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  1. G'day raiders, I've got a week booked in south west rocks with my fishing club in November doing 4 charters. What I'm curious about is whilst I'm not on the boats what will be around I'm planning on fishing under the gaol a couple times with some livies just wondering what's all your thoughts and suggestions on what I should be targeting and where.. Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  2. Hi Raiders, thinking about spending an overnight on avoca beach this weekend and then spending the day on the rocks as both spots are one of my favourite haunts, haven't been in a couple of months due to the birth of my son so just curious as top what's been biting up that way. having the pass to go and it being club comp weekend wouldn't mind spending some time in that lovely corner of the world. thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys, if anyone has any experience in this field please PM me with details, my wife is sending me on a charter in July I'm in Sydney obviously. Greatly appreciated and please remember site rules and PM replies
  4. Yeah it was early February if I remember correctly and she did some fantastic runs, I've managed a few carp on different lures. Seems to be only when it's really warm that they'll have a go
  5. I've done a 5.4kg carp on a lil 5mm popper before great fun on 4lb
  6. How small was the "spikey flattie" used as bait??
  7. They were in WB on the weekend just gone
  8. Far as I'm concerned trout fall same category as carp, redfin, tilapia and any other introduced species.. They're not native. On some level they're causing damage regardless of minor or major.
  9. The rocks off to the right(if your coming out of the hawkesbury) next to Juno hold loads if tailor, just on first light. But the platforms at the front of barrenjoey are a gold mine!
  10. Mate if you do manage anything at the moment I'd consider myself lucky... The water is filthy from all the rain a d there would just be too much fresh hanging around.. If I were you I'd head into pittwater and try the jetties around there
  11. Fished there Saturday with a mate for big fat 0's bloke walked past us early in the morning I asked him how he we t he said no good then I noticed the rod holder in his pack asked him if he was baiting he said nah.. I'm calling bullshit on that.. First time we've fished there but we'd definitely like to go back
  12. Thanks chris, not the news I wanted to hear though ha ha ha ha I was thinking of mainly using tassie devils and some deep divers what would your thoughts on those be??
  13. Hi raiders, me and a mate of mine are heading to thomsons creek dam for the first time this coming Saturday, I know there are some raiders here that frequent the area and I'm just asking for some general info tips or tricks in the area? A y particular lures or colours that are better than others?? Any info guys would be greatly appreciated Tight lines brett
  14. Your not wrong there I had to put the bait back in the esky to stop it re-freezing lol!!
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