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  1. As a kid I used to swim under darling point wharf and pick up all kinds if gear .. Rods, reels .. Best find was a full case of beer .. As a 13 Yr old it went to the older brother, who needless to say, was stoked ..
  2. Cheers for the advice .. sounds good ..
  3. Hi Raiders, I need to get my boat serviced. Its a Savage tinne with a 40HP motor, front steering .. Its kept in Rose Bay ... Does anyone have any suggestions for someone reliable I can get the boat serviced with .. Thanks Chris
  4. Will definitely keep an eye out ... same thing happened to a mate just 4 weeks ago .. brazen theft of the boat and trailer .. unbelievable ... What's the protocol to follow if we see the boat ... is the Police we notify, or the MSB ... Does anyone actually have a story where the thieves got caught? Fingers crossed she turns up.
  5. Thanks for the advice .. will post up some pics of whatever we catch
  6. Hi all, I'm heading up to Port Douglas in late September to celebrate my Mums 70th .. I want to take my nephews (there's about 6 of them, ranging from about 7 years old to 14) on a fishing charter and was hoping someone had some good advice about a good charter business up there. Given the age of the kids I'm thinking something estuary based .. Any advice of who to contact would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks Chris
  7. Cheers for the advice .. was unbelievable watching them so close to the boat .. Gotta pack some lighter gear, or maybe some plastics next time ..
  8. Hi all, I'm a relatively new boat owner and headed out today for about the third trip in my recently bought tinnie .. we visited a few spots in the harbour, and caught loads of decent trevally (they were everywhere today), some mid-size snapper and lost a monster of a squid at the boat ... Around 11am we headed to middle head and burleyed up ... within minutes the boat was surrounded by fish ... there were literally a dozen Kings ripping through the burley trail, smashing up the bits of pilchard and old bonito we were crushing up ... but none would take a bait ... we tried floating strips back to them, but they all seemed too smart to take a bait ... what's the trick? We had pretty much every bait, barring the elusive fresh squid ... they were clearly on the bite, but just wouldn't eat anything we put in front of them?? Live yakkas, pilchards, cubes of trevally ... Pretty exciting stuff nonetheless .. would have been even better if we could have brought one home .. Anyone got any tips for next time? Cheers, Cramzz
  9. Thanks for all the replies .. Frigate it is ... Was great fun to catch ...I'll be chasing them again this weekend for sure .. Loving this website, so many great stories / pics.
  10. Caught this trolling off North Head on Sunday .. it was the only non-Bonito that we landed that day .. anyone know what kind of tuna it is ... It had markings like a Mackerel tuna ??