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  1. Ojay Samson

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    Hey Frank, not sure if its too late to come but if not, I will try swing by after work tomorrow arvo with Nat if thats ok with you.
  2. Ojay Samson

    Fish ID. [ Crimson Banded Wrasse and Blackspot Goatfish]

    Thanks all for the information! Can always count on raiders for timely fish ID's Cheers!
  3. Hi All, can i get an ID for these 3 fish i caught on the weekend. caught them around old mans hat casting at the rocks...
  4. Ojay Samson

    Hows the Harbour or Botany bay fishing? 19/05/2018

    Wasn't the greatest. Caught a few throwback pinkies and silver trevs. Caught 1 keeper bream, keeper flatty, leatherjacket and a squid. Went out in the harbour and tried around manly quarantine station/40 baskets and wedding cake west marker/ sow & pigs. Poked head outside the heads to try and find some bustups to no avail. Maritime came around for a safety check and asked him if he's seen or heard anyone catching that day... only jackets apparently. Was pretty blowy, went out from 5am-2pm.
  5. Hey All, just wanted to know if anyone has been fishing as of late in either the sydney harbour or botany systems, and willing to share their experience... Im hoping to take the boat out tomorrow morning (20/05/2018) and try my luck... I am planning to just spend my time inside the heads. Are there any bait balls being worked anymore or have they all disappeared due to the cold? Any information would be appreciated so I can make the right decision as to where to try tomorrow. Thanks, Ojay
  6. Hey all, so I made 2 vids yesterday arvo of 2 separate fishing outings. This is a following vid of me venturing out further than I have ever before to build up the confidence as I figured its about high time now I start going outside. In hindsight I probably should have picked a better day to go out as the 2IC was not to pleased with me that day as I sold the prospect of going out to check out the fad and peak as it was a quick affair which would have only took 20 or so minutes based on the boats cruising speed of 20ish knots…. oh, how wrong I was in even thinking I would come close to that speed as it probably took over an hour to get there as I was going a max of around 7 knots as I didn’t want to be bashed around and it being the first time I’ve gone outside that far, didn’t want to push my novice skills. All in all, it was a good day out now knowing what my little boat can do, and how far it can travel, at least when not on the plane (it drunk the full forward tank which was 22L getting out there from foreshore ramp and back to about 2km out from the heads… I was carrying ~100L of fuel that day just to be sure I wouldn’t run out of fuel, already learnt that lesson the hard way in the harbour before). Anyway, got the Sydney East FAD and did about 6 drifts total, threw out 1 livie and tried strip baits of yakka fillets and squid strips to no interest. In the end I tried my luck with my trusty rapala xrap sxr10, first cast and I had a taker right at the boat… my first ever Dolphinfish (my mission for the day was to catch my first ever dolly… so mission accomplished). He was only a small one so had a quick photo and back in the drink he went. That was about the most action I had at the fad so decided to move to the Peak a little bit further out. Got to the mark and sounded it up to find the spot (I need to figure out how to change the settings on my fish finder to deeper water as it was struggling a bit as I remember setting it up when I got it for shallow water). Started my drift with 1 rod with a livie, 1 with a yakka fillet and 1 other rod I was using with a knife jig. The rod with the yakka fillet got all the action where I got a hook up and line started peeling and rod buckling, started reeling it in (quite different to what I’m used to with 20ish Metres being the deepest I usually need tor retrieve). It came up and sure enough it was a barracouta (also another first fish for me so was chuffed with myself. Did another few drifts past the peak for 1 more take, once again on the yakka strip, however once the fluoro leader got to the first rod guide the fish magically managed to spit the hook out, oh well... After this decided to head back in (roughly around 10am). Thanks for reading. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
  7. Ojay Samson

