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  1. Ok thanks slid it matter if you used both hooks when preparing the live bait or do you use one hook to not injure the live bait?
  2. good session are you fishing near the pylons unweighted or casting wide of the wharf.
  3. Good report there what hook set up do you use when using the live bait option and sinker size. Do you go to the bottom and set the bait or do you drift it down unweighted.
  4. Hi Guys I have already made my submission to the DPI and most of Sydney Harbour is okay except Chowder Bay Camp Cove and Nielsen park which entails total fishing closures for those areas and quite frankly it is not the fishermen that are the problem it is the Greenies and the Charter Scuba Diving Operators whowant the coastline for their use and blaming the declining fish stocks on us .This is the time to stand up and do whatever I takes as if this is implemented then it is gone forever. I said in my submission I mentioned Bag limits review and closed season if applicable and catch and release practices to name a few and to look at cleaning up our waterways due to urban runoff and pollution not blaming us for their incompetence. Their focus is on aquaculture practices and sustainable fishing but who do you think will benefit they will as they collect the license revenue for the aquaculture businesses .One must question that our license fees are being used to punish the fishermen and the revenue is used in promoting lockout areas the Nanny State is alive and well in NSW. Why should I pay license fees in the first place if there is no benefit to us .There are restrictions every where and its getting to the stage that there are no spot left to take the kids anywhere .I fish Tamarama and that is earmarked for closure also due to the locals not wanting us to spoil their area. No one owns the coastline and it should stay that way and allow us to fish in peace and not be treated like a criminal for fishing in a sanctuary zone. End of rant. I
  5. Thanks for the info short but the path is closed due to safety concerns so was more interested in when they are reopening it.
  6. Does anyone know when they will allow access to the old mans hat North head.I have a feeling that we have lost another fishing spot due to the giant rockfall about 300 metres east of the hole in the wall track.It has been closed for a while now.
  7. Thanks Grant so no need to go to the bottom.
  8. Hi Raiders I was wondering if you can give me some advice on targeting bream around wharves specifically around the pylons,I fish Sydney harbour mainly at night and like fishing deepwater wharves depth between 15 and 30 metres depth.I mainly use around 12pound line with a running pea sinker down to about a size 1 hook.My usual method is to go to the bottom and lift the rig a metre or 2 of the bottom and wait patiently for activity.Can anyone recommend any tips or improvements that I can adopt to increase my catches.I dont burly as it is very deep water other than the cat food tin trick on the bottom which I have heard of but never used .Using unweighted baits down a burly trail might work but all that happens is yellowtail and small fish getting in on he action.I only use handlines in this type of fishing.Any tips or variations that you can provide will be well regarded. Regards Steve
  9. Hi Krispy do you fish livies unweighted also.If you fish in free spool how do you stop the line peeling off when there is wind about just curious. Steve
  10. Good going Royce some nice fish there.You always liked your trout fishing.By the way where is that place you fished.
  11. Good going mate.Can you describe your float set up hook line etc.Where you using gangs ?.Shoudnt be too long until you score a jew you cerrtainly put the hours in.Cheers Steve.
  12. Hi James Can you disclose the location as we can all be aware remember some spots will always be more dangerous than others. Cheers Steve.PM me if this is more appropriate.
  13. Quite surprising mate.So much for the theory that one must use light jig heads and small plastics for the bream.where you fishing deep water retrieve method and line class and most importantly jig size an type of plastic looks like at least 1/4 oz. steve