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    Squid Jigs

    Good day mate, I've found there're 3 types of jigs, shallow (light), normal and deep (heavy). I only use the normal ones as I normally fish water between 5m to 15m, when I fish deeper than 10m I'd put on a small running sinker to help it sink faster. Hope this help. Cheers
  2. last time I caught was nearly 4 weeks ago, caught 3 big ones in WB, haven't tried since. the odd ones should still be around, would'nt mind giving another go
  3. Hi all, I am going to give the hairtails a go tomorrow, my first time this year. What's the latest out there, where should I go, WB, Smiths Creek, Jerusalem Bay, or else? Would be great to hear from you
  4. I was going to go to the island on Monday too, got there saw the waves pounding, not huge but pretty messy, thought it won't be too much fun fishing from there so opted for the break wall instead. caught nothing but at least I am still safe and well. just don't know how people would treasure a few fish more than their dear lives.
  5. had a heartland exploded into 4 pieces trying to lift an average tailor( done that millions of times!) took it back to the store, got it sent to Daiwa for "investigation", 2 months later the store told me they concluded that its due to misuse and warranty does not cover! Another not too happy Daiwa customer here.
  6. Hi Kosta1, we went out on last Sat, it's a little quiet than previous trips but we still managed a few including a kingy, 6 bonnies and a large trevally all on pilly. Better luck next time mate. Cheers
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