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  1. oarderve

    Braidwood area trout fishing

    The fisheries has stocked the Shoalhaven around Braidwood with rainbows, for the last seven years so get out there and I will look out for your report
  2. oarderve


    if you go down the breakfast creek track , you can fish all the way up to the little river. If they are in the river? I think it will fire with a good flush of rain !
  3. oarderve


    it is legal.to fish the cox river below the junction of the little river
  4. oarderve

    Rozelle 15/02/15

    For bream a slow and steady retrieve, it will also work on flathead
  5. oarderve

    Fishing Lake Jindabyne ... HELP!

    The best time of year to sight fish . Start at hatchery bay you can walk all the way to hayshed bay . You need a high pressure system for clear sky and large woolybugger in black or brown when you sight a fish take your time the fish will come back along the same beat .I have found that if you cast next to a rock and give it a short strip when it only just visible to the fish they will take it.Give it too much of a look they often swim away . When you are looking for fish they will mostly be 2-20 feet from shore! Good luck Reno
  6. oarderve

    Trout growth rate

    it depends on the type of food they have . lake trout with smelt in the lake put on weight quickly .In Victoria after the drought some of the trout were over a kilo in the first year As for stream fish they do it much tougher than there lake brothers
  7. oarderve

    Soft Plastic Fishing

    go to places like h&c bay go at low tide look for drains , rock piles channels & weedbeds come back last 2hrs of r/u tide and keep working the area
  8. putting the hard yards makes it all the better!
  9. there was a map store at Rockdale that sold topographic maps. they have access points & crown reserves on them
  10. oarderve

    trout in the nepean?

    their will be lots of fish go over the wall as for the water temp running water is often cooler than still
  11. They may have droped their egg's but they will not hatch ,they need running water
  12. oarderve

    Mighty Thommo's

    Well done Chris some great fish and good times. And shareing it with new friend all the better! Regards Reno
  13. oarderve

    TCD tough water

    fig 8 retrieve. you could hear the fish rolling on the surface
  14. oarderve

    TCD tough water

    i had a afternoon fish there on thursday. did not get a fish untill 8pm. did end up with two browns one about 6.5lbs the other 2lbs both taken on black wooly bugger.did not see a fish move untill after dark
  15. oarderve


    just got back from TCD fog around till about 10AM fishing hard did get one rainbow 51CM