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  1. Hi All, so the most random and at the time mildly upsetting thing happened, got to foreshore ramp on good friday for a fish and as we were prepping the boat the 2IC calls me over and tells me to look at something.... the cross bollard for my anchor rope tie down is lying on the bow of the boat perfectly sheared off.... I have no idea what happened to it or why it even broke as i even took a photo of it from the last time we used the boat where i had blue swimmer crabs all lined up perfectly in front of it. I am at a loss a what to do about this now as i have no idea how to fix this... does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do? at the moment we were just tying the anchor rope to the hand rail at the bow.... less than ideal but didn't want to call off a fishing trip when we were practically on the slipway for that. Whats my best course of action for fixing this? Ideally i would like to just by a new alloy cross bollard and weld that on as a direct replacement but i don't have the tools or skills for welding, so would buying a stainless steel cross bollard work and just bolt that on top of the old alloy bollards base plate? angle grinding it down to make a flat surface...or hope to anyway? now that im typing this out, it sure sounds sketchy and potentially frustrating to make something a flat surface for mounting something else... Open to any advice or suggestions Cheers, Ojay
  2. Ojay Samson

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Thanks Crusher, So while i was filleting the fish at the cleaning tables i was helping myself with some prime sashimi slices. got home and mum prepared a simple beer batter and made 'fish & chips' without the chips and to all of our surprise... the meat was delicious absolutely NOTHING like what we were all imagining in our head.. like typical dry textured tuna from a can. All the while mum had the head in the oven cooking as well and after picking out all the meat, which usually gets thrown away from what ive seen in videos with the whole head being discarded she then proceeded to make some sort of tomato paste/sauce thingy with canned tomatoes, garlic, herbs and other stuff which is beyond me and if i were to try compare it to it was like a pasta sauce you would mix in with ones favourite pasta except with tuna for meat... and was eaten the following days for breakfast etc on toast... was delicious. Next day it was tempura batter and that was amazing to. Never got to try grilled tuna steaks at the time, so hoping next time will get a chance. The bulk of the tuna is sitting in the freezer with my mum guarding it with her life, went out fishing the other day and she got nervous we were going to take some of it for bait and told me not to touch it haha (because we used the off cuts of tuna like the bloodline parts and other less desirable sections for bait in our crab traps...which seemed to be amazing bait for them. and to confirm the leftover offcuts were used for bait on good Friday fishing trip to botany and were a massive hit here to). Cheers, Ojay
  3. Ojay Samson

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Thanks for the kind words Chaser, couldn't have asked for a better opening fish
  4. Ojay Samson

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it. Its funny you say that, i was on high alert when i was tea bagging the ocean with the tuna. The thought of 'this seems like a bad idea' went through my mind a few times, i got lucky i guess... using the wash down pump instead never crossed my mind, but now that you mention it... its genius! Will definitely be employing it next time the occasion calls for it. Thanks Berleyguts! I actually showed the mrs this post and she was loving your comment haha! Yeah i was trying to be careful not to gaff the prized eating bits so was trying my hardest to get it in the head area, and thankfully the gaff was sharp enough to get the business done. HAHAHA! this made me laugh IRL, thank you for your concern. its ok now 🤣 Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks Donna, yeah I do have a pretty good deckie... couldnt ask for anyone better Thanks BN, glad you enjoyed my post & thank you... it most certainly wont be forgotten any time soon.
  5. Ojay Samson

