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  1. Hi everyone, looking to take the boat out on Saturday at the entrance possibly and want to know if anyone's had any luck in the channel or near the bridge or heard of anything being caught? Thanks
  2. Had no luck on the Sunday, heap of stripies but headed in a bit early in case that wind change came....this weekend is looking amazing though
  3. Would have been sloppy today but fishable, very little wind tommorow so the swell should be pretty smooth, hoping to go out tommorow early out of botany
  4. Ah good on him! Well we will be out and will try contact you tommorow if your out call sign kadavu good luck
  5. Hi guys, so apparently there were a few bluefin and yellowfin caught not far off Browns today apparently all on the troll, heard a few boats confirm it on the radio does anyone have more info on this or can anyone confirm?
  6. Port hacking gfc said reports of bluefin 5nm east of Browns, praying that it's true for tommorow, sounds like most fish taken on the trawl so far
  7. Apparently gale force landed one yellowfin round 40kg and is fighting another, had a five way hook up not far from browns
  8. Used to use sea surface but been experimenting with different sites, do you have a link for that one? Been listening to the radio apparently reports of fish each of Browns and out of Sydney but their not confirming exactly where apparently Gale Force had a multiple hookup
  9. Hoping to go south east out of Sydney, cal sign kadavu, probobly going to be a game of luck but looks like the temp break has moved a bit south on one of the temp charts anyone got any updates from today so far?
  10. I think Sunday was looking best at this stage, as for the water temp, hard to say if this blow will push it up further.
  11. Nah but that's where the boat name comes from crew wasn't feeling well today so will keep an eye on things today.
  12. Anyone got an update on the forecast got several sites all telling different things!
  13. No worries will keep in touch if we are out there call sign is kadavu, weather has changed slightly not sure if that's changed anyone's plans ?
  14. True, I think it'll be a matter of being out there right place right time, heard of a couple get caught between Browns and heatons a few days ago don't know specific but