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  1. swano

    Harbour Blackfish

    Thanks for the comments. Sounds like this is a well known spot. So easy to fish there, so always give it try first.
  2. swano

    Jindabyne Trout trip

    Good on you mate, great to see all the effort being rewarded . Top report.
  3. swano

    Harbour Blackfish

    We had been thinking of doing a Luderick trip, cause we hadn't been dabbling in the dark arts for quite some time, So when Stewie rang with " I've got some great weed man ", It was on. Arrived and were set up ready to go just before daylight with the last few hours of the runout tide. We could hardly see our floats for the first ten minutes, and were not sure if we were getting downs. Soon enough we found out for sure, they were on.... a red hot bite for the first 1/2 hour, slowing to a steady pace till bottom of the tide. We had bagged out by 10 o'clock. What a cracker of a morning! Was such a beautiful day on the water we decided to stay and practice some catch and release for couple of hours. The bite was a lot slower on the run in, but there was still some good fish being set free to fight another day. (and boy can some of them fight. LOVE IT). Stewy decided to experiment with some new float set ups. After a few trials and some choice words, I'm here to say some of them poor floats may never see the light of day again! He was back with old faithful and once again hooking up. His fishing brain must never stop. Did,nt take too many pics but sent a few to Stew to post ( It takes me too long---dont ask ) Thanks again Stewie for a great day fishing. See Ya Deano.
  4. swano

    A good day...

    Really missing that cod fishing,that report reminds me why. Great stuff Neil
  5. swano

    Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Nice when the by catch is better than the target.
  6. Some great fish there. Thats a good looking setup. Shame about the yellowfin not wanting to play, but you couldn't complain about that bag of fish. Good work fellas.
  7. swano

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Nice day out on the river for you. Thats one mean looking crab ! Good on the young fella getting a blackfish on plastic, something Ive not done. He,ll be hooked now.
  8. swano

    Estuary Perch

    Nice work fellas, Great looking fish! Cracker of an EP for your first one Jonno, Yours isn't too bad either Stewy. Check out the cake holes on them.( the fish )
  9. swano

    Port Stephens- teaching the next generation!

    Great work Scratchie & kids. Terrific photos. What a great backyard to play in !
  10. swano

    Few BREAM

    Yep Great day out on the river. Thanks Stewy. Quite a few fish and a lot of laughs. Great therapy. I reckon that black cod is bad JuJu, thats the third time i know its been caught there and no Jewies each time.
  11. swano

    Swordie takes on lake fishing in the UK

    "EckyThump" Good on youStewie. I knew you would wet a line somewhere over there. See you both soon.
  12. swano

    Emmaville Cod Trip

    Was lucky enough to go with Swordy ( Stewy) & John Dory (Dave) to the Severn River for a 4 day Cod Fishing trip. This place never ceases to amaze me with its ruggedness & beauty all rolled into one, from the platypus just cruising by while you fish to the bloody snakes (lots) your constantly watching out for. The roos the Wild deer & goats, the birdlife but most of all the fishing on this pristine river makes for everlasting memories. No internet, radio, newspapers, phones you can't help but just soak it all in. The fishing started slow but once we worked out a few things,we caught and released over 60 fish between the three of us, with some great sessions. A big thanks to Stewy for all the preparation he puts into planning these trips. If there's something you need he's probably got it stashed somewhere and when he,s not fishing he'll be making you up a shiny new spinnerbait. And to Dave, we may have had 1star accommodation, but the dinners you kept knocking up from that shit kitchen tasted like 5 star. It was much appreciated. Im not real good or quick at posting photos,so maybe Stewy or Dave could post a few in. Cheers Deano.
  13. swano

    First Bass

    Looks like you've got a good set up for bass fishing. If that was your first i don't think it will be your last.. Where are you fishing? Just tell your mate to Zoom in a bit more while you hold the fish!
  14. swano

    Swordies fish Glenbawn

    Hi Swordies, Good to see you finally up there and into them already.. Shame about the Kiosk. Looks nice up there, hope the weather stays good for you all week. Cheers Deano
  15. Hi Jani, Love reading your reports from the other side of the world. Great fish in a very rugged looking environment.Good call on the chopper, would not like to walk 40km of that landscape.