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  1. I marinate mine in Soy Sauce then on to a hot BBQ plate.
  2. HELLO CHAPS. Going to leave the boat in the water for 4 days up at Forster.Do you leave the engine down so its full of water and stoping the air getting in or do you lift it up so the water drains out but air gets in to help start the corrosion. Cheers.
  3. spaners


    Heaps of Swansea Heads and Box Head Central Coast.
  4. Good to see that Dwain hasnt caught all the flatties in the lake just yet.....
  5. I have made them up in the past.Caught Rats,Bonnies.Tailor and Salmon on the troll.I push a ball sinker up into the head and pass the line through it to give it some casting weight .
  6. I think QLD just have more passion and pride in wearing the jumper.Before the game you can see QLD jumping out of their skins in the warm up area in the change rooms while NSW just sort of walk around looking lost.I cant see NSW wining in the near future.NSW need to bring in some of the old timers in to camp to fire them up and talk about the history of the game.QLD always talk about Arthur Beetson and Wally Lewis,who do NSW talk about?????
  7. 1 lt per klm so thats 25klm
  8. So what happens if next Sunday is the pick of the days for the last and next week.....who gets the boat if you all want it. Unless you do it with really good mates it could go wrong real quick..good luck though.
  9. Buy a second smaller price for say a SMF43 is only $70.00.Buy two Anderson plugs at $10.00 each.Wire up both Batteries so they have the Anderson plugs on 30-40 cm of cable.When you go fishing grab the smaller one off the trickle charger and chuck it in the boat.If the main one does go flat just connect the two Anderson plugs and start up.Done it for years with no problems. Regards Stu.
  10. Does any one know if both these FADs are in the correct location at the moment.If not do you have the correct gps. Regards Stu.
  11. Get automotive electrical cable and strip out the center wires.
  12. A deep cycle battery needs to be charged and discharged to work correctly,not left to a Alternator to constantly charge.I would charge both and rig up a spare jump cable using Anderson plugs so if you can jump start from the Deep cycle .
  13. Dwayne's looking as sex as ever. Only 7......bad day was it Steve.
  14. Any one seen what Willyweather has done to its new site.What a waste of time and money.Far to hard to use now.