    Easter Monday on botany bay

    Hey Raiders, haven’t posted in a while so I figured now would be a good time to be less lazy and contribute. Went for a fish on Easter Monday in botany bay after a recon mission at Brooklyn/Hawksbury the day before to see how chaotic the prospect of taking the boat out there would be. Suffice to say I decided against launching there and going botany instead. Plan was to leave mine at 12am and be on the water by 1 having prepared all the gear and boat during the daytime the day before. As we all know, fishing plans rarely ever go to the timeline. well at least for me they don’t. Ended up waiting for 1 hour for a no-show mate who was not able to wake up with his alarms so off we went (3 POB -myself, 2IC & 1 mate). Ended up being on the water at around 230AM and went to the bait grounds next to the tugs and loaded up on livies. 98% of the livies caught were by my 2IC. Then for the rest of the day we were running around going from spot to spot to try and find the fishing activity. Tried several new places for myself including the bommie around bare island where a nice fish was lost by my partner, I saw it and I swear it looked like a rainbow runner… never having seen one in real life I’m not sure but I swear it looked like one, even though the environment where they are located say otherwise. That day was also the first time I poked my head (boat) outside past the heads for the first time so it was a bit of a milestone for me… getting my toe wet for next week where I endeavoured to go to Sydney East FAD & The peak (furthest out I’ve ever been thus far… but that’s another story). Mainly fished for the bread and butter species primarily using bait for the day between my Mrs and mate, while I was occupied keeping hope alive trying to get lucky targeting’ the big one’ using livies. Unfortunately, nothing ever really touched my livies. All in all a good day (albeit a tiring one as we all were running on 2 hours sleep). Called it quits when an isolated storm front rolled past Kurnell as we could see it in the distance with lightning, and the call was made to call it quits for safety sake. Both my 2IC and mate had an absolute blast, although she lost a few good fish for the day (she had fun fighting them, just unfortunate they were all lost boat side- suspected rainbow runner/ silver Trev & 1 unknown fish which we were calling a trophy flatty… if anyone else can suggest another fish based on the video I’m open to people’s opinions…we’ll never 100% know anyhow. My mate also reported that that fishing session was the most fun fishing day he’s ever had, which means I did ok for myself as a host I guess. Anyways thanks for reading. tl;dr took the boat out on public holiday in Sydney, wasn’t too bad in terms of boat/fishing traffic, caught some fish and had some fun. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
  8. Ojay Samson

    Botany fad

    Hey all I'm planning to head out to Sydney east fad and the peak tomorrow... Since these are the closes fads to botany from what I can see, will I be wasting my effort? I've never been outside before and am hoping it all goes well.
  9. Ojay Samson

    Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    Just to follow up on the hawksbury Brooklyn area, I went on a recon trip last night to check out the ramp at the bridge and the ramp at parsley Bay. Both of them were still packed with cars being parked on grass and hard shoulders of roads... This was already at 830pm so I can only imagine how much chaos the place was during the day time. Decided not to go out today from what I saw last night and what I read on this thread about botany.
  10. Ojay Samson

    Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    Thanks for this bit of info, I was planning to launch from there tomorrow morning for a fish... doesn't seem like its the best idea. Was hoping it would be less busy than say in the harbour, but doesnt sound like it. Would anyone know if the hawksbury would be any better (ala brooklyn area)? Wanting to go out on saturday and monday... just dont want to play washing machine bumper cars on the water.
  11. Ojay Samson

    Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    +1 for a catana 702 to, they are a great rod for the money (was my first plastics combo sienna/catana combo and apart from snapping the tip a few years ago... its still going strong with a new tip). Also had a pflueger trion 2-4 kg which was good - broke that to due to user error... the connection point between the 2 pieces got pinched in my boots goose neck and crushed the rod. still works but wouldn't really count on it for a big fish... is good as a squid rod i guess. Also use 2 sahara rods (got them as combos with symetre reels) in: 7ft 2-4kg and 6f10 in 2-5kg... they are ok rods for the most part but i did find that the largest guide on the 7ft sahara was cracked recently due to unknown reasons... I cant for the life of me figure out why the ceramic ring cracked and broke there but it broke closest to the rod blank and i don't recall any incident on breaking or dropping it so oh well... they are my land based gear so get used more than others. the line doesn't seem to contact where the sharp cracked bit is so i am just playing russian roulette when fishing with it haha. My 'nice' outfit which i only seem use when on a boat seems to be my daiwa generation black wicked weasel 2-6kg (gen 1) paired to shimano stradic FK3000HG. All rods perform the same for the most part, personally i don't see the need for throwing to much money at a rod. you'll just cry more when it breaks haha.
  12. Hey raiders, So i've got a plan of going out on the harbour this friday and would like to know some info... How is the fishing at the moment, is there anything biting or are my efforts better pointed elsewhere (botany or hawkesbury brooklyn area?) Planning to launch at rose bay and be on the water by 530am to try catch some live bait squid and yakkas (not really sure where to look for it so if you are willing to share feel free to PM me). Going to make a day of it with my gf and 2 mates on board (one mate doesn't even fish lol). Will be using lure and bait, just hoping to stumble onto some fishing action. I am planning to just explore around the the port jackson area namely from taronga zoo area and east towards the heads and possibly to manly area. (I don't frequent these areas as often as if i launch from rhodes ramp and have never fished around manly area by boat so i'll be shooting blind in that area). Just a few more questions if anyone can answer them: Besides back at rose bay are there any other places that i can dock at to use restroom facilities? Are there any other places one can recommend getting lunch at besides at sydney fish markets (only place i know that I can go with a boat and get a feed in the harbour) as we plan on just buying lunch somewhere as opposed to packing or brining cooking equipment) as the fish markets are a bit to far for my agenda i think. How does one anchor their boat at a beach? Ive never known other than beaching it bow first then pulling it back into water ( i did that with my small tinny but not to game anymore trying that with the now bigger boat... ive always wanted to beach or anchor just off the beach at cliftons to go for a swim etc but everytime ive gone its already been fully anchored up and nowhere to find a spot to attempt. From what i saw everyone just anchored just off the beach and was stern facing the beach and nothing else at the stern it seemed, how do they stop their boats from swinging sideways, and do you just jump in from the boat and swim to shore? or do people drop their passengers off at the dock where people fish at cliftons then someone stays behind with the boat? ive had a read of some methods and have made a sand spike with rope hoping to try the anchor out then reverse in slowly till close enough to swim or wade to shore... is that the standard way of doing this? last thing i want is come to close and snap my transducer off or i dont know, sorry i might be overthinking this since ive never done it and have no clue. I'd greatly appreciate any help to my questions, i'm also interested in peeking outside the heads if weather/time/mood of passengers permits as I just finished mounting my first epirb (xmas pressie thanks mum :D) and its like a feeling of unlocking a new level or something in a game... I can now venture outside and explore places i haven't been yet (yes i know i need more than an epirb for open water, got them all already, epirb was the final piece for going 2nm out). if anyone's heading out on friday give us a wave. Also if anyone has any battery recommendations you have my attention as I've decided to finally bite the bullet and replace my 2nd (house battery) which powers all my electronics as i tried it today and its not even worth its own weight anymore. I am thinking of getting the Supercharge Sea Master MFM70. I want to install a dual battery system with VSR/ASR (ie blueseas add-a-battery) further down the track so want a battery that would suit both mainly powering electronics and helping crank in an emergency for redundancy sake. Will be picking one up sometime tomorrow for hopefully $194, if anyone has any better recommendations im all ears. Since this 2nd battery is mainly for powering my electrics would it be a better option to just get a deep cycle?... Cheers raiders.
  13. Ojay Samson

    botany bay 26/12/2017

    Seems a bit lumpy in the bay by the sounds of it. Good report, gotta be in it to win it as they say.
  14. Ojay Samson

    Jellyfish - do they matter?

    From my personal experience everytime i see a lot of jellyfish about (the clear glass looking ones which don't seem to have any stingers or trailing arms), I pretty much don't catch anything in that session or at the very least in my mind dont seem to get the frequency of 'action' if they were not around. This is fishing the harbour and parra river system.
  15. Ojay Samson

    Spit Bridge disappointment

    Good read, as Neil already mentioned, thats fishing... If its any consolation my past 2 sessions out (yesterday and the day before) had all been for zilch, travelled to rose bay throwing lures for not even a touch between the times of 11am- 3pm. The day before i went to parsley bay for also zilch from 1230pm-330pm, then moved to rozelle bay for a fish from 415pm- 6pm for nothing. This was all land based btw and all these locations were new for me, bit of a mission to travel so i rarely am in this side of sydney and to think all i wanted was something to touch the line for a bit of catch and release fun.