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Story Time Hi Raiders… here’s my report. Applied for leave and it was approved. Decided to take my boat out of Sydney for the first time and tow it up to Port Stephens for a small break, took the partner and my mum up as we all needed a little break from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Shopped around for accommodation for 4 nights and found a place that would accommodate a small trailerboat for a comfortable price….it was about a 12-minute drive to the boat ramp I was planning on launching from, Soldiers Point which was acceptable enough for me to endure for the money saved compared to places closer to the boat ramps. Arrived at the accommodation place that boasted being in the ‘trees as an escape’ only to find that when the 2IC and I came to the reception desk, turns out they had been trying to contact us all morning to inform us that they wanted to move us somewhere else, as on the Sunday night of the weekend before there was a short but massive storm which took out their tv antennas and pool filter system and blew up a tree with splinters hitting the reception building a good 80 meters away apparently. So, they informed us they want to move us to their other location in soldiers point… I politely accepted the offer and off we went. Turns out this new accommodation is about a 30 second drive from the boat ramp… was cheering! NEW ACCOMMODATION Day 1 Arrived at around 1pm, got settled in and squared away. Wanted to make the most of the first day so launched the boat at 3pm to try for crabs with newly bought crab traps…. Left them to soak from 3pm-530pm. Only caught 1 undersized blue swimmer, so back it went and headed home. ITS GO TIME Day 2 This ended up being the pick of the days as it turned out, as the next few days after was wind warnings a plenty by the BOM and unpleasant 40 knot gale winds forecast with heavy rain. Launched the boat and was on the water by 8AM… a later start than I had planned for but whatever. Motored up to cabbage tree island and did a few drifts to catch some live bait. Spoke to a local who was doing the same to get any info on how Broughton was fishing, they did not know the current conditions as he had been targeting jewies inside the heads and was just there picking up some livies. Stayed for about an hour to load up on livies, then motored on to Broughton island to do drive-bys on a few marks previously put into fish finder unit back at Sydney before heading to the final destination of the island. To my surprise there were no more kingfish pens for me to sus out (well none that I saw anyways). Anchored up in 20 + meters of water and once I was confident we were holding bottom, gave the first slimy a nose piercing with a 7/0 octopus circle hook and let out some line, judging by the colour changes I think I let it out about 30 meters before closing the bail. Checked the drag to make sure it wasn't too loose that it may case an overrun. Was trying to put the safety lanyard on the neck of the reel seat of my new fishing outfit (shimano saragosa SW10000/ shimano terez) when suddenly something was trying to rip the rod out of my hand. Mind you this was the first time I have ever taken this new outfit out for a fish having had it since Christmas last year and was definitely not expecting to see action on it so quickly… it was out according to the footage for only about 2 minutes before it got bent in half. Fish went for a couple of screaming runs initially where in my panic I was tightening the drag as I did not know the country I was fishing in and didn’t want to get bricked on a reef. Luckily the fishing gods were smiling on me and eventually managed to get the fish boat-side, and after a few tense attempts of handing over the rod to the 2IC while I try to jockey for position to Gaff the fish (something ive never needed to do before...the most action my gaff has ever seen is to pull up mooring buoys), I eventually get a beautiful shot on the side gill plate which seemed to hit something pretty important as it started bleeding out pretty quickly. Was definitely taking this baby home for a feed so it was going to meet its maker one way or another. Gave it its last rites and introduced the priest to it to put it out of its misery, cut the gills to introduce some more bleeding, hung it out upside down boat side to aid in the bleed out and then onto ice for the ride home. THE MONEY SHOT GAFF SHOT IN YELLOW CIRCLE FOR GIRTHS SAKE... NO GUESSTIMATES, JUST TRUTH ON THE LIE DETECTOR... 103CM TOTAL LENGTH Was my first ever longtail/northern bluefin tuna so it’s an automatic PB for me @ 103cm . Tried again for another 20 minutes then called it quits as my crew were starting to feel a bit seasick, pulled up stumps and motored on home, Back at the ramp by 12pm. With most of my reports, here is an accompanying video for anyone interested. >>>>>> CLICK ME FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO <<<<<< Day 3 This day was a washout where it was near gale winds and heavy rain all through the night till midday, went to the ramp ready to brave the elements at around 930am, but after seeing and speaking to another local who changed his mind on launching at the slipway, we were inclined to agree and follow suit in that it was not a good idea to go out just then, so we turned around and went home. The winds settled down near the arvo, so we tried again and got on the water around 3pm till sunset for zilch. Day 4 This was much of the same except for the rain, threw the crab traps out in the morning when it was calmer and let them soak. Explored around inside for zeros rod and reel wise, however this day proved to be pretty good in that the total tally for the crab traps at the end of the day were 9 blue swimmer crab keepers, so day wasn’t a total loss, however I wanted to go outside again to Broughton island and try and catch that elusive big red, with to date my PB snapper being only 1cm over legal @ 31cm :/… oh well, next time I guess. They were delicious Overall a good fishing trip away from Sydney to mix things up a bit. Thanks for reading. Ojay Ps thankyou to berleyguts for sussing out wash down taps at soldiers point the week before when i was doing the homework, which ultimately led me to chose soldiers as my base of operations.
  6. Ojay Samson

    REMINISCING- Silver Trevally

    Thoroughly enjoyed that read, thanks for posting.
  7. Ojay Samson

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Awesome post! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for my trip up in a weeks time... hope I can get on the dollies to while I'm up there to. Pictures tell a thousand words as they say... brilliant pics.
  8. Ojay Samson

