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  1. Thanks for the prompt replies , cant wait to use it !!( this sarvo hopefully) Will only be creeks and rivers chasing bass and bream.. Cheers again
  2. Thanks for the reply Roberta .. Here is the pic and maybe im being paranoid.. cheers tangled1
  3. Gday all , would just like to pick your brains if i may,, have just recently bought a bass canoe and there is what looks like to be yellow foam at either end of canoe (inside of course) and was just wondering if its normal and to be fragile in places but still firm ( you could pick at it i suppose) ,, also has what looks like to be oar marks that have doug into it,, are these problems? Also is there a way to attach a rod holder without drilling..? Sorry for a long winded and confusing post ,, im even confused.. Cheers in advance tangled1
  4. Nice tailors mate , well done
  5. Gee swordy did you leave any fish in the cooks for anyone else ,the cooks must have you hooked !!
  6. BBQ & beers tonight..top stuff mate!!!
  7. Nice tailor bango well done!!!!
  8. Nobody puts baby in the corner!!!! Hey iggy, the fly rod has obviously landed, good luck with it mate.
  9. Top stuff mate, well done on the lured lizard !!!!
  10. Nice read Roberta but i cant seem to see any pics, am i the only one having this prob? Cheers tangled1
  11. Well done mate those are ©racking whiting!!
  12. Arent we fishing tomorrow? I hope you your working through the night . Oh yeah i dont know much about this sort of stuff but maybe a recipro saw