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  1. searabbit

    chasing snapper off northern beaches reefs

    Your in the right area for a big red. Try to fish light weighted baits and plastics. Anchor and berley if you can and drift a whole pillie down the trail. if not drift over your mark and cast in the direction of your drift. less weight is better for big reds.
  2. searabbit

    South West Rocks Charter

    This is a Wahoo This is a Spanish Mac Both these were caught at SWR. A bit smaller than yours but I think they show the difference. Ive spent a lot of time at SWR over the last 25 years and it's just like any other location, sometimes the fish dont play ball!! It's harder on a charter boat to get 10 fishermen a great fish, more so if light game fishing. If you were in a tinnie with a mate and caught that fish it would be a great days fishing! Small concillation I know when you fork out the extra dollors, but thats fishin!
  3. searabbit

    Norfolk Island

    I'm heading to Norfolk Island on 14th october to 21st october. I have booked the Jacksons for 3 days fishing while over there. Boat takes 6 and there is 3 of us so far! Any raiders interested in comin send me a pm and I will give you all the info. Cheers Brett
  4. searabbit

    Barramundi caught in Lane Cove

    State of Origin time everyone! Queensland is everywhere
  5. searabbit

    South West Rocks Spotted Mackerel

    G'day Raiders Remember fellas, cross the bar on the in-coming ( rising) tide. cheers brett
  6. searabbit

    Muddy waters Jew

    G'day raiders Fished in the lower Hawkesbury River yesterday and pulled a few Jewies. My mate Dave (spooled again) did quite well, landing these 7.5kg & 8.5kg jewies. He also Landed 10 other smaller jews between 50cm & 60cm that were released.
  7. searabbit

    Alaska fishing

    G'day Nanook This will be an organised charter trip. Based in wrangell. Looking for a few fello fishos and or photographers to fill the charter. Not as expansive as you might think. cheers brett
  8. searabbit

    Alaska fishing

    G'day Raiders Planning a fishing and photography trip to Alaska in July 2012. If anybody is interested in a trip of a lifetime chasing Halibut and Salmon PM me and I will get the details to you. Cheers Brett
  9. searabbit

    Redneck Carpin

    A chip off the old block eh Buzzard Whad u feed im groin up ?????
  10. searabbit

    I've Reached My Bag Limit.

    congragulations waynie & corrine you told me you have been fightin a kingie for the last 2 weeks ? all the best from the searabbits mate, she's beautiful bretto ps; ive got no credit on my phone
  11. searabbit

    I Was Busted Off

    thats the funniest thing ive ever seen
  12. searabbit


  13. searabbit


    G'day Raiders myself and a few mates went down to catch some cod in lake mulwala, fishin was hard and the weather even harder on us. managed 7 cod up to 63cm and a few pics in between the weather. Cheers brett
  14. searabbit

    South West Rocks

    Thanks mate i will give that a go next time.
  15. searabbit


    G'day Lala That looks like a watsons leaping bonito next to those jewies you think ?