    Fishing Port Stephens

    Thanks for the advice and confirmation about the taps. Just download the app now, pretty neat!
  9. Ojay Samson

    Fishing Port Stephens

    Thank you so much Berleyguts for answering all my question, and in a very timely manner, genuinely appreciate it. Im sorting out my plotter/sounder right now to just putting in all the marks I can find for the place to try, and have just added the crack thanks to you clearing it up for me. Accommodation was already sorted as of yesterday night, one could say i'll be 'escaping in the trees'. Unfortunately they say they cant accom. engine flushing, so my only hope is the taps at soldier point by the loops of things. So it seems like my only hope is that the taps at the fish cleaning station at soldiers is in working order or I'm in trouble haha. If anyone will be fishing the area around the time I will be up there, feel free to say hi as its always nice to meet up with fellow raiders, i can PM my number if keen. And if anyone has more advise or tips I'm willing to listen via PM if need be, sorry for hijacking this post, i was thinking of creating a new one to try avoid this hijack but at the same time i didn't want to make it seem like i wasn't familiar with the 'search' button... Thanks again Berleyguts Ojay 😁
  10. Ojay Samson

    Fishing Port Stephens

    Awesome post Scratchie. Went through the whole post and took notes accordingly. I’m planning a trip up there from the 28.03.19 – 01.04.19 with my partner for a fishing getaway, have never been before outside of Sydney and am pretty excited for it. Been watching a few YouTube videos etc trying to figure out what is possible up there and where to go with the boat… but would be lying if I wasn’t a little nervous as I’ve never been there before let alone gone up with a boat in tow. Anyway had a few questions to anyone who could answer: Was ringing around at the usual accommodation places which can accommodate a boat and trailer and the consensus was that none of the places could facilitate engine flushing. My question is to anyone who has the know, where do people like me who are from out of town and drag their boats up to Port Stephens for a few days fish flush their outboards at the end of a day’s session? Are there washdown/engine flush bays in any of the public boat ramps there? soldiers point, little beach etc? I will gladly bring my own hose etc but would like to know if there are actually any taps which one can use for a standard 5-minute engine flush?... I’m not even fussed about washdowns too much, but the engine flush is a must after every session and a rinse of the trailer if possible. All the accommodation places I rung seemed to have no idea and suggested that they might have taps at the ramps but could not guarantee it, I found this a bit odd seeing as I am led to believe this place is a fishing comp mecca, with a big fishing comp happening a week after my stay there, and I would assume everyone who has a boat would flush after every session… Next questions: - shoal bay is a pretty big bay, where should I be focussing my efforts for catching squid for livies and any livies in general? East, west, or middle of the bay? Specific marks would be greatly appreciated if anyone’s feeling generous enough to share. Also, could someone show me on a map where “30m near the big crack (Mrs murphys)” is? Whose Mrs Murphy’s and where is her crack at? - When venturing out past the heads to go to broughton island, is the area known as “the rips” basically the heads of port Stephens and to be careful there? Or is it somewhere more specific between the little islands out past the heads? Sorry for my ignorance if I’m not understanding this right. - In the time I will be there, what species of fish would I have the most change of catching … snapper, mac tuna, bonito? … anything else - Would a 4.5M boat be enough to get to broughton island on a decent day, and generally how long do people stay outside in regards to safety and fishing sessions… do people pack it in relatively early? ie do people start early and go outside and start heading back after midday or something and fish inside... or really depends on the day and the person/experience and boat etc? Any other tips, suggestions, info on fishing the place would be greatly appreciated Thanks Ojay
  11. Ojay Samson

    Head cams for video work

    Just my opinion, but I find that there are a few people out there who suffer from motion sickness when viewing footage from head mounted cameras... to much movement I believe. I use a chest mount instead and it seems to do the trick for those who are a bit more sensitive to watching action camera footage. Go with what works best for you though. Cheers Ojay
  12. Ojay Samson

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    Hey Frank, not sure if its too late to come but if not, I will try swing by after work tomorrow arvo with Nat if thats ok with you.
  13. Ojay Samson

    Fish ID. [ Crimson Banded Wrasse and Blackspot Goatfish]

    Thanks all for the information! Can always count on raiders for timely fish ID's Cheers!
  14. Hi All, can i get an ID for these 3 fish i caught on the weekend. caught them around old mans hat casting at the rocks...