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  1. Thanks for organising today's meet, I'll have to give this one a miss as the crew and I have opted to stay home and rest for tomorrow.... I'm hoping to head outside if weather permits. Keep us posted if anyone else is going out tomorrow to. Have fun tonight all those meeting up. Ojay
  2. I was told there were bigger versions of this... those models are all I'm having luck with hahaha
  3. Nice to meet y'all in person. See you in the morning!
  4. I'm locked in, will be based at soldiers point. Will meet up with the rest of you at little beach. For those who have a vhf or 27meg radio, should we organise a specific channel that we can all keep in contact with each other on the days were up there? I've only got a VHF and go by my boats name 'DONT PANIC' Cheers Ojay
  5. Yikes! Sorry, I got nothing of value for input... just surprised by that corrosion from 6 months... I assume you take care of your stuff? Freshwater rinse, inox spray etc?
  6. I used to tow my 4.5m formosa (braked trailer) with my 1991 Toyota corolla Seca around...fairly sure my boat is decently heavier than yours so you'll be fine. Don't expect to win any races though. Ramps are fine to as long as they are maintained. Put it in low gear to minimise wheelspin. Here's a vid to put your mind at ease. YOUTUBE VID
  7. Thanks, that has surprisingly reassured me. Feeling confident now the nut & bolt job should be fine Sweet as... I'm fairly sure this is the same path I will be taking. Also just 1 more question to anyone that knows but the new split cross bollard design had a clearly slightly raked back design and 1 side of the cross has these distinct raised edges.... indicating to.me it's supposed to be mounted in a specific way... does anyone know which ways supposed to face forward? For reference on my 3rd picture you can see the tapered edge on the horizontal part of the cross and in the 1st photo the bollard is leaning from right to left. Sorry for the tedious questions, I just don't want to mount it up on the day and turns out someone who actually knows the proper way to mount it later down the track informs me that its the wrong way around haha
  8. Thanks for the info and pics to visualise what i should do to. I want to go down the nut and bolt path and get a SS which can hold chain in between Thank you very much for the offer. After the whole burning paint and repainting after rewelding install, thats to much extra effort for my linking i think and i will try going down the nut and bolt path. I should have looked underneath as you suggested before buying hardware, the original is welded on so i have nothing to unbolt and will need to remount somewhere else or try figure out a way of getting around the cross member which is directly underneath the original bollards base plate. I went and got the split bollard like you as i to want to lock the chain when needed and seems like a nice upgrade to the standard aluminium alloy bollard which i had originally. i get my anchcor stuck quite often and with the amount of pressure i put on the original bollard at times, i am not surprised it finally gave way, so the SS cross bollard seems like a good upgrade, just still not to convinced about the nuts and bolts that will hold this in place... the gauge seems a bit to small however i guess they are more than adequate seeing as that's what the manufacturer intended. Thanks to everyone for their replies and suggestions, it certainly helped me out in deciding what i wanted to do, now comes the hard part of executing it.
  9. Hey Frank, thanks I just saw your messages recently, i just came from the local chandlery and bought some hardware, however i think there are some problems like usual with simple installs when it comes to me haha, when are you free? i tried calling you earlier on your mobile but went to voicemail. Let me know when you're next free and i'll swing the boat around and get your opinion on the matter. ps this is what i ended up getting ... just not sure now on the mounting of it as original location is in a terrible spot underneath with reinforcing cross members directly underneath where i would be drilling the hew holes to mount this bloody thing...
  10. Count me & the 2IC in pending on solid dates, revolves around me being able to get annual leave on the finalised dates... gotta apply long in advance to be in with a chance.
  11. Hi All, so the most random and at the time mildly upsetting thing happened, got to foreshore ramp on good friday for a fish and as we were prepping the boat the 2IC calls me over and tells me to look at something.... the cross bollard for my anchor rope tie down is lying on the bow of the boat perfectly sheared off.... I have no idea what happened to it or why it even broke as i even took a photo of it from the last time we used the boat where i had blue swimmer crabs all lined up perfectly in front of it. I am at a loss a what to do about this now as i have no idea how to fix this... does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do? at the moment we were just tying the anchor rope to the hand rail at the bow.... less than ideal but didn't want to call off a fishing trip when we were practically on the slipway for that. Whats my best course of action for fixing this? Ideally i would like to just by a new alloy cross bollard and weld that on as a direct replacement but i don't have the tools or skills for welding, so would buying a stainless steel cross bollard work and just bolt that on top of the old alloy bollards base plate? angle grinding it down to make a flat surface...or hope to anyway? now that im typing this out, it sure sounds sketchy and potentially frustrating to make something a flat surface for mounting something else... Open to any advice or suggestions Cheers, Ojay
  12. Thanks Crusher, So while i was filleting the fish at the cleaning tables i was helping myself with some prime sashimi slices. got home and mum prepared a simple beer batter and made 'fish & chips' without the chips and to all of our surprise... the meat was delicious absolutely NOTHING like what we were all imagining in our head.. like typical dry textured tuna from a can. All the while mum had the head in the oven cooking as well and after picking out all the meat, which usually gets thrown away from what ive seen in videos with the whole head being discarded she then proceeded to make some sort of tomato paste/sauce thingy with canned tomatoes, garlic, herbs and other stuff which is beyond me and if i were to try compare it to it was like a pasta sauce you would mix in with ones favourite pasta except with tuna for meat... and was eaten the following days for breakfast etc on toast... was delicious. Next day it was tempura batter and that was amazing to. Never got to try grilled tuna steaks at the time, so hoping next time will get a chance. The bulk of the tuna is sitting in the freezer with my mum guarding it with her life, went out fishing the other day and she got nervous we were going to take some of it for bait and told me not to touch it haha (because we used the off cuts of tuna like the bloodline parts and other less desirable sections for bait in our crab traps...which seemed to be amazing bait for them. and to confirm the leftover offcuts were used for bait on good Friday fishing trip to botany and were a massive hit here to). Cheers, Ojay
  13. Thanks for the kind words Chaser, couldn't have asked for a better opening fish