were all about 60 -63cm. So all were released. Thanks again for a great day out its been a long wait but sure was worth it.
  5. Might have just been a rat but you look pretty pleased with yourself. Good on you.
  6. Yes great day out again Stewie, Squid fishing was slow, crabbing was shit but the Kingy fishing made for an awesome day out.
  7. Went for an early morning trip to the Nepean to give Deb's new kayak a run and try to catch her first bass. Deb was using a surface cicada. Wasn't long and she was on the board, Only small but it was a first. I followed up next on a spinner bait. Relief, cause Deb had been getting quite a few hits and enquiries on the cicada and I didn't think it would be too long till she was on again. Sure enough Deb had her upgrade and I was trying to think of how to get my cicada back, because I,d had no more touches on the spinner bait and was throwing hard bodies and had changed to a Buggie Pop cicada. We reached our little stop area where you can get out easy, have a stretch, a coffee, and even keep fishing from the bank. While I was making a cuppa I also had this conversation with Deb. "Gee there was a big splash in the water" " Ok throw your lure there " Splashing noise..... "Im on" ......." Oh bugger it got off, I think it was pretty big" " Never mind, try again" Bigger splashing noise..... "Shit it's on again"...... This time I run up to see Deb hooked into a beauty and in the clear water it looks around 40cm, and had caught them that size from here before. Turn to get the net from the Kayak and I here "Bugger He got off again." ........That was the last bit of action from that spot. We drifted down river for about another hour and got one more fish each around the 25cm mark for total of 5 fish for the morning. Deb winning the day. By now it was getting quite hot so we hitched the kayaks together,hit the Watersnake and cruised back to the car feeling pretty happy about our morning trip. Cheers Deano...
  8. Been itching for a fish so decided to hit the Nepean this morning hoping that it had cleared bit from recent rains. Looked fishable but still bit dirty. Started throwing spinnerbaits but had no luck except for a couple of small bumps. Changed to a black cicada and almost straight away started to see some action with numerous strikes, but no hook ups ? Was starting to think the hooks were too small or the fish were? Was thinking of changing when bang, Im on, only small (25cm) but I just love the way they still smash things on the surface. Stayed with the cicada and got 3 more fish, 1 very small another 25cm and the biggest 30cm. The itch had been scratched. Still getting used to Kayak fishing and taking selfies with bass that don't want to behave. One photo looks like I'm trying to look like the bass. Was using 4lb braid & 6lb leader and the lure was a Tiemco soft shell. Still not sure wether to upsize the hooks? Fished around the Bypass bridge at Camden. Merry Xmas and New Year to all Deano . Sorry about the size of the pictures,
  9. That looked like a great day out. Great consolation prize when the Jews weren't on. Good work with the camera Pete it was fun to watch, better work on the squid net, next time try and give Stewy a go so you can get a jig in the water.( Good Luck ) Top effort fellas.
  10. Thanks for doing the post Stewy. It had been a while since last outing, but it was great to have a day out on the Cooks and Chippo. As usual lots of laughs and fish. Top day out!
  11. Thanks for the comments. Sounds like this is a well known spot. So easy to fish there, so always give it try first.
  12. Good on you mate, great to see all the effort being rewarded . Top report.
  13. We had been thinking of doing a Luderick trip, cause we hadn't been dabbling in the dark arts for quite some time, So when Stewie rang with " I've got some great weed man ", It was on. Arrived and were set up ready to go just before daylight with the last few hours of the runout tide. We could hardly see our floats for the first ten minutes, and were not sure if we were getting downs. Soon enough we found out for sure, they were on.... a red hot bite for the first 1/2 hour, slowing to a steady pace till bottom of the tide. We had bagged out by 10 o'clock. What a cracker of a morning! Was such a beautiful day on the water we decided to stay and practice some catch and release for couple of hours. The bite was a lot slower on the run in, but there was still some good fish being set free to fight another day. (and boy can some of them fight. LOVE IT). Stewy decided to experiment with some new float set ups. After a few trials and some choice words, I'm here to say some of them poor floats may never see the light of day again! He was back with old faithful and once again hooking up. His fishing brain must never stop. Did,nt take too many pics but sent a few to Stew to post ( It takes me too long---dont ask ) Thanks again Stewie for a great day fishing. See Ya Deano.
  14. Really missing that cod fishing,that report reminds me why. Great stuff Neil
  15. Nice when the by catch is better than the target.