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  1. Very touching, awesome.<br /><br />Paikea
  2. Love your pics, nothing like seeing the results of your sterling efforts in the pan, Well Done! And thanks for sharing. Cheers Paikea
  3. [quote name="grandad" "They don't fix themselves they only get worse." Ohh Sh*#! I thought that might be the case. Thanks for the info, my doc says he wants to avoid surgery, claims that there are cases where people have lived a normal life for decades without the ligament that I have torn being attached. The theory as he explained it to me is that you strengthen the other muscles around the joint (by exercise) and they eventually take over the main load. Think that I might have to get a second opinion. Cheers Paikea
  4. Thank you for the advice, I am doing the exercises under the supervision of a professional who seems to know what he is doing. Big question, did you have to get yours operated on to fix it and if so how did they do it (Key hole surgery?)and is it as painful afterwards as everyone seems to suggest? Mine is apparently classified as a Major tear which, from the MRI looks as though there is only around 10% of the ligament still attached. Bugger! Cheers (not a lot to cheer about) Paikea (another Grandad)
  5. Gianni if there was a "Top Gun" award for a fisherman you would definitely qualify. Your dedication and skills (fishing, pictures and writing) are way beyond anyone that I know, keep it up, we love to read your posts and see the pics. Cheers Paikea
  6. Possibly a Red Bullseye or Bullseye Perch, or maybe a Glass Eye Perch, need a better pic to be certain. Cheers Paikea
  7. Great report and a wonderful catch. There is a good feed in that box. Thanks for sharing Cheers Paikea.
  8. Never had smoked Blackfish. How good is it? Cheers Paikea
  9. Had the same op done 6 months ago, fabulous result, I can drive in the rain at night now and don't need glasses for normal sight. Modern medicine is magic. And think of the people that Fred Hollows helped with the same op. Now there is a man who deserved a knighthood. Cheers Stewie. Paikea
  10. Great post, keep them coming. Cheers Paikea
  11. Priced in $USD? Where are you guys located? Cheers Paikea
  12. Tef, you have given the game away but you forgot to mention that he fishes from a 100 FT long Flybridge cruiser. All he has to do is walk on at one end from the wharf at his palatial home in the Port, get a Mini Moke down to the other end and start fishing. Too easy! And the bikini clad ladies bring him a Bundy Rum and Coke whenever he wants it. No wonder he is out every day. Cheers Paikea PS Tef; We need to keep this one going.
  13. Brendan, you are asking for directions to the Holy Grail. Places to catch Lobsters and to a lesser extent Crabs are zealously guarded and I do not think that you will get too many replies. But, you could do what most of us have done and that is to keep an eye out for Pros checking/setting their pots early mornings. That will give you a clue as to when and where Lobbies may be found. Good luck, and if you do get too many drop me a PM, happy to collect any spares from you. Cheers Paikea
  14. "During the fight, I managed to wind in another rod, and pull up a handline that the kingie swam around. Sorted that out and it swam around the back anchor rope, so pulled up that anchor, untangled the line and it was still going mad." "After it was in the boat, the sun was rising over the horizon, so headed for home." You make it sound so simple Yowie but our younger Raiders should take note that many years of experience are required to have "sorted that out" without losing the fish. Always a joy to read your posts. Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers Paikea
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